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Dear Rev. David Ruffino,

We rely on Biblical reference as much as possible. Where the Bible is silent we caveat our words. The Bible paints a picture of angels actually “physically” entering in (restricting themselves to?) our reality. We know they are physical (3.5 dimensions as we) because they assaulted women, took Abraham by the hand, ingested food etc. At Ai, the Spies reported there were “Nephilim” in the land. Since the Bible labels both fallen angels and their offspring as Nephilim, it can’t be ruled out that Ai was not just inhabited by hybrids and collaborators.

We believe to say that angels are spiritual beings is to misunderstand the nature of the reality that is labeled “the Kingdom of God”. We are spiritual beings also and yet we exist (for a little while) in 3.5 dimensions. We know that soon we will be able (allowed) to “enjoy” the same amount as Jesus presently abides in, for “we shall be like him, for we shall see him as he is”. You can be spiritual and physical at the same time. This “schism” seems to be a thrown back to Gnosticism.

Are any of us really physical on the quantum level? We are 95% empty space and possibly a provable hologram. The question is without meaning or value. Angels don’t “enter in” to our frame of reference they are already here. Elijah’s lesson. They appear to be capable of restricting themselves to the 3.5 when they need to “physically” interact with us. There is no evidence that they need permission to do this even. Our suspicion is we are capable of enjoying many more dimensions. Just not yet allowed to use those abilities. Just as the angels had “rules” that they broke maybe we do also. Remote viewing, contacting the dead and astral travel are maybe areas where we are not supposed to be playing but some are. This is the difference between angels and the demons of the New Testament. Angels can act within our reality and demons need a host to do so. The assumption that they are the same entities is, we believe, in error. At the least, it points out the difference between a spiritual being and a physical one.  

I would like to see any Biblical support for the idea the “and after that” is terminant. This is of course not evidence either way but it does support the possibility. Our position on this subject runs through not only our analysis of this subject but on all that we know of the creation God spoke into being for us. Hope this helps.

Research Staff

Thank you for your email.