David Ruffino


To Be or Not To Be – That is The Question?

By David Ruffino


When it comes down to any subject under the sun the question should always be, “how does it mesh with Biblical scripture?” I am one of those staunch believers in Yeshua who think that the Bible has the answers for every application, not only during the period when it was penned by so many authors under the inspiration of the Ruach Ha Kodesh; but for all time, and especially today.

I’m also one of those nagging people who think that when Yeshua walked on this earth, he said what he meant and meant what he said. Call me a fundamentalist if you like, and you will be right because I take Yeshua and what He said VERY SERIOUSLY!

Over the past two or so years there has been a schism in the Christian UFO Research Realm. This should come as no surprise because people in our realm, especially those of us who are born again, Bible believing followers of Yahweh Yeshua have chosen to build our house on the rock of Yahweh’s Word; and Satan and his minions don’t like us. Furthermore, we are involved in exposing one of the biggest (shall I say cosmic in scale) deceptions that he is using to deceive this world; and almost everyone is falling for it. The enemy isn’t too interested in someone who sits in a pew and bobs his/her head up and down at every word of the pastor. No, he’s going to go after those who are a fly in his proverbial ointment; those who test every spirit; and those who search the scriptures for the validity of every statement, just like the Berean’s did.

There are two factors that are being promoted by those who want to cause division. Those who harp on these two factors want to be a “top dog” in the Christian UFO Research Realm, and they’re willing to do whatever they have to do to ruin the ministries and reputations of honest hard-working researchers who just want to seek Yahweh for His truth and promote that truth. I don’t believe that our detractors are motivated by godly motives, although they claim that this is their motivation; but I believe (knowing their character traits) that these people; Guy Malone, Nicole Malone (Paradox Brown), Joseph Jordan, et. al; their prime motivation is fame and notoriety. I also believe (again judging by their bad fruit) that they will step on any toes, ride the shirt tails of others, and try to crush without mercy or love, anyone who gets in their way or challenges their belief system.

The two main points of contention (although there are many others) have to do with some of the players in the UFO (and prophetic) realm and what their mode of operation is. In essence, the big questions are:

  1. Did the Nephilim mentioned in Genesis chapter six reappear after the flood and have they been with us throughout history and especially today?
  2. Is the act of alien abduction (abduction by fallen angelic beings) spiritual, physical or both.

Now, I’m not going to go into these things too much because I’ve explained my view in my book Unholy Communion – “The Alien Abduction Phenomena – Where it Originates, and Hot It Stops.” I’ve also gone into this subject in-depth at my website; www.delusionresistance.org. Second, at the bottom of this page are links to others who have joined forces to counter the heresy and actions of the individuals mentioned above; and they have explained it in their own words, with many Bible scriptures and with just plain common sense; rightly dividing the truth, as we’re told to do in scripture.

Study to shew thyself approved unto God, a workman that needeth not to be ashamed, rightly dividing the word of truth. 2 Timothy 2:15

In recent years people like Joe Jordan have contended that the alien abduction event is strictly spiritual or psychic and I have not argued with him because in some cases there appears to be only a spiritual component. One of Joe’s cases, where a man never left his girlfriend’s side while he claimed to have been abducted bears out Joe’s assertion. Other cases bear out the undeniable fact that this phenomena starts out spiritual, becomes all too physical and then disappears back into the spiritual realm again. So my stance has always been to agree to disagree with Joe about this; but it appears that Joe, and his disciples Guy and Nicole (Paradox) Malone have gone on a witch hunt wherewith they feel it necessary to vilify those who see any sort of physical component to the alien abduction phenomenon.

Over the past few years I always though it hypocritical that Joe Jordan, a man who has always touted that, “the proof is in the testimonies,” lives by that notion until someone says that they believe their abduction event was physical in nature. Having been in his company on several occasions I have seen him defensively rise to a sharp and sarcastic anger when presented with a case that challenges his “spiritual only,” theory. I have been at the receiving end of that anger and I can attest that it is NOT a righteous anger, but an anger that someone gets when they are convicted of a wrong and they do not want to admit that they are wrong. This is not a godly behavior.

Recently, in an effort to ramp up their attack against me and others who believe in the physicality of the alien abduction event, Joe, Guy Malone and Nicole Malone have mounted a FaceBook campaign where they have chosen to malign us. They have recruited young and/or baby Christians in their holy war. People that we have never met and who do not know what we believe have begun to vilify us on FaceBook and this has also spilled over into the YouTube community. Myself, having come from Jewish heritage know all too well what happens when people start a vilification campaign and it is left unchecked. Up to and including the 20th Century we were blamed for every ill of society, and we have paid dearly with our spilled blood and our lives. In most cases the hatred started by whispers and murmurs that started like, “do you know what those Jews believe,” and thus the purges, pogroms and inquisitions started. The murmurings of Joe, Guy, Nicole and their disciples of hate have already taken off like wildfires and like I said, people who have never met us, talked to us or even read our work seriously have called us heretics and false teachers and false prophets because the Florida Three have not agreed to disagree about the origins of alien abduction and the reality of modern day Nephilim.

The crux of the matter is found in the book of Genesis, chapter six; where Yahweh is telling us that there was a fallen angelic incursion into the history of mankind that changed mankind forever:

There were giants in the earth in those days; and also after that, when the sons of God came in unto the daughters of men, and they bare children to them, the same became mighty men which were of old, men of renown. Genesis 6:4

Our detractors hold to the notion that the “and also after that” could mean one or two things. According to them, it could mean that there was a second incursion before the flood and they also adhere to the belief that any giants that existed after the flood were just “totally human people with a gigantism DNA defect that can be found amongst people in our modern society.” Granted, there are giant people today, and they are human through and through, but their condition is hormonal in nature where their bodies constantly produce human growth hormones; and their conditions also cause them to be weak and frail, hardly the “mighty men of old and men of renown” that are cited in Genesis chapter six. The giants mentioned in the Bible as having existed after the flood were strong warrior types, like Goliath and his brothers. These were not mere humans with DNA defects.

The three persons, who hail themselves as the ultimate knowledge in all things relating to the alien abduction phenomena have denied some very basic and simple scriptures, or they have twisted them to fit their own agenda. Take for instance the report of the twelve spies who were sent out by Yehoshua to reconnoiter the land of Canaan. Ten of them came back from their mission in utter fear, stating that the Nephilim dwelled in the land. They reported that they (the spies) appeared as grasshoppers in stature next to the inhabitants of Canaan. There were whole cities of giants, not just a few scattered to and fro.

David went up against Goliath, whom Joe’s crowd would say was just a human suffering from gigantism. They neglect to see however that David brought extra stones with him and that was because Goliath had brothers, and the scripture tends to assert that they were giants too. As far as I can ascertain, gigantism doesn’t affect multiple members of a household or multiple siblings. Furthermore, Jordan and his crew fail to explain scripturally some tribes mentioned as living in the land of Canaan where the the whole tribe was equated as consisting of giants (Nephilim). We’re told in the New Testament that women should have a male spiritual covering over them on account of the angels. That could only mean that the fallen angels were still a serious concern around the time that the Epistles were written.

And finally and perhaps most importantly, we have the testimony of Yeshua who said that upon his return it would be like it was during the days of Noah. Joe and his crowd assert that it will be just like life has always been, that people would marry and be given in marriage and that they will be wicked. Well first off, let’s look at this. These activities were also happening at the same time that Yeshua was preaching his Matthew 24 message so in essence things were the same then as they were during Noah’s time so why would Yeshua even accentuate the importance of Noah’s time with Yeshua’s return if everything was to be status quo? No, there has to be something strangely different happening when he will return and the only difference is that there will be a fallen angelic intrusion into our modern society and there will be Nephilim.

And lest we not forget that Noah’s time reach well into the post flood era. Noah lived long enough to have communion with Abraham so it is entirely possible that in Noah’s post flood days that more incursions of fallen angels with human females producing the Nephilim that infested Canaan up until Yahweh brought the Israeli armies to the land to eradicate them.

Also, this would help to explain why a God of love would command Yehoshua and his armies to go into certain cities to slay every man, woman, child and animal in those cities. The only good reason would be that there were Nephilim there and that the fallen angels had corrupted the genetic pools of all of the persons in those cities. There is also new evidence appearing that shows that the Cities of The Plain, like Sodom and Gomorrah, had ties with Nephilim populations. Notice how the population of Sodom turned down Lot’s offer of his maiden daughters and demanded to have sexual relations with Yahweh’s holy angels; many scholars thinking that one of those angels was actually a preincarnate theophany of Yeshua himself. They knew that Lot’s visitors were angels and they knew what resulted in the union between human females and angels; and they knew it to be a perversion; the Cities of The Plain were highly into perversion.

Let’s face it, placing Nephilim after the flood explains many of Yahweh’s actions that without this notion make Yahweh out to be a wicked and cruel taskmaster with a thirst for blood; but placing the Nephilim into the mix causes one to realize that Yahweh did what he did to do away with a corrupted genetic bloodline; one that was again half angelic and half human, namely Nephilim. It is also important to remember that Elohim promised a Mashiach through the human bloodline and what would serve Satan’s purposes better than to corrupt the human gene pool in an attempt to corrupt the Messianic line too. The implications of such a thing is scary to say the least.

Recently a video has surfaced on YouTube that is chock full of false witness. In that video, the speakers Joe Jordan and Guy Malone assert that me and my associates believe that there are real Nephilim in our current society and world. We do hold to that belief and we believe that there is enough evidence scripturally to prove that point. I encourage any of you to read my website, or Jim Wilhelmsen’s website, or to read the works of Dante Fortson and Wilhelmsen’s “Beyond Science Fiction” book to get more clarity. These resources can show you the scriptures that would take up too much room in this letter, which started out to be a simple letter and has gotten longer than I anticipated.

As is evidenced in the aforementioned video, it is the assertion of the Florida Three and their disciples that we hold to some sort of strange doctrine that states that we feel that certain people are Nephilim, and since they are not totally human they are beyond the salvation of Yeshua Ha Mashiach. This is hogwash in its highest degree. We take quite seriously the scripture where Yeshua tells us to preach the His Gospel to ALL CREATURES. There is a reason why Yeshua used the word creatures. He could have said “all men,” but he didn’t. The whole reason why Yeshua said, “all creatures,” is because in our latter days the Nephilim would be so similar and so undistinguishable from genuine human beings that He didn’t want us to make a differentiation between what is human and what isn’t human, lest we make an error and dismiss a wrong person as being a Nephilim. I believe emphatically that we are to plant the seeds and let Yahweh water and tend the garden. So I categorically deny the false witness of Jordan and the Malone’s and call them for what they are; liars and deceivers and of course I call on them to recant what they have said but I firmly believe I will see swine flying past my front window before that happens.

In recent days Nicole Malone (Paradox Brown) who lives up to her name, almost prophetically, (a paradox for sure) has started a website about Nephilim Hybrids. In typical Nicole fashion, she has mixed psychobabble with eclectic reasoning. One “for instance,” is she makes the solid claim that there are no modern day Nephilim; but on the same page, in an attempt to slam her adversaries, she makes the claim that if a person is a Nephilim, or a partial Nephilim, they are covered under the provision of Yahweh’s saving grace through the shed blood of Yeshua Ha Mashiach. Well, you can’t have it both ways; either there are modern Nephilim or there aren’t modern Nephilim.

What is evident in the Florida Three is that they have no experience or education in quoting scripture or writing papers about anything that has to deal with teaching doctrine or righteousness. They consist of Guy, a man who will twist scripture to endorse what he believes and his questionable endeavors; Nicole who is barely four years old in Yeshua, has never been properly discipled in the Faith and who spurns correction of any sort; and there is Joe, whose own words speak that he doesn’t know scripture in regard to the subjects at hand:

“I’m not going to get into the scriptural aspect, I don’t know enough of it to address it that way..” [at point 9:27 in their video debunking us]

I think that I have stated my case quite clearly and succinctly. I encourage you, the reader, to examine further the pages that my esteemed associates have written in regard to this matter. Links to their pages are listed below. I bestow upon all of you blessings in the might and matchless name of Yeshua Ha Mashiach (Jesus Christ).

David Ruffino