Thanks for sharing Preston Bailey’s response with us.  It was EXCELLENT!!!He covered all the points that came to my mind and I appreciate VERY much that he took the time to address these issues.   Wouldn’t it be nice if all of my memories leading up to the Nephilim was just a deception and all I had to do was just deny my memories and then I would be free?!!!   Think about it, these memories were buried for close to 50 years and think of the hell we’ve been through just getting out of the cult and along come these guys saying I would be free if I only realized I was deceived about being a Nephilim mother. I guess that also means I would have to believe that my life leading up to the birth of the sons was also just an illusion.   Unfortunately, they don’t realize that I spent over 50 years trying to deny this reality and now it is time to own up, take responsibility!!   I just don’t understand how they can so calmly and almost callously brush away the horror of the last 61 years of my life and say it is all a deception.  Do you think if I could dis-believe my life then I would no longer deal with major PTSD and I would no longer have horrific body memories?  I don’t think so…I’ve been there and done that…IT’S CALLED DISSOCIATION!!!!!  Dissociation is no longer working so that means I can no longer live in denial about what I experienced!!

Constantina Bontrager