Thanks for sharing Preston Bailey’s response with us.  It was EXCELLENT!!!He covered all the points that came to my mind and I appreciate VERY much that he took the time to address these issues.   Wouldn’t it be nice if all of my memories leading up to the Nephilim was just a deception and all I had to do was just deny my memories and then I would be free?!!!   Think about it, these memories were buried for close to 50 years and think of the hell we’ve been through just getting out of the cult and along come these guys saying I would be free if I only realized I was deceived about being a Nephilim mother. I guess that also means I would have to believe that my life leading up to the birth of the sons was also just an illusion.   Unfortunately, they don’t realize that I spent over 50 years trying to deny this reality and now it is time to own up, take responsibility!!   I just don’t understand how they can so calmly and almost callously brush away the horror of the last 61 years of my life and say it is all a deception.  Do you think if I could dis-believe my life then I would no longer deal with major PTSD and I would no longer have horrific body memories?  I don’t think so…I’ve been there and done that…IT’S CALLED DISSOCIATION!!!!!  Dissociation is no longer working so that means I can no longer live in denial about what I experienced!!

Constantina Bontrager



Yes; I have finally started speaking out about the truth of what I know about this ministry. My testimony that by their own words is evidence. I have a lot to say about the deception going on in this ministry that unless you conform or submit to their version of the truth; you cannot be helped and they just abandon you, until you “get your mind right” which means you turn away from your truth to be a part of Joe’s ministry.

I was looking for help from my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ; with the promise of support by Joe Jordan. Instead of support; I was negated and cast into outer darkness or solitary confinement however you want to look at it; this was supposed to help me come around to his way of thinking. I was promised a conference call with those who had ridiculed me publicly; to make my statement of truth, but Joe told me “they” weren’t ready yet. These witnesses of his had to “get ready” to hear the truth from a fellow Christian sister about events that took place in my home that not only I but also my husband were witness to? Since the conference call wasn’t going to happen I offered Joe a conference call with me and my husband so Joe would have all the “witness testimony” to a big story he was producing to be released to the public. Joe says he is a researcher and an investigator, but he didn’t want to investigate or research what my husband and I had to say? Why? I was not given a response and he didn’t take us up on it.

Two people were allowed to make allegations against me in a public interview but I wasn’t asked by anyone if it was acceptable to me to have that air publicly. These two people insinuated that when one of them needed help I put on a tin foil hat! Yes; that’s right on a very popular internet radio show I was ridiculed, laughed at and accused of wearing a tin foil hat. Did Joe bother to ask me before the episode aired if I indeed was wearing a tin foil hat? No. He let the episode air and it is still available on the internet. When I called him with my objections he promised a conference call that would be recorded to set the record straight. Has that happened yet? No; and the episode I speak of aired November 22, 2010.

I was waiting patiently for the “other parties” to get ready. Since when do people have to get ready to hear the truth? When the truth doesn’t suit your agenda perhaps? It didn’t stop there. Soon after when I would post a status update on FaceBook; Joe would leave the comment, “Close the doors, Dori”. The second time he said that on my FaceBook; “Close the doors, Dori”, I wrote to Joe and asked him to please use a different phrase or words if he wanted to get a point across to me. You see; in my past, I had been victimized by men who essentially told me things like; “Lay by your dish”, “Get in your box” and to my brain “Close the doors, Dori” sounded like those phrases to me. That it took me years to heal from my trauma based abuse and what he was saying was “triggering” me. Combine the isolation, abandonment, public ridicule, refusals of help and suppression of the whole truth It felt like I was being plunged into some mind control programming once again; only this time it had a bright shiny Christian label on it so somehow that was supposed to make it okay. It was not okay. In fact, it was far from okay it made me ill. I recognize “red flags” when I see them; with discernment from the Holy Spirit, I was being shown how I was being manipulated by one of the very people who was supposed to be “counseling” me, helping me heal and get free as he claims. It was carrying me to a different type of bondage; the bondage of fear of posting on my own FaceBook, of writing about what happened to me when that radio show went public and talking about anything on the air of the radio show I was now co-hosting with Minister Fortson. I was afraid of upsetting Joe or one of his “people” who would then ridicule and attack me publicly once again.

I continued to write Joe to ask for that conference call with my “accusers” or the conference call with me and my husband to give Joe our testimony of events that took place in our home. Joe wasn’t interested in that, he wasn’t interested in getting to the truth, he was interested in somehow punishing me for being a co-host on Minister Fortson’s radio show.  The reason I felt this way is because one of Joe’s contemporaries; Frank Scarvada had publicly lambasted me for co-hosting a show with Dante in which the guest referenced the book of Enoch.  I was called a heretic and accused of cavorting with a “known adulterer” and did I know what I was doing? I referred Frank to Minister Fortson and take it up with him if he didn’t like the guest.

I contacted Joe again; “Joe when someone in your circle got herself into trouble on the air with her radio show she was dealt with privately but I get attacked publicly?” How is that fair?  Especially since it was me who went to Frank and Joe to help counsel this person so she wouldn’t lose her radio show for what happened on the air. People were sending me the MP3’s of the show and asking me to listen to them as they knew I was friends with this person. So; I privately went to my elder brothers in Christ to help her. They did not show me the same courtesy. Why? Because I was “bad”, I was not behaving myself so I got a public whipping.  Every dysfunctional family has a scapegoat, and here I was in the midst of this dysfunctional family and I was the scapegoat for them to air their doctrinal differences. They were using me as an “example” of what not to do if you want to stay in their good graces. They had turned me into a platform; their jumping-off place by which they would “show me” what happens when you cross them by being a co-host on a radio show they all hated.  So, I took it, suffering alone and in silence not wanting to make waves, not wanting to make trouble look what happened already and I wasn’t even trying to make trouble, I was trying to live my Christian walk according to the lesson plan God had laid out for me. I believed that Christian brothers and sisters would never treat one another this way.  Except this was happening and they were treating me like a valueless piece of flesh.  It all felt like the way I had been treated by my abusers, how can this be? These are men and women of God. It wasn’t over yet.

Next came the interview on The Omega Hour with Doug Riggs and the Nephilim Mothers as they are called. The fear of losing every friend I had left overwhelmed me as I prayed to God for guidance on whether to co-host this show or not. I had heard them interviewed before and the one thing I knew for certain beyond the shadow of a doubt; something horrible had happened to them, and they were witnesses giving their testimony as evidence. Except, Joe Jordan says their testimony is a delusion. Here is where my brain really began to twist and turn to wrap my head around this “truth according to Joe”. His website and his ministry are based on “witness testimony as evidence that UFO abductions are real”. He brings these witnesses on stage at his conferences and says; “Here is your evidence” as they come up on stage one by one. So Doug Riggs brings some witnesses on The Omega Hour as evidence that a breeding program is in place and has been in place for years” these women’s testimonies are the evidence–right? Well at first it would seem that is the way it is; witness testimony is evidence according to Joe Jordan and CE4 Research. Except for the testimony of these women; their testimony is not evidence because what they experienced was “visionary” a delusion and deception from the enemy. Excuse me; what?

Well if the wheels just fell off your wagon after reading this; this is where it careened off a cliff for me. Things happened to me during my life and I am or was; one of Joe Jordan’s testimonies and by sharing my story on the air with Joe so then all things being equal here wouldn’t Doug Riggs testimonies be evidence that the breeding program is real? No, not according to Joe. That’s when the warrior in me came back to life! Don’t you negate these women’s personal history by saying that they are delusional. How dare you tarnish their experience because it doesn’t fit into your twisted paradigm. Are witness testimonies evidence or not? Because if these women’s testimonies aren’t real, then I have a big, big news flash; then neither are your witness testimonies. Why? Because you can’t have it both ways. You cannot have what you want to be real to further your name and your ministry. Just because you say so is not a truth that stands up to scripture. “and they overcame him by the blood of the lamb, the word of their testimony, and loved not their lives unto death “ Revelation 11:12″ Anyone getting a headache yet?

God is not the author of confusion and here we have more than confusion. We have the mystery of iniquity at work; because Joe is saying that what these women went through isn’t real. Joe apparently refutes Revelation 11:12, Genesis 6, Matthew 24, and Daniel 2:43 “they shall mingle themselves with the seed of men but they shall not cleave one to another. From what I understand the word “cleave” in the bible refers to marriage. When the sons of God came unto the daughters of men they took wives of whom they chose” what Daniel sees in the future is that the seed mingling will be going on, but they will not “marry” as they did in Genesis 6.

But; you see the Lord wastes nothing; being cast off by them, the Lord helped me find my voice and that it was time to speak up about the victimization I experienced while under the “care” of Joe Jordan’s ministry. I cried out to him for “help” many times as he allowed others of “his testimonies” speak out against me and I was not given the opportunity to stand up for myself to tell my part of this testimony that I was a witness to! I am a witness, and my mouth was sealed shut. Apparently, the evidence I had to contribute was suppressed because it didn’t fit into his agenda. I had apparently become a pesky fly in his ointment because I wanted all the truth to be told! I was denied and shunned and they said they were waiting for me to come around (to their way of thinking) I brought up scripture and was told that scripture doesn’t mean what it says; it means this interpretation or that interpretation but it’s not literal. I take my Bible literally; God doesn’t need help from men to defend His word, He is God and He will bring forth witnesses to his Word so that men will need to defend themselves from their own errant interpretations.


Dori Lynn