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Can a Christian have an abduction experience? I would say yes.  Can a Christian stop abduction experiences?  I would say yes. How is it that I say this?  Because I feel that I have stopped any future “attacks” against me in that area. How can a Christian stop an abduction experience?  By knowing who you are in Christ Jesus – and being aware of that – knowing that you have the power and authority to tell – demand – that the entities stop because you belong to Jesus.

My name is Ellen. I am what is referred to as a born-again spirit-filled with evidence of speaking in tongues (Acts 2) Christian believer in Jesus, my Lord and Savior since September of 1982. I married in October of 1984 and my husband is a music minister of a small non-denominational church in Texas. My life experiences prior to being saved have been varied, as most everyone’s has been.

My father fought in WWII (bomber pilot), was career Air Force (MATS) afterwards and medically discharged in 1963. I have memories from a very young age of hearing terms like UFOs, angels, demons, Moon, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, etc.  Dad had a telescope and occasionally would let us kids (I have three sisters) come outside in the back yard and look through the lens at the moon and whatever other planet he could get focused on. So from an early age I was aware of things cosmically. All these things were put far away into memories that would not be recalled until my later years, many years after becoming a Christian. The reason is that my parents divorced somewhere around 1963 and evidently was such a difficult thing for my mother that as I grew older it was as if I didn’t have a living father (he moved to another city many hours drive away) because he was never mentioned. Ever. And when he was mentioned it was never in a good light and detailed discussion regarding anything pertaining to him just did not happen.

So we go on with life and living. I become a teenager and somehow get through the late 1960s and after getting out of high school move to Los Angeles, CA and then back to Texas in the fall of 1980. After being saved, it has been, and still is, a gradual process of realization/revelation of many experiences that I have had and why. I will try to explain only a few here.

Soon after being born-again in September 1982, I started attending a non-denominational church. After what I had just come out of (totally immersed in new age philosophy stuff galore) this seemed a comfortable fit. At that time the big thing was people getting born-again and deliverance from demons.  Sometimes there would be demonstrating spirits and such that would go on. That didn’t really shock me because I felt I understood the spirit realm and after learning about deliverance and praying what the Word of God says in the Bible with the authority of the name of Jesus as given to us in scripture (Matthew 18:18) I felt that things were under control. People seemed to be getting set free and oh what a good thing!

One night trying to sleep was difficult. I tossed and turned, could not get comfortable, and then seemed that I was having a nightmare.  I was having trouble breathing, and then felt like that I couldn’t breathe, and then like someone or something was trying to choke me. Meanwhile I was seeing this figure/person. I was jarred awake.  I was a single person, living alone in this nice apartment. Was I asleep? No I don’t think so. That was the problem.  I couldn’t sleep.  But it was a dream, right?  Get up out of bed.  Turn the lights on. Get a drink of water. I have a memory in my mind of what just happened. I can still remember what the person – or I should say entity – looked like. Finally I calm down and get some sleep. The next day I explain this to a friend at church and tell them what this entity looked like and immediately this person tells me who/what it was  – that it was a prince demon and that his name was Anak. So as time goes on I learned about demons and angels. I think that’s it.  God, Jesus, the Holy Spirit, Satan, demons and angels. Aliens? Where do they fit in?Most Christians just refer to them as demons, but they have specific jobs just as Satan’s demons.

There have been a number of times that I would be driving and would hear a buzzing noise (car radio not on at those occasions) Once I realize that this is not from something “normal” I immediately get to praying – binding Satan and his demons, etc. I do not have conscious recall of abductions from those experiences. Was I abducted then, honestly I don’t know. I tend to think not because there was no missing time that I recall. Of course these times were when I was alone in the car and on a lonely stretch of  road. Your typical scenario. I think they do that to us on purpose – fear is not a friend.

In an earlier paragraph I had mentioned my Dad to give an idea of some family history. Some UFO researchers feel that abductions are generational. My father died many, many years ago so I have never had any conversations with him regarding his UFO sighting and any other details. I have been told by my older sisters that he talked about UFOs and thought there was something to them. I do not have any proof that he was an abductee. One of my older sisters remembers that she and I and my younger sister have a missing time experience from when we were younger, but I do not have conscious recall of the details of that event.

I do have conscious recall of an abduction attempt – it was stopped. It was in 1996.  By this time in my life I am a regular churchgoer, married, two kids, a dog and live in a house. My husband fell asleep on the couch in the living room after late-night reading. I remember trying to sleep, hearing a buzzing noise, and then I am not in the bed but I am not inside a “craft” or in this case a “black helicopter” either (yes folks, for real, that’s what I remember – actually it was a black hawk but at the time I didn’t know that because I had never seen one before) I really don’t know but I guess I was just suspended somewhere in between but close enough or maybe at an opening to this craft because I could see what was flying it and the other one. There were two entities operating this thing and they looked like praying mantis with helmets on. Then there was a human looking entity, whitish grayish hair, whitish grayish appearance of skin color. Communication was what I have heard described as telepathic. You just “know” what is being said to you. Of course, they wanted me to come and I kept refusing saying that I belonged to Jesus and that they could not have me. It was not like there was a statement of faith and OK we’ll let you alone. There was a real struggle back and forth. And somehow I knew that my very soul was at stake. It was frightening. Finally the human looking one shakes his head, as if relenting, and I am let go. I can see this craft go on in the sky and then I see a car going down the cross street from our house and then I am in bed. I get up and turn the light on. I have memory of what just happened and am really disturbed but I’m really tired and fall asleep. The next day was Sunday and I got prayer from my pastor – I did not tell him of this experience but just said that I wanted prayer – that I was disturbed in my spirit. Then I forgot this experience.  Didn’t even discuss it with my husband. Didn’t remember it for many years. It came back to me slowly. I don’t know that any of the UFO/abduction researchers have figured out why these experiences are dream like and memory is only partial and comes much later. I know that these entities have power that we humans don’t understand. But they know who God is and, yes, they know who Jesus is and they are not allowed to hurt those who truly belong to him.

After remembering this experience from 1996, I came across a few books regarding abductions. Over the years I have read and heard on talk radio many different types of experiences. Now after realizing that many Christians are dealing with these situations and that this appears to be a “real” phenomenon that humanity is experiencing, I am convinced that it is all a part of the end-time scenario; the aliens will play a part in the deception of all humanity to keep as many as possible from becoming “sons of God” through Jesus as the Bible tells us.

My name is Cynthia Talmage and I am a 56 year old mother and grandmother. I have been a Christian since the age of 12.

My main Job has been raising my 5 children. I have been a Medical assistant for 3 Doctors in the past. I also Managed a retail store for a few years. At the present time I am a Merchandiser for a big company.

My children are now grown all with children of their own and doing very well for themselves. God has been wonderful to us not that we haven’t had our mad seasons.

I was raised by a Godly mother and a Father who worked as a farm hand, A police officer, who then spent most of his time working for a phone company and retired with a good pension. We are quite normal people just like anyone else. The only way we may differ from some is that we have all been experiencers with abductions. I for one am here to tell you, That in Jesus Name It can be stopped.

Jim it helps me to know someone else has shared the same experience as I and able to talk about it. Thank you so much. I’ve been visiting your site and find it wonderful. You would be the second site I’ve found that teaches the absolute truth about aliens and abductions. You talk about what many abductees have gone through in regards to physical exams, eggs and sperm being taken. You also talked about the many experiencers having implants. What I didn’t see was the experiences many of us have had that are quite different to these others.

Let me first explain that I was raised in church all my life. At the age of 12 I had a salvation experience with God that I will never forget. That experience I believe gave me the ability to discern spirits and detect the true from the false. I so thank God for that. It is so wonderful and refreshing to find God loving men and women that I can talk to about my experiences without you thinking I’m nuts.

Because of my life long experiences I have prayed for God to teach me and show me the absolute truths in what is really going on and help me understand it. All along I had a knowledge that my abductors were not what they pretended to be. Let me explain.

The first memory I have of meeting aliens was a 4 or 5 year old living in Chicago ill. I don’t remember how my older sister or I got to this UFO. I don’t remember what happened in it. I only remember my sister and I standing on the out side of this craft and having what I believe to be human looking beings talking amongst themselves while we stood there. During their conversation I do remember so well, being so curious about how smooth the craft felt to the touch. It was so shiny black that it reflected my image like a mirror. From that time on every time I saw black patent leather shoes I would be taken back to that experience. I don’t remember being afraid.

To make a long story short I’ll just say that’s when it all started.
It continued (the abductions) for many years to come. I believed it was happening to all my family. I’m most sure that it only occurred in the night hours. It didn’t matter what state we lived in it just followed us everywhere. Then it started happening with my children.

I can only speak of my own experience and what I know is that it was as if I had been appointed to attend like a school which tried to teach me to do a lot of things just with my mind. For example to move abjects with my mind starting with small things moving to bigger and bigger things. Often I’d be placed in this room with other children
and be left alone with some strange but interesting toys. I remember having the sense that we were left to figure out for ourselves how to make them work. Many and I may have been one, would try levitating them. I kind of remember also watching things on a big screen but don’t remember just what.

We were being taught to mind read each other and talk without actually using our mouths. I can remember also being in outdoor settings as I got older and being with others that I remember I’d known in earlier abductions. They too were abductees. It gave us great comfort to be together as some of us were not happy about being taken like that. I was in fear of one day not being returned home.

Then came a time that I and my children would be taken together and it had a traumatic effect on them and me because they would separate the children from the adults and I couldn’t find out just what they were doing to my baby’s.

It’s interesting to note that how I know I wasn’t just dreaming was that in our experiences My children had some real fears. One of my sons who was just 3 was in fear at night and didn’t want to sleep in his room even though he wasn’t alone in there. He often woke me up telling me there were little men or things in his room that keep trying to touch him. My youngest daughter would wake up often finding herself outside alone at night or hiding under the kitchen table trying to escape something she didn’t understand. This reflects many of my experiences as a young child.
There were a lot of things that happened with my whole family through the years but none will talk about it.

What I wanted to say also which backs up what you say about stopping abductions is absolutely true. As I got older and wiser I became a real handful for these fallen angels. I keep talking about Jesus and wanted to know if they believed in him and God. This just made them so frustrated with me. As I got stronger in my knowledge of the hidden truth of their agendas I began pleading the blood of Jesus over my children and I along with singing hymns and praise songs.

I am now going on 57 in June. It was only a few years ago that the abductions stopped because of Gods help. What I can remember of the night I knew it was over I was on a ship just over the place I lived. These things were so tired of me that they concluded I was to much trouble for them and that I could no longer be in the program (what ever that meant) and they would have to drop me from it. The next thing I knew I was setting straight up in bed shaking and sweaty and a very bright blue light just permeated my bedroom. Then I heard something I’d never heard before. It was a low pitched pulsating kind of hum that slowly pulled away till the sound was gone. I kind of wanted to rush out side to look at it but I was to afraid. I did have a huge peace that God indeed delivered my children and I from this torment and we didn’t have to be afraid anymore.

One other thing….Somehow I would have a sudden knowing when they were coming. I would feel a number of beeps or loud buzzing then a feeling of panic and anxiety would flood over me. Since the night God stopped them I haven’t heard it since. What has come for me after all this experience is to learn all I can from God on the truth as to what is really going and to have all the answers so I can share with as many as will ask or listen to the truth and not be deceived by a grand lie of Satan.

Thank you for the strength to spread the word regardless of what others may think or call you. It’s that faith and strength in God that will save so many from the lie and help them find the truth….. I don’t know just how to share what I’ve learned but I know God knows and it will come as it should and I really don’t care what is said about me. I am quite at peace knowing what Gods sees in me and that is all that Matters.
Thank you and God bless you .  

Sincerely,  Cindy Rae


Great news: Feel free to print, Copy, email this out and show it to anyone.

Hello: My name is Wade Jones . I have been praying to GOD and found the answer to UFOs. In the bible there is no reference to life anywhere but earth, other than angels or the holy spirit. Feel special and very much loved because GOD did create all this just for you. How wonderful to be loved that much by GOD it does feel good!

When I was 7 I saw A UFO with a a cross on it. I might have even been abducted who knows but all that has been given to GOD. Now, I am at peace.

Much proof exists that UFO’s are real, but they are not what you may think! I used to be a UFO researcher for many years in secret, it was my life. I believed in aliens more than GOD. Now I feel I must let others know about my mistakes, to make up for any damage I my have caused. I must now give people a heads up to what is really going on. 

GOD is full of love and a tender heart he can change your life.

I write these words out of love and concern for you.., and any others that UFO material is spread too. Please do not think I am crazy. What I have to say here is stressful and has caused me much mental anguish. The conclusion I have arrived at is backed up in the Bible.

To the best of my knowledge and experiences:

Aliens and UFOs are>demons deceiving many men and women who truly believe they are doing good and spreading the truth. But the whole time they are unaware of the real truth. Being unaware to the fact they are being deceived themselves. GOD’s word is the only real truth GOD says if you do not accept it he will allow a strong lie.

2 Thessalonians 2:11:

And for this cause God shall send them strong delusion, that they should believe a lie 

I have been tricked by the devil,,…me and millions more. The devil is avery cunning thing  alone we do not stand a chance against him and his wit. The only way to hold him off is through salvation and prayer everyday. 

2 Timothy 3:13

while evil men and impostors will go from bad to worse, deceiving and being deceived.

Also at this time Aliens {demons}have many rich and powerful people and first world governments under there influence.

Mark 13:22 (King James Version)

For false Christs and false prophets shall rise, and shall shew signs and wonders, to seduce, if it were possible, even the elect.

About the many faces of these aliens {demons}

These events happen world wide. There are deceiving good aliens {demons}(they are actively healing people.},{Protecting us from space dangers}, {watching and guiding us in the right direction}, {making crop circles which are pointing us to new technologies like, genetic engineering, anti gravity devices, Nano-manufacturing, and cold fusion.} Many cases of people praying to see a UFO and one appearing.

Mark 13:22

For false Christs and false prophets will appear and performsigns and miracles to deceive the elect—if that were possible.

These events happen world wide. There are also bad aliens {demons} They are doing animal, cattle mutilations {a cows blood is completely drained by means of two precise  holes going straight to the heart, they have the udder precisely removed also a eye, tongue, and the rectum is cored out.} There is anti gravity proof. There is proof that the cow is dropped from 20 to 30 feet impacting the ground. Aircraft have been downed also. These events happen world wide. Abductions are happening people have surgical scars on their back, scoop-mark scars, perverted sexual experiments done on them, some women are claiming to have had a baby taken at 4 to 6 weeks. There is proof out there to support this is not a dream.

Why does the UFO community not openly inform us of this? They will not tell these evil deeds to the public?. WHY? I feel everyone should hear GOD’s side of this subject. GOD does have a explanation for UFO’s and aliens! UFO researchers refuse to allow this point of view! WHY??? What makes them so hostile to this idea??? I fear some people will be caught blind sided by this and it will shake their faith or cause them to leave GOD.

1 Timothy 4:1

The Spirit clearly says that in later times some will abandon the faith and follow deceiving spirits and things taught by demons.

I prayed to GOD for the answers many times over months. Slowly GOD started to lift my blinders! One night I had a dream. My Mom (my mother went to heaven on Feb. 17 2002) was in the dream. Mom was in a stream gathering fish and putting them in a basket she looked young and pretty.

Mom had a very large scary white snake in the water with her. The snake had a mans face, the snake had a sneaky little grin on its face smug and proud. Mom told me: “not to worry about the snake it will not harm us”.She said: “what you believe is true” .Then she said: “well I got to get back to work now you relax and don’t worry so much”

The day after my dream.., I began emailing GODs truth on this subject to fellow researchers. They did not like it at all. In fact the response was hostile. WHY? Later That night. I started having health problems this went on for days. {chest pains, diarrhea, headaches, gums bleeding, nightmares, could not focus, people around me acting aggressive, fighting in my household. I even had thoughts of killing myself. I felt as though I was under attack by something. I felt horrible fear, I prayed….. and prayed….. then I knew …,I knew who was doing it. Not me, not them but something else.

Revelation 12:12

Woe to the inhabiters of the earth and of the sea! for the devil is come down unto you, having great wrath, because he knoweth that he hath but a short time.

King James Ephesians 2:2 

Wherein in time past ye walked according to the course of this world, according to the prince of the power of the air, the spirit that now worketh in the children of disobedience:  Satan

I went to my brothers church many times. By seeing the people of that church and their testimonies. I accepted GOD into my heart. At that moment I felt peace. Also more important the feeling of wonderful happy love.

There is no doubt that the devil and demons are on earth and they do have power. The only thing stopping them is GOD. Remember GOD says he will allow a strong delusion. GOD is on top of this and he will allow you to see the light if you pray for it! I believe through him I can be used to save a few people and get his side of this UFO craze told.

Please think about this. The study of UFOs is like a religion at its core, You believe in something with all your heart.., not of GOD,…… aliens, You seek and spread the truth to anyone who will listen. You make new clubs in towns, cities and network out. You desire to get new believers. Use money to help spread the truth. All the time your caught up in a strong delusion and you do not even know it! It is such a insidious evil plan only the devil could be behind it. It is huge almost 80%of China believes in Aliens,50%of Americans, Europe 65%,Russia 60%,so on………What happens if we all believe in aliens more then GOD???

Too many times I have heard the UFO researchers say keep religion and science apart yet the same researcher will talk about Ezekiel seeing the wheel. I believe what the bible says. Ezekiel saw a vision of GOD. This was   GOD appearing to Ezekiel. But was GOD also giving us a prophecy too? There are a few ways to interpret this wheel thing. The creatures could represent the early Church’s, or Angels, or GOD’s  actions. Here is one that came to me.

The Living Creatures:

10 Their faces looked like this: Each of the four had the face of aman, and on the right side each had the face of a lion, and on the left the face of an ox; each also had the face of an eagle

The man Russia, The lion Great Britain {Europe},The ox China, The eagle USA

20 Wherever the spirit would go, they would go, and the wheels would rise along with them, because the spirit of the living creatures was in the wheels. 21 When the creatures moved, they also moved; when the creatures stood still, they also stood still; and when the creatures rose from the ground, the wheels rose along with them, because the spirit of the living creatures was in the wheels

Was that vision also giving us insight into that, Russia, Europe, China, USA would be caught up in the UFO alien trap.

The UFO community already believes many acts by GOD where ufos or alien technologies. This thing I feel is Satan’s plan to fool the whole world into believing aliens created life and done the miracles in the bible.

Thus putting himself in place of GOD and claiming GODS works as his.

2 Thessalonians 4

He will oppose and will exalt himself over everything that is called God or is worshiped, so that he sets himself up in God’s temple, proclaiming himself to be God.

It could explain the coming Rapture {Aliens took them}

Used to form a one world government. {for defense against aliens}

The tribulation could very well be,……..War Of The Worlds.

A harvest of lost souls for the devil.

I want to go to heaven and I’m not taking any chances otherwise.

I just felt the need to let you know there is a Godly explanation for UFOs. 

I now know., I have done wrong and asked to be forgiven for it. GOD has laid it on me to make amends.

I am not the only one, do a online search for…..Satan and the fallen angels…..see what you get also there is a book called  {Alien Intrusion: UFOs and the Evolution Connection by Gary Bates}

GOD is working on many people. GOD is putting the truth out there so you have a choice believe in aliens (demons} or believe in GOD’s word.

What can we do? Accept GOD into your heart. He will fill you with love, peace, and wisdom. Always show love and empathy for others no matter what they believe.

In conclusion I say this:

Be alert to this deception GOD says it will be a strong one.

So if you hear talk of aliens in the Bible, or aliens created us, or aliens are responsible for miracles in the Bible, or Jesus was a alien, or the Bible is a history book about aliens. KEEP YOUR FAITH because you are under attack from the father of lies.


The only real truth is in GOD’s WORD.


Love from a saved deep thinking friend:

Wade Jones

Hi Joe Jordan;

How are you doing? It was great talking with you last week and I’m glad to hear that there are Christians like yourself who are out there telling people the true about what’s really going on in the UFO/ Alien arena.

My testimony is as follows:   I am from the Island nation of Trinidad and Tobago and am a preacher’s kid. So I’ve grown up in the church and seen a fare share of demonic attacks and the power of God at work against the forces of darkness.

My first experience was at a very young age; I was under ten years old and one night while I was in bed asleep, I felt myself become paralyzed with FEAR to the point that I could not move a single muscle. The only part of my body that was active was my mind. I felt a force of some kind trying to pull me towards the window of my bedroom to OUTSIDE and all I could do to try to prevent it from happening was scream for my mommy in my mind and eventually it stopped.

Well this unwelcome visit although very infrequent, went on for many years throughout my college years in Houston, TX. and even during my professional career in San Francisco, CA.. During this time I was old enough to know that when I had a visit, instead of calling for my mom in my mind, I called on the name of Jesus and they would leave but would still revisit me from time to time.

One night while in bed, I had a major break though. I finally realized who I was in Christ and that no evil spirit should ever be bothering me like this. You see I finally understood that it was because of FEAR in my own life that gave these evil spirits a foothold and once I realized this, I was able to do something about it. That night I had another visit and this time I was able to muster up enough strength to move my lips and say “by the blood of Jesus I rebuke you” and instantly they left me and to this day they never returned. They are not stupid.

Although my experience was similar to those who claimed to have been visited by aliens I knew from a very early age that these forces were demonic and I allowed them to take a foot hold in my life because of FEAR. When I was a child living under my parents’ roof, the forces were outside my window and were pulling me to where they were. You see I believe that no evil forces could have entered my parents’ house because it was covered with the blood of Jesus and that there is something to be said for the prayers of ones parents.

My goal is to join in and tell people who are deceived the truth and also to let them know that they have no reason to FEAR any demon or Satan himself; they are the ones who should be afraid of us because we have power in Jesus’ name. Think of it like a police officer, it’s not the man himself but the authority given to him by the city he serves.

Yours truly;

Joel Gay

Testimony of Kathy Land by Andy Butcher

for CharismaMagazine,

April 2001

The pieces started to fit together the night they dropped her. For years Cathy Land had been by the sense that something wasn’t quite right. There were periods of unaccounted missing time, mornings when she felt heavy and lethargic despite a full night’s sleep, an unsettling sense of somehow having been visited.

Then she woke up with an alien’s face inches from hers.

“He had dropped me. I could feel his breath on my face. It startled him that I woke up. He had this confused- ‘That’s not supposed to happen’- look on his face. The second one still had hold of my legs. I rolled over into a fetal position and went right back to sleep.”

In the morning she told her son what had happened. Usually the family dismissed her recollections as a joke. This time he told her: “Those were not aliens; those were demons.”

“It finally made sense,” she recalls.

Her son’s comment propelled her to the Internet, where she found some Christians who didn’t dismiss her experiences as nonsense. Her faith was enriched and deepened by as she discovered that God’s power could free her from her years of torment.

“I stopped being so scared, and I got mad,” she says. “I finally understood. These things were trying to get the world’s attention away from God, and how better to do that than make people think they are being invaded from outer space?  These are not benevolent little E.T.’s come to clean up the environment, fix the hole in the ozone layer. They are not from a distant galaxy. They are raping women, they are murdering animals, they are terrifying children.”

An office manager for a medical supply company, and one-time stock-car racer and singer-musician, Land began to read all she could to learn more about what she had trouble learning for so long. She had been fascinated by UFOs since early childhood, one time reporting a seashore sighting to the police.

“Many times I would have a strange feeling just before going to bed,” she says, by adding that precise memories were hazy when she awoke. “I would feel like something had happened during the night- but nothing I could put my finger on.”

One time her son told her of a frightening encounter he’d had with “a tall man.” She admits that his account had scared her.

But she continued to devour books and TV shows on alien phenomena. She told family members about her experiences and talked about UFOs with friends, though most laughed her off.

“Sometimes it made me feel like I was losing my mind. Maybe I did dream this all up. But there were too many things over and over and over again,” she says.

As she read all the Christian material she could find on the subject after her spiritual awakening, she began to see how she had been so deceived  for so long. “Everything started to make sense,” she says, “I realized that everything I had read had probably  been happening to me all along, and it scared me. Then it made me mad. How dare they mess with me and my children?!”

Land’s anger over the years her life was “held” spurred her to tell her story to other’s caught in the UFO mesh.

“This is war. It’s the most ingenious hoax there is. It’s a plan to get the world’s attention away from the gospel of Christ, and it’s working.”

She says many exploring the UFO world are, as she was, “searching for love.”

“That’s what they are looking for, really, in their beliefs about aliens. But there’s only one place they will find unconditional love, and they’re looking in the wrong place.”

An active part of her local Baptist church in Jacksonville, Florida, Land says that she now has a peace she never knew before. “I didn’t know it for years,” she says. “It was a miserable existence from day to day. Nobody should be victimized like that. If I can save only one person from being harmed, then I have to do this for God. It’s my offering to Him.

“It’s not the mission field I would choose for myself, she adds. “I would rather be feeding hungry people in India because people wouldn’t laugh at me. [But] who else is going to go and tell them, ‘You all are being deceived?'”

Hi David,

I probably shouldn’t be emailing you until I’ve finished your book. Your book is amazing and a God-send …. and I’m only half way through it! I hope you don’t mind me emailing you so soon. I’ve waited approximately 30 years to ‘talk’ to someone and I’ve been waiting on ‘pins and needles’ since I emailed you yesterday … hoping that I’d hear from you!! I only came across your website and then your contact info after purchasing your book and finding that information in your book. Yesterday was my first time on your website and I spent about half my day reading on it. 

I would like to share something with you. This is not something I’ve shared with many people. My husband, our kids, two of my brothers …. that’s about it. I had wanted to ask you your opinion on this UFO phenomenon. Well, since reading your book and gleaning from your website, I found out that your opinion was the same as mine … there’s something going on out there, and it’s demonic.  … it’s SO, SO demonic!! 

There are a lot of people in my own circle of friends, family and Christian’s and non-Christian’s that scoff at this or simply don’t believe it, though a few have come to realize as well that ‘something’ is going on and it’s demonic. I have my own story……

To begin with, I am a born again, Bible believing Christian. I am married. Been married for 26 years. My husband (also a Christian) and I have 2 wonderful children, both Christians as well. Our son; and our daughter who is also married to a wonderful Christian man. I became a Christian when I was 18 years old and a few months later baptised in the Holy Spirit. It was a wonderful year. I met wonderful Christians of whom I’m still friends with over 30 years later. I remember back then being told that UFO’s were real and if you’re a Christian, you don’t have to worry because you’ll never see one. Well, I didn’t really believe in UFO’s, but just in case UFO’s ‘were’ real, this advice sounded nice and I tucked it in the corner of my mind and always ‘remembered’ it.

About a year after getting saved, I started getting these attacks. They would always happen when I was in bed and about to fall asleep. I would become paralyzed, both physically and with fear … a horrible, paralyzing fear … and something ‘dark’ would attack me and in my spirit I knew they wanted me for something evil and I knew without a shadow of a doubt that they were demonic and the only thing I could do was call on the name of Jesus, but only in my mind … over and over … saying ‘Jesus … Jesus … Jesus …..’, because I was paralyzed and couldn’t talk or move. These ‘dark’ things hated the name of Jesus and they fled. Many times just before the attacks I would hear a ‘roaring’ in my ears, just as the paralyses would come on me. Many times I would also ‘see’ myself in a different room. It was always bright and it was never an ugly room to ‘look’ at except for the fact that everything about that room was evil. Other times I was in my own room. These attacks occurred over and over, many times throughout the years. Each time the same physical paralysis and being paralyzed with ‘great’ fear. But they would only happen periodically … maybe once or twice a month, sometimes only a few times a year. Then suddenly about 2 years ago I went through a great onslaught of these attacks where for about a year, I was attacked 2 or 3 times a week.

These attacks were very fierce and powerful, but never more powerful than the name of Jesus and the Blood of Jesus. At first when the attacks began I couldn’t understand why. I kept crying out to the Lord and asking Him ‘why’ so many attacks … why are they happening? I was getting so tired of them. But the Lord would just say …. you’ll understand … in time. So on and on they came. At first the same paralyzing fear hit me and all I could do was call out the name of Jesus or the Blood of Jesus in my mind. But it was powerful enough to send them fleeing. They would flee, but then they started coming right back within minutes, but before they could attack me again I found out that I would have to command them, in the name to Jesus, to ‘leave my room, our home and our property and then cover all with the Blood of Jesus’. They never came back again that night. The next time that they came … it was the same, only I began to notice a difference! I was getting bolder. That  paralyzing fear was beginning to leave. They would still paralyze my body, but with great effort, now I was able to sit up, point my finger and with holy indignation, command them to leave in Jesus name.  And flee they did!! As time went on, there was no fear at all left in me and in perfect boldness, I was commanding them to leave, always in the name of Jesus and they always fled. About this same time I was coming across different websites, Christian and non-Christian where people were having these very same attacks, only the ones that didn’t know the Lord were actually ‘taken’ and horrific things performed on them. The non-Christian sites called these UFO’s!  Right away I knew what was happening to me and I knew it wasn’t UFO’s attacking these other people. They were demonic attacks … Satan’s emissaries …. posing as UFO’s.

I’ve done a lot of reading since, some on Steve Quayle’s website and Tom Horn’s website. I also have purchased several books over the past couple of years,  some of Steve Quayle’s books, some of Tom Horn’s and all of Lynn Marzulli’s books … though I found out that Lynn Marzulli has another book out that I didn’t know of called ‘The Alien Interviews’ (which I discovered on your site just yesterday). I have gleaned much from all of these books. I only recently came across a new book on the site called ‘Unholy Communion’ …. I ordered it through and waited several weeks for it, only to find out that it was no longer available. Then I tried ordering the book again, but through SurvivalMall (Anomally publisher’s I believe). It worked this time. I now have the book in my possession and only started reading it a few days ago.

As I said, that particular long wave of severe attacks only lasted about a year. Then stopped with only a periodic attack maybe once every few months to two or three per month. But also, during this wave of attacks, I ‘saw’ my attackers on a few different occasions. They were always so, so evil. Most of them were small … about the size of a 5 to 8 year old child. Once looking up I even saw a man. He was around in his late 50’s, a fine-groomed and very distinguished looking man (but evil inside and in his eyes). He was looking down at me with two of the ‘little’ demons beside him … all looking down at me, but they couldn’t touch me because I was calling on the name of Jesus. Around this same time I saw another ‘attacker’. This one stood at the foot of my bed. He was about 9 feet tall … the top of his shoulders reached the top of the 8 foot ceiling and his head went beyond that, and he was about 6 feet across his shoulders … very powerful and thick ‘Incredible Hulk’ type of shoulders. He was SO evil! He was looking down at me, but once again, he couldn’t touch me because I was calling on the name of Jesus …. and by now, I sitting up in bed, pointing my finger and commanding them to leave in the name of Jesus. The fear of them had left me and I had a boldness I never imagined I could have! It was around this time that this ‘wave’ of severe attacks ceased and though I still get them, it’s only a few a month, to a few every other month.

One time when I was attacked, it had been a particularly bad day. I can’t remember what I did, but I went to bed, out of sorts with everyone, not even praying or getting things right with the Lord. Well, that night another attack came and I knew I wasn’t ‘right’ with God and I could ‘hear’ them mocking me saying that I couldn’t even call on the name of Jesus this time …. and I couldn’t! Everything in me was weak and my walls of protection were down. But just as they were about to attack, Jesus came and stood between them and me. I only saw Jesus’ back, as He was facing them. I couldn’t hear what He was saying, but He was warring for me, when I couldn’t do it for myself! Jesus … He did this for me … and I still weep when I think of it. That was the only time that happened … but I’ll never forget how Jesus came and stood there and wouldn’t let them attack me, when I was too weak to fight them myself.

Also, I sought God many times over the years as to ‘why’ these attacks were happening … what doors in my life I might have left open or were still open. Why did they only start about a year ‘after’ I became a Christian? I searched my heart, scripture, etc., and got nothing but …. ‘you’ll see in time.’  Why did they ‘start’ for me … after I became a Christian …. a year after at that? I didn’t even really believe in UFO’s. I wasn’t reading up on them or watching anything on TV pertaining to them, in fact, I was only ‘just’ beginning to understand that there was a demonic spiritual realm. I understood about closing doors to occult involvement. I’ve closed every door I could think of or that the Lord would bring to mind. Even closing ancestral doors as I had an aunt on my Dad’s side who was  practicing witch who put a ‘curse’ on my parents marriage because my dad refused to marry a Catholic woman, as well as closing doors on my mother’s side, who’s parents immigrated from Romania and brought many ‘old country’ occultic beliefs with them.   I still don’t know the full impact of the ‘whys’ of these attacks.   But … what did I learn from this and what did God show me? From reading and following up on different Christian websites and books that have exposé’s on UFO’s, they’re all saying that the UFO phenomenon is going to be a great endtime deception. I’m to the place where I believe this as well and God has also shown me without a shadow of a doubt that this is a very powerful demonic force, but also, it can (and will be) overcome by the blood of the Lamb and the name of Jesus! I really believe something is coming along this line and it reeks of evil … but we will overcome by the Blood of the Lamb and the words of our testimony: Revelation 12:11 “They overcame him by the Blood of the Lamb and the word of their testimony….”

Our son, over the past few years has ‘also’ had the same attacks, but only periodically. It’s the same with him …. and the entities leave at the name of Jesus.   Our daughter said she was always afraid when our son and I told her about our attacks and hoped she never had one. Well, she did have one attack, about a year ago. They actually came into her bedroom and were trying taking her out through the window and had to stop when she called on the name of Jesus. My husband has only had one attack. It woke him up, sitting so heavy on his chest that he couldn’t breath, but as soon as he called on the name of Jesus ‘it’ left, but not before menacingly speaking audibly and saying to him: “I want YOU!’.

As Christians, we are definitely in a warfare and it’s not going to stop until we’re home, safe with our Lord. In the meantime, God has given us weapons to fight with and Jesus fights for us and continually intercedes on our behalf. We definitely ‘…wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places’.  Eph 6:12

As I said before, I still get these attacks, but now when they come, there is NO more paralyzing fear and the ‘instant’ I see the onslaught heading my direction, I stop them in the name of Jesus and command them, in the name of Jesus, to leave. All fear of them has left me! I thank my Lord for this, for only Jesus could have done this for me!

Hello, my name is Ray. I have been having what can be described as the typical encounters with trans dimensional nasties now for quite a few years. I was listening to a rebroadcast of one of your radio interviews on Youtube today and many of the things you said were spot on. I would describe myself as a regular American in many ways, born in N.C. and raised Catholic by a single mother much of my life I was free to get into as much trouble as I could handle. I never had a strong Catholic sense, so to say, as it is just too easy to get behind a church that claims to be about Jesus while having dragons on their coat of arms and blowing huge sums of cash covering up foul deeds, so, not blaming the church, but I feel it didn’t do me a service, all except one thing…they taught me to pray. 

Now fast forward to my younger years, again, somewhere in the early 90’s I was playing with Ouija boards, here and there and became interested in occult knowledge, not for any overtly nefarious purpose as I am a helpful and loving person by nature but always plagued by bigger questions as a youth and not seeing anyone willing to hand out the answers, I went digging on my own. Now, the first warning came when after a period of using this board with a friend, I started to have terrible dreams, once waking to find this black figure in the room. That, of course, scared me and I dove back into my faith….though, not completely, I did get more powerful respect for Jesus as his name was the only thing keeping me safe at night. I joined the US Coast Guard in 92′ to help save lives (rather than take them, as in other services), and was stationed in Cheboygan MI, aboard the CGC Mackinaw. That boat was haunted by the ghost of a young man that killed himself on-board, so, I and many others had terrible nightmares about him and I, in particular had several experiences that frightened me severely and making me question some of the things written in my bible (why is this guy still here? Shouldn’t he have gone to hell? Why is Jesus allowing this guy to hang around here and torment us all at night?) So, while I knew that Jesus name worked, I didn’t know why or how…why were some peddling his name while living opulent lives and talking out of both sides of their mouths? 

I left Northern Michigan to be stationed in Grand Haven (96′) on the south side of Michigan, beautiful area, but again, the house I was living it, haunted to the 4 corners of the earth. I, and others routinely reported seeing things out of our peripheral vision and once I was visited in a dream by an elderly woman that took me on a tour through history…seeing the house in it’s former glory before being carved up into 5 apartments. That stay in that house was not a happy one, there were several entities, some human, some…not sure but not nice either way. After 2 years I was stationed in NC, this is when things got stranger. 

I had started waking up and having feelings of not being able to move or speak, my wife reported the same things. Thought I’d try to pray, I got the feeling of something specifically not wanting me to call on Jesus. Sometimes I’d think there was something at the end of the bed, both of us having the same feelings and not wanting to be alone in the apartment. It was worse for my wife as I was stationed on a Coast Guard Cutter and was actually rarely home. I did my 3 years in NC and was sent back to Michigan, this time to Sault Ste. Marie. It was here that everything seemed to take a quicker turn for the worse. I began to not want to be married, for no very good reason other than feeling isolation and depression, though I had a great job, a beautiful wife and an awesome little son and daughter, I was feeling so low. I began to use the computer to look at porn, here and there, but soon it was taking up more and more time, though I didn’t know it at the time, I was being groomed for worse things later.

As my time in Sault progressed I fell more and more into depression and loneliness, I began to have injuries and my job and my performance in it started to suffer. I left there in 05′ and went back to Cheboygan to the New Cutter Mackinaw, again, progressive downward spiral, a “friend” of mine had gotten me into some literature to help me (Prometheus Rising by Robert Anton Wilson and the Celestine Prophesy by James Redfield and many other titles) while I was looking for answers in all the wrong places, the information seemed to answer some questions but left huge gaping holes in others. So, at my absolute lowest, in 07′ I suffered another back injury, but this time it was different, I had a terrible sense and great fear in one respect, but on another was filled with the notion that there was more to this than I knew. After the back surgery, I didn’t recover as quickly as the CG would have liked and they discharged me from service, not the ending to an ideal career. While I was waiting to process out, I was crying quite a bit and in total spiritual turmoil not knowing what was going to happen, the whole time I was there, I was having these bad dreams, seeing lights in the house, as was my wife and drinking quite a bit, always angry and not knowing why, it was hell. 

Then, one night, after calling on Jesus to help me during a particularly bad experience, he did. Now, the consequence of what I am about to describe to you is in no way a fabrication, nor is any of what I have described to you but in 2007 Jesus came in a dream after calling on him. He is (a). real and (b). amazing to behold. He showed me a board (sort of an upside down half circle), that was literally black and white, I was looking at it and some of the arrows (there were several, and I can’t tell you how many, but I got the sense that these were areas of responsibility in your life, so to speak) were pointed to the black side of it, Jesus saw me looking at that and told me not to worry about those things, but to focus on the many positive things in the white, that he could handle the ones in the dark side. My wife, also felt the presence of Jesus as she had a dream at the same time but in a separate way getting a guided tour of a place she called Crystal City. At the end of the dream, Jesus told me that he was coming…”tell them I am coming” he said. I got the sense that there was going to be some doubt…by me and even others and he felt the need to say it twice to make it clear to me.

That dream was followed the next night (now calling these things dreams is a loose term, they in many ways, were more real than whatever we call “real”) by me, or what I thought was me, standing in a room…I noticed a couple of people arguing about something and the argument was getting out of hand and turning more and more violent and mean, I stepped in to try and calm them but as I opened my mouth, this pure white light shot out followed by a sound…that I can’t repeat…not with any device or sound I’ve ever heard on Earth, it seemed like the sound of multiple frequencies overlapping in an unbelievable stentorian of volume and perfection…that was amazing enough, but was followed by a long silver two-edged blade. As the sound/light/blade came out, the room brightened, significantly and all these little black shadow beings started coming out from all over the room, running in the opposite direction as the nature of the voice was uncompromising but pure in it’s intention. As amazing as that was there was one more dream, but I wont recall that one right now. 

Now, I was being kicked out of my job of 14 years, my back was ruined and I was scared. I had no place to go, no money, two kids to feed and a bunch of bills. Right up to my last day in the CG I had no plan, none. The saying goes, God never shuts one door without opening another and though it looked grim I tried to have faith, on my last day, I got a call from an old friend (bare in mind, I didn’t ask anyone for help) a friend calls me up and offers me to stay in his house that he has to move out of, for next to nothing. Later (two months) the means came available for me to buy the house, which just happened to be in my price range with the amount of room that I needed…there is more amazing parts to this story…the long and short is, after all this great stuff, I still wasn’t totally in the corner of Jesus. My wife was reading Harry Potter books, Vampire novels and even bought some Tarot Cards and started using them. I was pulling away, trying to drag her up with me but now she was in dark territory.

It was this time around August 15th of 09′ that I had some strange experiences that fall into your lap. One, I began to feel this unstoppable urge to meditate, I stopped sleeping at night…and no pills would knock me out, I started having strange visions, it felt like my mind was being hacked…literally.  I’d meditate for a few hours a day, seeing some absolutely crazy things…no matter what I did, I couldn’t get the feelings to stop, I became overly sensitive to love and emotions and the power of mean words, I also started to see my life and others lives in a completely different perspective feeling more compassion than ever for everyone. I saw, as did several others in Northern Michigan, 2 large UFO’s fly directly over my house. That was followed by a large, blue eyed Grey standing over my bed, the encounter was strange, I woke to see this thing inches from my face, looking at me, when I opened my eyes, it seemed to real, like it didn’t expect me to wake up. It stood up suddenly blinked a few times and then vanished, like walking through walls…but it just sort of backed up into somewhere else and was gone. Now, one night after that, while meditating, I got a terrible feeling and in my vision came a large pair of reptile eyes…staring at me. That made me feel scared and for good reason as I got the strong impression it was either Satan or someone close to him and nightmares started again.

Since that encounter last Sept 09′, I have reaffirmed my faith and am digging in for the long haul. My searching for answers led me to the bible and then the answers started to come fast. I go to bed with Jesus in my mind and he is the first thing I think about when I wake. I am in the process of trying to get my whole family to go to church, as we have never gone regularly, but I still pray and read my bible, trying very hard to be like Jesus. I support what you are doing and as soon as I am strong enough (spiritually) would like to help you, I do feel an obligation to Jesus who took pity on my sorry state and lifted me out…I’ll never be able to thank him enough. It is not enough to simply “know” that Jesus is Lord for it is written in the book of James, that even the demons know he is and they tremble, we must celebrate his name and bask in the glory of God.

I copied you 8 R’s list and am going to follow it home.

This is one more person you’ve reached, thanks.


Dear Joe Jordan, LA Marzulli, David Ruffino, and CE4, Thank you for speaking the Word of GOD! Guy Malone, Byron LaBeau, and the your squads are saving lives. Do not fall back! Spiritual war is upon our people. Break through the salient of lies!  Take the high ground. GOD be with you and Bless you and your families , and children, forever.

I am 50yrs old male, 7 years married- no children,  a recovered alcoholic (24 years in/out of 12 steps A.A.), four years sober, by the grace of Jesus (LORD GOD)!

I had a terrible battle with alien/demonic forces in October 2007. I was undergoing a Christian Conversion from alcoholism at the time. My wife was witness to one alien in our bedroom during the night. We were terribly frightened, confused and did not know what we were dealing with. We cast out the alien (demon) by calling the name of our LORD JESUS. This encounter has lead us into a quest to find the Truth, which has lead me to the Holy Bible, and my Catholic roots and CE4. A small skirmish also occurred last month when I fully committed myself to our LORD JESUS, my personal Savior. I executed the 8 R’s of alien resistance. The fallen angels (alien/demons) have not been back.

So far, I  have come out victorious with Jesus as my commander (the Buddha doesn’t keep me sober). I now speak the GOSPEL to people (mostly A.A.) of our LORD JESUS. I warn the people of the lies of the alien gospel. I warn them of the coming great UFO deception of 12/23/12. Thanks for the intel!

Again thank you so much for your information. Do not be discouraged with the resistance of the media pagans. They are being Converted as we speak. GOD is always victorious! I am doing my part in SF. Please let me know if I could help more. May the LORD Bless you all! You may publish my testimony, however please keep my full name private.


Bill (An alias)
San Francisco, CA

Matthew 6:33

First please know that I am logical and sound minded individual because what you are about to read my leave the average skeptic in doubt. I have experienced the full abduction phenomenon when I was a child. I have periodically experienced waking up paralyzed with entities around me every since. Recently I was literally dragged off my bed to the hallway of my apartment in a frozen paralytic state of complete horror before suddenly being released. I could recall seeing the bed fall further away and I felt it and the floor beneath me rub against my body as I was being tugged away. Several times I have had these experiences leaving me feeling some-what pursued. Below is a list of a certain instances I have experienced through out my life in order from the beginning.

  • I awaken at night by what sounds like a loud siren going off in my head. I feel like my body is vibrating and I begin to see the patterns of my comforter from being underneath it even in the complete darkness. Next I am being escorted by what appears to be Reptilian like beings dressed very elaborately. It felt as if though I went through some void in the sky and then I was in a room where they laid on their stomachs upon mats instead of sitting like people do. The rest is a blur.

My twin brother also had the same experience mentioned above as a child.

  • I awaken with what appears to be some sort of black mass seeping towards me. Once it touches me I become terrified because my mind can’t comprehend the texture yet its nature seemed devastating. This happened on numerous occasions during my youth. My parents where terrified and did not know what to do when I was in this state.
  • I awaken paralyzed only able to see a beings hand slip away from my arm into the darkness
  • I awaken screaming loudly in terror and not knowing why. To this day I am unable to replicate the shrill I then had in my voice. It was complete horror.
  • I awaken paralyzed seeing beings standing outside yet stretching their arms and bodies through the window to my bed.
  • I awaken to a being sitting next to me. As soon as I ask myself if it’s real it reaches it hand out for me to touch it before it disappeared. I’m left with a feeling that what I saw was not the true projection of what ever it was but something my mind would find acceptable. Oddly this was during the morning daylight unlike the other instances.
  • I awaken on the floor. My body is vibrating. I muster the strength to turn towards the bed. Once I do, I see myself lying in the bed then immediately a pale face with large eyes appears before me for a split second before I find myself blacked out and back in bed.
  • I awaken to a black shadowy looking being sitting on top of me. I felt the sensation of what seemed to be metal wires jingling on my leg where it sat and as I turned my face away, it moved face with mine as if though it wanted to intimidate me.

I’ve noticed that the only thing that helps me become un-paralyzed is to call upon the Lord Jesus Christ in my mind (being I’m too paralyzed to even speak) so at this point I am feeling very uneasy about going to bed because it seems more demonic than visitors from space.

Please note that I get some what of a warning before it happens. I get a sensation the day of or before that it is about to occur. It’s like a verbal impression not of my own, inside my head saying be prepared we are coming. Also I have received the same sensation beckoning me to leave the city and go to an isolated area in order to meet which I most certainly will not do. At first I thought this to be visitations from Aliens. I kept trying to meditate and bring upon their presence yet when ever they did show I instantly felt fear each time beyond what I could handle. I began to realize that they where indeed being rather deceitful at best considering I was always paralyzed except for one instance during the day when a being appeared to me as something more pleasant to gaze my eyes upon.

I noticed that when I gave my life to Christ, many things stood in the way of me fully walking that truthful and fulfilling path. Take for example, the lust for women. I would pray to the lord to help guide my eyes and mind from lust only to be bombarded at night with (women) beings that continually tempted me to commit sinful acts with them. I then (after accepting Christ) found it possible to control myself and rebuke them even in my dreams. Once this happened they began to reveal their true nature. These dream visitors (demons) would first appear as seductive temptresses then when I would decline their offer they became violent and aggressive. I remember a dream in which one crept on top of me.  When I declined its offer of lust she (the demon) opened its mouth to a foot wide row after row of needle like fangs in order to subdue me by intimidation. A few days later the episode in which I was physically dragged of the bed occurred. After that instance I told the lord in prayer that I would not abandon my faith in him and that with him and for him I will stand against my enemy. A revelation of peace and strength came over me. I felt as if though the Lord was saying the next time IF it happens again, they will be the ones pursued by MY wrath. I felt as if though the Lord would protect me with his spirit. Immediately Bible stories began to run through my head such as how the spirit came over Sampson when he tore apart the lion, when David defeated goliath, the Canaanites where slaughtered, or the instance in which a man and his servant rejoiced that God delivered his outnumbering enemies who boasted in blind arrogance on higher ground. It felt as if though the Lord was saying that he would cast down the spirit upon me in the same way. I have not had anymore of these episodes since.

Millions of people have been through what I have yet most are sadly mistaken that these are aliens or visitors from space and not demons. I firmly believe this is going to be one of the great deceptions of man spoken of in Revelations. It is imperative that anyone who comes to you regarding this matter is taken seriously because I can honestly tell you it’s real due to my own experiences. To think otherwise would be to deny the reality spoken of in the Bible.

The main reason I am writing this to you is so that you may hopefully prepare a sermon specifically warning people of dabbling in the occult. I now know that believing in demons as aliens and trying to reach contact, playing with Ouija boards, meditating on anything other than our Lord and savior, and even indulging in modern day divination such as the poster child for witchcraft Harry Potter, opens doors this very presence to seep into our lives. It not only invites them into our homes but leads us astray from Gods will like sheep to the slaughter. I don’t need to remind you that peoples eternity in Hell are at stake. You have been informed therefore it is up to you to lead the congregation away from that pit.

Jesus Christ is salvation, none other!

Hi David, I wanted to let you know that I am one of the “7” also. When I came back to Jesus in ’96 I was able to battle these demons that masquerade as ET beings. At that time I didn’t have much access to computers and it didn’t enter my mind that there would be information concerning what I was going through. My last attack was about 9 yrs ago.

I had always sent them away in Jesus name and they would leave but come back again.  A friend once asked me, “why don’t you send them to the abyss so they can’t attack you anymore?” I didn’t know if this was scriptural but I prayed to God that if this was o.k. to please (during my last attack) help me. So I yelled. IN JESUS’ NAME GO TO THE ABYSS AND NEVER COME BOTHER ME OR ANYONE ELSE AGAIN!!! I never had another physical attack again! No more being pulled out of my body while being paralyzed! No more demons sitting on my chest and trying to kill me! No more dreams of ET’s trying to abduct me, and me using Jehovah’s name to stop it! (was a Jehovah’s witness when the UFO experiences became horrific).

I was raised in the Rosicrucian belief’s except for when I was with my father and was saved at 9 yrs old. But I soon moved to my mother’s and that was not accepted by her. I was quickly taught the occult  and eastern philosophy. I know now that is how I was opened to the demonic attacks. (My grandmother had also done occult things with me and my siblings.) it started very young.

I had an out of body experience at 14 and 25 yrs old. I know this made it easy for demons to try to “take” me. And the closer I got to knowing who Jesus REALLY is, and got saved the attacks got worse. this only made me know I was in the true “way” I thought ,”How dumb are they?” They are just confirming to me that I have found the “true” Jesus! LOL.

I know this is a jumbled account but it has been a long road. I’d have to write a book to tell it all. I have seen UFO’s, one right over mine and my ex-husband’s head! It was triangle shaped with windows on the sides where I could see right through to the ceiling of the ship. it had 2 huge red, glowing, round things on the back that I knew to be the source of the ship’s power. It made a low oscillating sound that I heard but my husband didn’t. we were both filled with joy during this. I said,” they’re scanning us, they know we’re here.” I was so giddy. But the next day I realized we had lost time, and it wasn’t long before the hellish nightmares began. I had a couple of good dreams first and then the hell began and lasted for yrs.

Another thing that brought this in my life is that my mother in law worked for a federal law agency here in the States. She would go there and hypnotize people who had “lost time” to see if they were abducted. I learned many stories about people being abducted from her, including a woman who had a child that was half ET. She knew the guy who wrote communion. She also wrote many books, based on people’s supposed past lives she had hypnotized. One book was called the “Garden Keepers”? I think, about ET’s coming here and creating us. She wrote many such books.

Another is about Nostradamus. She took someone “under” who supposedly lived in the time of Nostradamus, and was his pupil. Nostradamus would put this person under in his time while she would put this person “under” in our time and they would communicate. The hair came up on my arms and I was terrified! I never offered my house for them to meet at again. I wasn’t in the Lord, or back with Him yet from being saved at 9 yrs old, but my spirit knew this was evil.

In closing, I just want you to know how much I appreciate your website, and how good it feels to tell someone about what I went through that KNOWS what it is!!! I haven’t even told many Christians about it. I didn’t want to even think about it for years after I cast them out in Jesus’ name. I just wanted to live a “normal” life. But lately I started needing to know if anyone else knew that they were demonic. To my surprise and amazement I found your site! And I’m so glad there is a ministry there for people who are still being attacked. I have told a few people how to be rid of demonic attack, but no one that had them in the form of ET’s. I thought I was one of a very small percent of people who had this experience. I didn’t like the crazy looks I got if I shared LOL. So thank you so much for your site! There is another site I saved so I can tell my testimony. I’m writing and working on it starting this morning. Thanks for the link to email you. I really needed to tell someone that believed me. I praise God for you and others for braving the ridicule to help the “7” as you call yourself. I am grateful to be free from the demons and will help others however I can. Blessings

In Christ, Leah