Dr. Preston Bailey

Dr. Preston Bailey Responds to Joe Jordan, Guy Malone and Mike Tatar Re: Nephilim Hybrids



I have a new person now almost every week who has SRA/DID and testify about Nephilim, hybrids and being abducted. I come at each case as a skeptic and they all have the same characteristics. None of them know each other. They are often from different states or different countries.

I never “lead the witness” because when I was Chairman of the Governors Task Force on Child Abuse, I was able to discern when a counselor or psychologist made a “leading” statement to a child who was abused. I have even counseled some from many years ago who talked about “Nephilim” before any recent modern books were written on it and before any major discussion on the subject in Christendom which is somewhat popular at this time.

Guy Malone, Joe Jordan, and Mike Tatar, Jr) says this is related to just “giantism” as a genetic issue is ridiculous and is an “assumption” in itself. Numerous Bible scholars also relate Genesis 6 to Nephilim as real and that they were giants caused by a union of fallen angels and human women. The list is too numerous to mention here. The Brown-Driver-Briggs lexicon gives the meaning of the word “Nephilim (Hebrew) as “giants” but does not imply that this union was just a genetic anomaly.

Most of these people (counselees) do not know Hebrew or exegesis based on Genesis 6 and Nephilim. One of the three men in the video said if a person he is counseling still believes that she is related to the hybrid or breeding program, then he cannot help them.” He went on to say that “it is the entities that convince their victims that hybrid breeding is real and if the layer is pulled back, they can realize they have been deceived.”This is a horrible assumption and pre-supposition in counseling. “If you do not believe what I expect you to believe then you are deceived and I cannot help you!”Any counselor with that belief would be kicked out of any counseling program. I taught a class in counseling at Stanford University and I would give them an F for the course if they had that unhealthy pre-supposition about the person in counseling people that have been traumatized. I have trained hundreds of counselors in SRA/DID and these are statements of rookies in SRA/DID counseling.

The role of any counselor is not to convince the person they are counseling to “believe” any pre-supposition whether it is related to Nephilim or not related to Nephilim. The role of the counselor is to mainly listen and help the person process their “pain” and teach skills to help them cope better with the problems in life. Only Jesus is the Great Physician. Jesus never compelled or forced anyone to believe anything. He listened to them and guided them to the truth through a series of questions to get them to think for themselves and parables (illustrations) of spiritual truths.

The three men said“We do not believe there are modern Nephilim today! We believe there is a secular deception of hybridization that is happening and women are shown a baby. We also believe there is sort of a Christian theological deception making people believe that Matthew 24:37 that says, “As it was in the days of Noah so it will be at the coming of the Son of Man. NIV” is referring to Nephilim from Genesis 6. We believe that they (Christian counselors) are creating a belief system that it is happening today.”

These three men are trying to pressure the people they counsel to “believe” their view as well or they tell them they cannot help them. I have counseled thousands of people and never told them “I cannot help you!”

These three men are entitled to “believe” what they want to about Genesis 6 and Matthew 24:37 and they are also entitled to be wrong. The traditional Jewish view of Genesis 6 is that the fathers of the Nephilim (sons of God) were the Grigori or the fallen angels which some refer to as “Watchers.” This is also found in the Book of Enoch and the Book of Jubilees. Many ancient civilizations describe the same event based on their culture. Look at Greek and Roman mythology. Zeus leaves his abode in Mt. Olympus and goes to earth and mates with women. Different “demi-gods”, hybrids between a god and human women, or Nephilim were born to different women. Other historical and exegetical substantiations for the belief that Nephilim of Genesis 6 and are Matthew 24:37 relate to fallen angels mating with human women are too numerous to mention here since whole books have been written on the subject.

The speakers continued and said, “There are Christians who believe that these Nephilim, half-breed people, cannot be saved so they don’t bother preaching the Gospel to them.” He compared them to people who believe they are vampires. He goes on to say that “This is more than a deception. It is a belief system where some Christians think there are some people who are not worth preaching the Gospel to. It is creating a sub-category who believe the Gospel cannot apply to them. This is going to mess up Christianity and MUFON studies for quite some time. We believe this is an absolute heresy.”

I was told by one of the leaders of the largest evangelism department in the world that he wrote about in his book, that I was one of the most evangelistic people he ever met. I have personally led thousands to Christ many on a one by one basis. But there are some people who will not be saved. Christianity is divided up into two major schools: Arminianism and Calvinism. Whole Christian denominations are created around each of these two separate views. So if you ask “CHRISTIANS” from either theological view, they will give you a different list of “who cannot be saved.” I heard a Roman Catholic priest teaching catechism and he said, “The plan of salvation of Roman Catholics is not the plan of salvation of the Protestants.”

I doubt that a majority of Christian pastors in the world would agree with these three men (Guy Malone, Joe Jordan and Mike Tatar, Jr) that Nephilim in Genesis 6 if it is a union of fallen angels and human women, could be saved. Bringing up people who believe they are vampires has nothing to do with the subject. There are people who have many different false beliefs on every subject in the world. But this is irrelevant to the subject and implying those who believe in Nephilim today are crazy like people who believe they are vampires. That is more of an emotional, irrelevant, and illogical comment. I met a man who believed he was not born but fell out of a tree and came into existence but I have not applied it to a discussion related to these three men.

The other speaker goes on and talks about the “serpent seed” which he says is not in any texts, the Septuagint, or Masoretic texts.

The speaker brings in this doctrine of “serpent seed” that is not related to Nephilim at all and is considered false doctrine by Protestant denominations. Again I wonder the motives of these three speakers for bringing unrelated issues in this important subject related to these last days.

A member of the audience brought up Daniel 2:43 and one of the speakers said that verse actually teaches that hybridization will be attempted but will not work. So he says this goes against the argument of hybridization today. “It will not adhere. It will not work!”

The question from the audience was excellent and I did not think the speakers gave an adequate answer. The Book of Revelation is filled with evil entities which are clearly more than just demons such as those mentioned in Revelation 9.

The other speaker said, “Let’s take for granted that the hybridization really isn’t happening. OK!

Here he is clearly stating an assumption which is the thrust of his pitiful argument related to Nephilim and it is fine for him to make assumptions but if people who believe Nephilim are for today as an assumption then it is wrong. See his opening statements!

He continues, “What is the effect just by saying something. It is a powerful tool that this entity is using.” Then he asked how many of the women in the audience were mothers and how strong it is that affects you. The enemy knows this also and he can give you this deception. OK!  They can make you believe you have been impregnated and been given a child and they snatched it from you and they bring it up and show it to you later. You need to love this. We can’t! So it can survive. That deception is so powerful, it doesn’t even need to be real. They will have you hooked. It is a powerful tool they are using and it doesn’t even need to be real. But it is evasive enough so they believe it is real. Once the Holy Spirit working with these women can show they have just been deceived, then they are on the road to deliverance and freedom of this experience.”  

The speakers are simply using an emotional argument related to mothers and not using a logical argument. I have started several support groups for women who were abused and those raped. All of these women will testify that their experiences were very traumatic. Some of them even conceived and raised the children as a result of the rape. But these women did not need “deliverance” as the speaker said. Most “Deliverance Ministries” have no clue what to do with these women abused by these evil entities. These women need help to reframe the trauma they experienced in a way that helps them go on with their lives in a healthy manner by renewing their minds and learning to resist evil effectively and find healing from the Great Physician. This was the mission statement of Christ on earth:

Luke 4:18-19 “The Spirit of the Lord is on me, because he has anointed me to preach good news to the poor. He has sent me to proclaim freedom for the prisoners and recovery of sight for the blind, to release the oppressed, 19 to proclaim the year of the Lord’s favor.” NIV

When a woman is raped, she does not have “freedom” from the experience because she will always remember it. But a Christian counselor helps the woman find victory over this traumatic experience and see things from God’s perception, like what happened to Job.

The other speaker said, “I believe what women have had is visionary. The experience is real but it is a visionary type of thing. (The counselor) deceives you from the start and tells you you are a Nephilim or an alien hybrid. The entities you are dealing with are a liar from the beginning.  Unless it glorifies the Lord Jesus Christ and is in full accordance with the Word of God as written, then there is deception involved always.”

I agree that demons, Nephilim, hybrids, or any evil entity is a liar and deceives. But if this traumatic experience that thousands of women from all over the world (are reporting) is just a “visionary” experience, then what are the demons, or whatever they think this is, “What are they trying to do?” If these three men are right and these are just demons/fallen angels, then why would they spend so much effort to convince these women they had a Nephilim child if it was not true? What would be the point? That sure is making a lot of effort to deceive a woman that fallen angels/demons have raped her and produced an offspring.

Then according to these three speakers,”They can make you believe you have been impregnated and been given a child and they snatched it from you and they bring it up and show it to you later and say, “You need to love this. We can’t!”Then they take the child away and the woman never sees it again.They say this is all “visionary.” Why go to all this effort? Holding a baby in your arms is not a “visionary” event. Visionary means, “seeing visions, something unreal or imaginary.” A vision is what you think you see with the emphasis on SEE. Holding a baby in your arms is not a vision. It is an experience you touch and feel. People with DID may at times have “visions” or “hallucinations.” It is something they see visually- not touch. Holding a baby in your arms is not a “vision”, “hallucination,” or “imaginary experience” for any mother. It is flesh and blood in the mother’s hands and a different part of the brain is affected than one has with a “hallucination.” I attended Harvard Medical School and studied DID under the man who invented the term “Dissociative Identity Disorder” and was on the American Psychiatric Association board who brought this new term into use in America. I also studied under the expert on the brain, Dr. Bessel Van Der Kolk and he will tell you that a different part of the brain would have been affected besides the “visual cortex” if a baby was placed in her arms.

I have six sisters. 1 in 3 females is sexually assaulted before the age of 18 in the US. I would hate to tell my two sisters who were raped that it was a “visionary” event that happened to them. When I counsel, I “implant” no ideas of them being raped by demons, Nephilim, fallen angels, hybrids, entities, or evil people. I listen to their stories without judging them with grace in my heart and a Bible in one hand and a pen in the other hand to simply record what they tell me. I pray with them and ask Jesus Christ to reveal the truth of the experience to them. I am not the Holy Spirit even though many pastors think they are. I have been counseling people with DID since 1984 so I have a lot of experience. But I have discovered that each person’s experience is different so I mainly listen and ask questions. The last thing on earth I would ever want to tell a woman or realize is that she was raped by an evil entity and has produced a Nephilim.

One thing I would never have the audacity or heartless gall to do is to get in front of a group of people and say, “Sorry ladies. This is all visionary. Just agree with me or I cannot help you anymore!” like these three men. I could not do that because I have been a minister for 38 years and I am called by God to minister and not be mean and cruel!

Preston Bailey, PhD., D.Min.


Source: http://spiritualwarfarecenter.com/warfare_004.htm