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Jim Wilhelmsen


Nephilim hybrids. Com is a site addressing fears that do not exist. It is the result of a sincere care and sense of urgency that is an illusion without substance. Their doctrines have conclusions and accusations against many godly people that are false. I hope most of this was by accident because of youthful inexperience from a novice in the faith. Believing in and for the best here is my pleas to all behind Nephilimhybrids.com

Nichole Malone states:

“The reason I have made nephilimhybrids.com is to let people who believe they are Nephilim know that they

  1.    Can be saved by Jesus Christ
  2.     are not Nephilim.

I have met abductees which either consider themselves ‘hybrids’ or ‘Nephilim’ and they need solid teaching to help them understand that they are people who can be saved.

What they have been encountering are teachings that both “modern Nephilim” exist who are human-looking and also that as such they cannot be saved.

If it wasn’t for the completely IRRESPONSIBLE teachings out there which leave these kids out to dry, this site wouldn’t be so necessary, but as things are, it is.

If you really care about reaching the lost with the saving Gospel of Jesus Christ, you would acknowledge, instead of ignoring, this very real existing problem.”


While it is commendable of you to be concerned about these people and you have a heart for them you have not taken the time to see if there was a real attack or denial by anyone to support your fears or concerns about these people. You have assumed that your doctrines right the wrongs that have never been committed.

What is irresponsible Nichole is your assumptions about people and doctrines you know nothing about and do not take the time to find out. Your concerns are mute and without proof that anyone has ever left anyone “out to dry”. You have demonized me and many others whose entire lives have been devoted to helping people. You are on a rabid crusade against people called of God and truths you do not understand. This is only going to leave you shipwrecked in your recent new faith. The Bible warns of letting a novice assume this kind of responsibility in administering the Word to others in a leadership position in the body of Christ.

“ Not a novice, lest being lifted up with pride he fall into the condemnation of the devil.” 1 Tim 3:6

The accusation that any of us would ever exclude people who come to us for salvation based on our theological beliefs about the Nephilim is absurd.

This would be the evilest intolerant act for any believer in Christ to impose upon another person. From the people I am associated within the “Alien Abduction” counseling or those in the Satanic Ritual Abuse ministries, I know of no one who believes or would ever turn down an individual and exclude them or tell them they were excluded from salvation. This is false accusation to our ministries and personal character based on an uneducated assumption that if we believe Nephilim are here and we also believe there is no salvation for them, then we must turn some people down if they come to us saying they think they are Nephilim or having traits of this in their genetic makeup.

This is the main battle cry of Joe Jordan, Guy Malone and Nichole Malone and the few others on board with their agenda. This blanket statement makes us by the very doctrinal nature of their beliefs, demonized from any way of grace to agree to disagree. But that is the deception and the reason for their attacks on us. They feel justified to treat us like we are heretics. If we were actually doing this I would have to agree with them and their hostility toward us could be righteous indignation. But we are not doing this! This is an outright lie by ignorance or and an outright deception by them to promote themselves at our expense. At this time I really do not know.

The scriptures are self-explanatory on this issue in Genesis 3.

And I will put enmity Between you and the woman, And between your seed and her seed;” Gen 3:15 NASV

There is a safety incorporated in this verse of scripture. God said he would put enmity between the offspring of the serpent which would most definitely include a Nephilim and human offspring. That is the safety net for us to deal with for every individual as an individual regardless of what they may think or say about themselves. There has been debate by some as to how much of a mix makes a person a hybrid or human, diluted strains (etc.). I say the verse is self-healing and self-explanatory. I certainly cannot answer or even try to answer that question but I don’t have to. That is God’s job, not mine and here is the Biblical proof of that…

Mark 16:15

“ And he said unto them, Go ye into all the world, and preach the gospel to every creature”. KJV

Now, why do you suppose the Lord Jesus said every creature and not every person? In the Greek, it means created thing not alien or Nephilim but it doesn’t have to. Now anyone knows the Lord is not expecting us to preach to animals or other objects of creation unless it was a sentient being that was in our midst looking and acting like us; but not of us Just as the entire book of Jude warns. Exactly what Paul wrote in Romans 8:38, 39.

For I am persuaded, that neither death, nor life, nor angels, nor principalities, nor powers, nor things present, nor things to come, Nor height, nor depth, nor any otherCREATURE, shall be able to separate us from the love of God, which is in Christ Jesus our Lord.  KJV

The term means created thing with a sense of original creation or source. In most cases meaning Gods original source and object. This could leave one to think that it could only mean original creations by God as plants animals and humans. However in I Peter 2:13 the same word is used as “ordinance” and in context, the creation is a human source. So original source based on context determines God or another source. This is why the list Paul uses in Romans has creatures separated from the list of his creation and yet it is an obvious sentient intelligent being who’s source is outside of his creation. The implication of this word use supports the idea that there are outsourced creatures that will try to separate us from the Love of God outside the original source of Gods intended creation. This can be confirmed in Vine’s notes on Strong’s numbers published by Thomas-Nelson. The same Greek word is used here as for the ones we are to preach to. Are we to preach to demons? Of course not but to the Nephilim that will be in our midst yes! But, Certainly it will be to no avail, God will sort them out not us. We don’t hunt them down we don’t do anything but preach the gospel to them probably never knowing or being told who they are regardless of what we think they are. The orders are clear on that we are to exclude no one at any time from the offer of salvation. Applying this they will creep into the church and everywhere else but that is part of the end-time deception that must be played out according to God’s will and ultimate plan He is in control. This is what we are being warned of by Jude.

When an individual has ever come to me concerned with salvation and fearful they might be a Nephilim I always have good news for them. Some have felt these “aliens” told them they were being transformed into one or that they came from that genetic line. Across the board I tell them all, I have got good news for you. If you are concerned about this, if you care about your position with God then by the Word of God you cannot be one of them. You can’t because if you were, you would have a rabid hatred for anything about God, his people, his Word and certainly the last thing you would care about is any position you might have with the Lord. This is across the board and any of my colleagues agree and practice the same thing. None of us would ever try to play God and tell anyone they cannot be saved. This is either a subtle lie or an uneducated supposition on their part because they never bothered to ask us.

Time is Running Out!

We are approaching world events that will soon change our way of life and freedoms forever. At this most critical time in our history, the church should be rising to meet the challenge. Instead, they are in a comatose state without a clue.

We few who have been called as “Watchmen” are the worlds best and only hope for knowing what is coming around the corner. The greatest problem is that each of us has only a piece of this puzzle. God has arraigned this for many reasons.

If any one individual had the whole picture the problem of a sin nature could make it too easy for Satan and his minions to puff up the individual and become vain, self-sufficient and lose perspective of the horizontal relationship that is needed with others.

The Lord has caused the biggest challenge for all of us in that, if we really desire the whole truth in Him, if we really want to get the complete picture, we have to come together. This means we have to learn to really love one another in spite of differences. This is hard for many of us to do because we hold dearly to what we believe has been inspired knowledge from our Lord and we certainly do not want to compromise it. When revelations or doctrinal positions seem to conflict we recoil and get ready for battle instead of relaxing to consider the possibility that there may be compatibility instead of conflict. If we can let ourselves go and see the hand of the Lord upon others and ourselves many times things revealed that seem to conflict with one another actually can have an integration and harmony. We must be willing to respect the other and esteem them as family and listen without being threatened. If your piece is from the Lord why feel threatened? Have confidence in your relationship and remain open to your differing family members piece. Another part of the problem of infighting is we have been taught wrong within and from outside the Church.

Satan has given us subtle lies that even we as Christians or as Watchmen have succumb to. Debating in the minds of most Christians is the means of learning and growing in truth. It is the foundation of most apologetic ministries in dealing with the truth. While we are to contend the faith and stand for truth, debating is the method of the ungodly and unregenerate world not the behavior of we who are the bearers of the truth. This especially was never meant to be a method used within the household of God between people who are mutually led by the Holy Spirit of God. Dialog not debate is the method between brethren. Debating demands a winner and a loser. It creates an environment of hostility right from the start. In many cases, the better orator can win the dual at the cost of losing the truth or reflecting the Christ-like behavior. It is a lie from Satan and we have practiced this without question.

Some Christian ministries who’s ministries include the idea and practice of Apologetics act like gunslingers from the old west or popular in my cultural background, arm wrestling between bikers. Always dueling to establish themselves as a top dog.

A dialog is a method Paul used. In a dialog, there is no field of battle or an environment of hostility. I will exercise the freedom to express why I believe what I believe and then give the other the same respect and right. There is no winner or loser and prayerful thought can be made by the listeners and each other to verify or clarify an issue. This works however if you are in a personal relationship with the Lord and trust in His Holy Spirit to conclude truth in others. The scriptures make this quite obvious here.

If anyone advocates a different doctrine and does not agree with sound words, those of our Lord Jesus Christ, and with the doctrine conforming to godliness, 4 he is conceited and understands nothing; but he has a morbid interest in controversial questions and disputes about words, out of which arise envy, strife, abusive language, evil suspicions, 5 and constant friction between men of depraved mind and deprived of the truth, who suppose that godliness is a means of gain. “1 Tim 6:3-6

In reversing this text when you see these fruits between brethren the above is what is happening by attitude and outlook either intended or by a lack of knowledge. In this case, to some degree, we have all been duped by a wrong approach to matters.

I urge all of us in both camps that in these last days and what is coming around the corner please if you are one of the very few called to be a watchman in these last hours, we need to band together as a family against the real enemy and not against ourselves. Satan is only laughing at us because we become reduced in power divided and wasting precious time instead of being united and redeeming the time against him.

Please pray and consider this plea to repent and reconcile with the Lord and with each other. For some who would just mock this consider this next text seriously

The sins of some men are quite evident, going before them to judgment; for others, their sins follow after. Likewise also, deeds that are good are quite evident, and those which are otherwise cannot be concealed.” 1 Tim 5:24-25

May we all get past this foolishness and get ready to kick some demonic behind!

Sincerely In His Service, Jim Wilhelmsen