Hello David,

I was very pleased to come across your superb site as it has allowed me to see that others have had similar experiences as I have. Allow me to relate the following.

As a child, in the late 1950s, our family lived in Germany. My dad was in the US Army and we were stationed near Heidelberg.  One night I awoke from sleep to see three gray human-like forms standing in the doorway of my room. They were of different height, like a stair step – short to tall. There were no visible features that I could readily see, nor did they speak. They remained in the doorway and would move side to side in a floating motion. I could see that they hovered above the floor. Needless to say, I was petrified and in my 5 year old mind, the best thing to do was to pull the covers over my head. A peek from under the blanket showed that the forms remained there for what seemed like a long time until I fell asleep again and didn’t awake until after sunrise. I told my dad about it and he politely poo-pooed it as a dream or that it was him looking in on me during the night. I knew that was a bunch of hooey! The following night, only one of the forms appeared again, and as before, did not come into the room. This time I attempted to speak with it, but when I did it moved away down the hall and never returned again. I did not mention the second incident to my parents. For many years I figured that the apparitions were probably the ghosts of some who may have been killed in WW2. ( “ghosts”… that’s a whole other subject ! )

Forty years later in the 1980s, I was suddenly awakened during the night by what sounded like the roar of a lion.( I have hunted big game in Africa and I know that sound ! ) I was then stricken with excruciating pain throughout my entire body; unable to move except for my head and eyes. My wife slept soundly and never budged. I began sweating and a feeling of doom swept over me. I then felt the presence of something evil in the adjacent room. The little night light which was in that room usually gave off a faint yellowish light, but it suddenly turned to a bright red/orange glow. I kept feeling that whatever that evil entity was, it was coming closer and closer and it would be in the room in just a moment. I then realized that my best and only defense was to call upon God. I began praising Him , I don’t recall if it was whispered or in my mind, but I called upon His name Jesus, Adonai, El Shaddai, Lord of Lords, and every one that I could think of. With that, the light in the next room flashed and returned to its dull yellow glow. Feeling returned to my body and the pain disappeared. I felt exhausted and fell asleep again, not waking until the alarm clock rang.

I have not had any further experiences such as that one, nor would I wish to. Everyday we need to don the full armor of God in expectation of the spiritual war which is all around us. We will take some pretty hard hits and the enemy will score some near fatal blows on us, but in the end and in salvation through Jesus Christ.. we win!

Michael Walker

It is great to see to see diligent Christians dealing with this subject. I totally believe what you are saying about the truth of aliens. I have read Alien Encounters by Chuck Missler which is a awesome book. It was one of the most balanced beliefs in a Christian book that I have ever read. Lets face it that there are true kooks in the body of Christ that teach all kinds of imbalanced or flat out false doctrines. I have never witnessed any UFO’s or aliens or even care to. Nor do I know anyone that has. But I have heard of numerous cases. I’ve watched all those Unsolved Mysteries and Sightings shows but am glad to finally see Christian perspectives on this.

I know of the power of Jesus’ name. Even in my dreams when I had confrontations with demons I rebuked them in Jesus’ name and it always stopped them. Jesus’ name works wherever you are, no matter if it is a dream or another dimension, because His name is above all else, PRAISE GOD!

Sincerely, Terry

The following incident also occurred in our old house. It happened in August of 1988. Again it was a weekend I was at home alone. I think the rest of my family was up at our place at lake Eufaula. I don’t remember why I stayed home and did not go with them. I also don’t remember what night of the week it was but I think it was a Thursday night. I believe our dog Bandit was with the rest of my family as well.

This incident occurred early in the morning, approx. 3 or 3:30 a.m.  I had been asleep and was once more fully awakened by the presence of evil in the house. This time, unlike the last, the bed sheets were pulled over my head, which is unusual, as I don’t like sleeping with the sheets or comforter over my head.  The presence of evil was very overwhelming; it seemed to just drip off this entity. The being was already in my room when I was awakened. To give you an idea my room (according to the lay of the rest of the house) was set north south, east west. The head of my bed sat in the northern corner along the eastern wall. The entity was standing (at least I think it was standing) in the southwest corner of my room. This time I was terrified. I lay there paralyzed with fear and could not move or speak as if something had hold of my tongue and was holding me down at the same time. I felt this thing move out of the corner as my fear increased and as it approach my bed tried to get a voice out to rebuke this thing a couple of times but just could not. Next thing I know this being had grabbed me by both ankles and tried to shake me about. Its grip was very strong like unto vices, dank and ice cold. Well, that got me pissed! Suddenly I had a voice and very angrily with a loud voice I rebuked this thing in Jesus name. It quickly let go of me but still it lingered at the foot of my bed. I raised my voice even more and rebuked it once more. A second or two later it moved off into the corner from which it had come from and slowly left. It took me a while to settle down but eventually I went back to sleep for a few more hours. During this incident I felt the entity was very tall, massive and muscular and for some reason….gooey, like sewage in a way. It also reeked of what I later learned was a sulfur like smell. I feel strongly to this day had I thrown the sheets off of my head I would have this being. But all through the incident the sheets remained over my head. I just did not think to move them and am glad I did not had I thought to.

This event really affected me for I left the house after I woke up and did not want to come back to stay there the next night. I was afraid it might come back. I spent time with a friend and we talked it over. Eventually they helped convince me to go on home. I did and nothing like that happened again.

Another Interesting Encounter:

As you may or may not know I used to paint and pressure wash houses, apartments, mobile homes, driveways, decks and so on. I did this for a few years prior to getting married to my wife and then going to Honolulu for a time to be with her there while she completed her PhD studies at University of Hawaii. (By the way, if you ever get the chance to go to Hawaii…take it!) As a couple we were there for almost two years and our daughter was born while we were over there. Once my wife had finished at UH, jobs for her were scarce for her in the Islands so we returned to Alabama. (I’ve often wondered if that was a good move or not. Hmmmmmm, Hawaii? Alabama? Alabama? Hawaii? Anyways…) Once back in Alabama, after a few weeks I returned to painting and pressure washing. While doing this I joined in with another painter and we worked in conjunction with one another as he had more contacts and connections, painting equipment and such. I had met this buddy before going over to Hawaii and we had worked on some contracts together. My Friend and I got along fine. We had some common interests mostly collecting arrowheads or fossils. However, this friend would have nothing to do with Christianity. He had once been a Christian but for different reasons had turned his back upon it. He never really talked about why. He was and still is a very private person. I do know he had gone through a real bad divorce and though he never mentioned it to me I had heard he and his former wife had their only infant son die for some reason and he blamed God for that. That about their son I was never able to verify and felt I would be intruding by asking him what the deal was for he kept that part of his life tightly shut. Besides, that might have lead to some real unpleasantness between us since we worked together until my wife and I moved to Florida.  Among the years my friend had gotten into the New Age. I don’t know how deep or how far but he would sometimes talk about it. Often, yet in what he tried to make seem in a joking sort of manner he’d try to convince me to reject Christianity and also try to convince me the Bible was very inaccurate and that I was wasting my time and life with both. Once he learned I would not reject them and turn to his ideas on religion he laid off and sometimes even asked me questions about scripture or church for example.  I remember him talking about having out of body experiences through astral projections couple of times. I don’t remember all the details but I do recall he told me that he thought that was real cool as he could spy on people but he told me it was quite scary too. When he did tell me this stuff it seemed almost as if he was joking. Maybe he was as he did have weird sense of humor and like to give people a rise, if you know what I mean. I give you the background on this friend for it ties into the story here.

My friend and I were painting this particular day on part of an apartment complex in the heart of our town and not too far from my and my wife’s townhouse. It was in 2004 and I remember it being the month of April. It was very nice day and a clear one with few clouds and as usual for where we live, there were helicopters from nearby Ft. Rucker flying around. My buddy and I had been painting on this particular apartment complex for about a week. That morning and shortly after lunch we had been painting on the front of the apartment building. We had finished the front section up and therefore we had decided to work on the back of the apartment building. We were in the process of moving ladders, paint and paint buckets and his paint sprayer from the front to the back. Because of all this moving of stuff around we decided to take a break for a few minutes. It was around 2 p.m. when we finished the break and were getting ready to paint again. As I was started to continue our work my friend took a drink of water and then starts saying in a rather surprised voice, “ Hey Blade, do you see that!?”  I looked over where he was and asked, see what? He responded back, “that up there!” I asked him, what up there? He said, “ that UFO!” and started to point up in the sky. I looked up toward where he was pointing and told him that I don’t see any UFO to which he retorted while still pointing up, “ that UFO can’t you see it, it’s plain as day. Get over here and stand closer to me, you’ll see” to which I did. I looked harder but still did not see anything so, I told Chris once again that I did not see anything. He looked at me funny and again responded “what do you mean you can’t see it. It’s big and silver and the sun is reflecting off of it.”  I told him I still did not see it but kept looking along with him. After about a minute and noticing two army helicopters come flying by I gave up looking and went back to what I had been doing. Chris stood there looking up for another minute or two until he told me it was gone and then he also went back to working. I never saw anything unusual as you can see in the story. Chance? I doubt it. After what I leaned about the so-called alien UFO phenomenon thus far I believe that the different spiritual conditions between my friend and I made all the difference as to what was seen and not seen.


Anonymous Writes:

Hi, I’m writing about reading the website about as in the days of Noah, so it will be in the end times. I agree and believe in the 2 seed-line doctrines, but the alien abductions that I went through was rape and children that I actually would be shown and brought to me. I was so disturbed after one encounter that a person (daughter) that looked like myself and some alien creature showed up in my bedroom like a hologram and tried to comfort me in some way. She told me that there was going to be a war one day and that we were going to be on different sides. She said that her god was not my God. She caused me to remember all the movies that they had shown me about terrible things that would happen in the future. She said her god would come to make peace and my God would come to bring all these disasters. She said I would be fighting a battle against my own flesh and blood (her and my other alien children).

I am in my 50’s now and do not have alien encounters which terrified me for years even though I was a baptized Christian and called upon the name of Christ. I am still trying to understand what it was. These aliens do not talk, they use telepathy. They come in different varieties. And I know if you’ve really had a true encounter with these unholy beings. I think we are almost right about who they are but my alien daughter told me they are being bred to fight our Lord at the future date. I know I have become closer to Yah, my God, because of this and read the Bible over and over for wisdom. The word will judge us one day. I don’t know that we will ever truly understand these things. One thing for sure, Jesus Christ will save his elect in this end time and that is because we know the truth of His word and the lies of this world will not deceive us. Satan will come first in peace and our Lord will come last as a warrior to claim His property, bought with a price. Your friend in Christ


 I have recently undergone one visitation by a strong evil spirit, and one close call. One night I was reading about alien abductions and end time prophecy etcetera, then after about an hour a kind of gloomy and sick feeling slithered slowly on me. I went to bed shortly after, and when I was falling asleep it hit me. I was scared out of my wits. Every time I took a breath, it felt like my lungs were levitating inside me. I felt like I was almost floating. I was in a weird delirium as I realized I was seemingly being possessed or something. After about 2 minutes, I started to say Yeshua, Yeshua… and about 30 seconds after, the spirit left.

That was the worst thing I have ever felt. A feeling of impending doom and almost death. Then, another night, I got the jump on the spirit, and started to pray. It never really reached me that time. I wonder if all that happened was Satan’s plot to off track my walk with God. That recent experience made me sick, and it sickens me to think of it.
Recently I read through the Delusion Resistance website and noticed the testimony of David Ruffino, the author or the site. And this being similar to one of Dave’s experiences, happened 5 years ago at the age of 11, when our family moved, and I requested to sleep in the basement. It was a basement with a small window at the top of the wall, much like the one he described in one of his articles. Many strange things happened in that basement. One night me, my two older brothers, my younger sister, and my dad played hide-and-go-seek in the dark down there, and my dad claimed to have found one of us under the cubby hole, a part of my room. Everyone denied it without joking. Maybe my sister was lying about it, but it seemed very unlikely. Another time, a big plastic bin of Lego pieces in that same cubby hole tipped over and fell, when I was absolutely sure that it was flat on the ground. That’s the least of the bad happenings there. Almost every night in the fall through early spring I had frequent experiences of night terror, where things seemed like they were shooting back in forth, like my depth perception was being altered back and forth. I felt terrorized every night. I often went up stairs and consulted my parents. My brothers didn’t believe me, and thought I was just being ‘a baby’. And another time, my sister forgot to close her shades one night, and claimed to see an evil face look at her through her window. I am usually skeptical about my sister’s ‘freak-outs’, but I kind of believed her this time.
Something happened before all this. This was a good experience. I woke up one morning at the age of 9 or 10 in my room. It took me a long time to wake up that morning, which is strange, because I usually wake up in an instant. As seconds passed, my eyes opened slowly, and sitting at my desk was a beautiful woman all in white, writing something with a feather pen. She looked young, late teens early twenties. You may think that at my young age, I was waking up from a wet dream or something. There was nothing sexual about this experience. She was beautiful, indeed, but I could feel God’s presence. It was very peaceful, and although normally I would be scared dead at something like this, I wasn’t. in fact afterwards I hardly thought about it. Anyway, while I was waking up I noticed she was smiling. She looked over at me as my eyes were opening, still smiling. A yellow silhouette engulfed her, and it ate away at her image, and in about 3 seconds she was gone. I fell back asleep and woke up an hour later.
Now, looking back to my family’s past, my mom always told me a story about how when she was a little kid, she was in the car with some of her sisters, and a UFO hovered above them. I asked two of my aunts and my grandma, and they said the exact same thing. Then, after my grandparents raised all seven children, and all moved out, they sold the house. And I have heard just vague rumors of weird findings in that house, like paintings of aliens, and other strange things. I don’t doubt it. All my aunts and uncles are born-again spirit filled Christians, except for one. They all believe the truth about aliens and fallen angels, etc. Satan seems to have an interest in my mother’s side of the family. The family is somewhat divided because one of my uncles who started a cult. But I also wonder if Satan has an interest in me, because no other sibling, cousin, aunt, uncle, or parent has had experiences such as mine. My mom remembers night terror when she was a child, and I have talked to a cousin or two ho have claimed the same, but not as frequent or direct as mine.
A friend, however, has had maybe a worse experience than I’ve had. My friend’s father is the only surviving son of his parents, both his brothers died. One in a silo explosion, and the other in a car accident. Something has seemed to plague their family. Anyway, one day when this friend of mine was alone upstairs in his house while his mom was grocery shopping, he said a black cloud hovered outside his window, up close. It spoke to his mind, telling him to take interest in witchcraft and sorcery. My friend is not weird at all, he has told me of looking at books on witchcraft in a bookstore, but never reading, studying, or practicing out of them. He knows a lot about Satanism and witchcraft mainly out of curiosity, and that’s what Satan seemed to want to build on him – growing interest in these evil things, he wanted to make my friend become a sorcerer. My friend told me of the overwhelming scared feeling, and his knees gave out. He told it to go away in the name of Jesus, and it left. My friend knows, and has always known the truth, but it seems whenever you do something that pleases God, or if you start to understand spirituality or new things, Satan attacks you.
Satan is a coward, he only attacks you when your weak. Another funny thing that Satan is very unoriginal. Astrology, for one very good example is a perversion of something that is good. For instance, the heavens declare the glory of God and the constellations point to his plan of salvation, but nothing truthful is ever revealed through astrology, because it is from the Adversary. Almost anything evil is a twisting of something good. Sex, some may think, is largely bad. It is usually bad in today’s society (yes, I am really 16), but it isn’t evil, or God wouldn’t have given you a natural feeling for it. Kids at school usually think I’ve had sex a million times, because I’m a ‘big guy’ or a ‘stud’. True, I have a very athletic build, and must be attractive (I wouldn’t know), I haven’t and WILL NOT have sex until I am married. Some think I’m stupid, but I am determined to stay the straight and narrow, because premarital sex is a sin. I’m sure there will be a time where God allows a temptation to happen, and I will be given the opportunity to have sex. Because I am planning to move to Israel and join the I.D.F (Israeli Defense Force) some time after High School, I’m sure this temptation (or temptations) will happen probably in the next 2 years. I will stay strong against any temptation, because I have been trained, not only by my parents, but mostly by God, and although around 80% of teens who pledge their virginity lose it, I am VERY determined not to. Also, things like homosexuality are sick perversions of sex, but as society today is accepting more of these things, the world is being set up for the end times and the Great Deception or Delusion. And hopefully, as the three men told my mom, God would use me as a prophet and a warrior against evil in those times, which are soon to be here.Aaron


Feel free to use this anyway you feel will bring honor to Jesus

It was in the early nineties that this happened to me.  I was a young Christian who had been befriended by an upstanding Christian man named John.  John came over to my place one day when we had a day off work.  John noticed that I had a very large collection of ‘Dungeons and Dragons’ material.  I informed John that I used to play this game when I was a teenager and was involved with witchcraft.  He then asked why I hadn’t gotten rid of it, and I could not come up with a decent answer.

The whole afternoon John and I burned my vast collection of Dungeons and Dragons stuff in a burning barrel.  It was a wonderful afternoon of praising God and burning Satan’s deceptive games.  At the end of burning this collection, I said ‘Satan you can have your junk back’.

That night I went to bed feeling great. Little did I know how mad I had made Satan and his minions. It was probably around 2am when I woke up. I had a new puppy and he was whining, not normal whining, but he sounded scared. I suddenly felt a huge oppression come over me and tried to get up. I was terrified and was pinned to my bed.  I couldn’t move. I tried to speak but I couldn’t.  It was like I was paralyzed.  I thought to myself ‘Jesus please help me’. I could not fight this in my own strength. I was barely able to whisper the name ‘Jesus’, but when I did the oppression Immediately left. I knew this was a demonic attack and only the name of Jesus rescued me.

 I hope this helps others, only Jesus can save us


Jason Lohner

By Dave Ruffino


My UFO connections go way back. I grew up in the 1960’s and 1970’s when the UFO craze was coming into full bloom. Back in the 50’s there was a small UFO culture but for the most part people back then kept their beliefs to themselves out of fear of ridicule. The 60’s saw saw a great change in out culture and things that were considered fringe before then started to come out into the open for examination and/or ridicule.

My dad always fancied a good science fiction movie. When Star Trek first came to television he was elated and we watched it like it was some sort of prophecy that would some day come true. Dad brought home almost every UFO magazine that he could find at the newsstand. Like most boys, I wanted to be like good old dad, so I too got into reading the magazines and books that he bought home. While other dads were taking their boys to Little League Baseball or Yankees games, we would be out building a radio, checking things out in a microscope, using the chemistry set or we’d be out in the yard looking at the stars through the telescope. Yes, dad was a real hit in the neighborhood. Kids from all over the block would come to look at the moon, or Jupiter or anything else interesting that dad could find in the scope. But Star Trek and the UFO magazines were the biggest highlight. Even today when my cousin and I get together, he’ll bring up how dad used to almost force us to watch Star Trek. Making any sort of noise or causing any sort of distraction got one a look from dad that would stay with one for quite a while. Now I don’t fault my dad for anything. He just liked to check out stuff that others didn’t think twice about. While other fathers worried about treating jock itch or athletes foot, my dad worried about getting official permission from local authorities to launch the model rockets that we built. Yes, my dad was quite unique and I’m very thankful that I was born into his family.

In 1968 my parents came to the conclusion that they didn’t want me and my sister growing up in the city. Of course it wasn’t technically the big city, but East Rutherford was close enough to New York City for the problems of the city to move into our town, and it did with a vengeance. So, they bought a house in Toms River, New Jersey and we moved in July of that year. Dad liked to go out for drives all the time and I was his co-pilot. We drove west a few miles from the house and found ourselves at Lakehurst, Naval Air Station. Little did I know that that place would fit into a scenario that would play out later that year.

At that time in our lives my sister and I really fought. Also at that time one of the bedrooms down in the basement attracted my attention and I got permission to make it my bedroom. It was mostly below ground but there was a window that allowed me to see outside and it faced to the east. I liked the freedom because being there allowed me to stay up late and if I was quiet I wouldn’t get discovered. One night I stayed up reading something (I can’t recall what it was) and when tiredness finally started to overtake me I turned off the light and laid down in bed. As my head hit the pillow I remember thinking to myself that the room was pretty brightly lit. I dismissed it as being a full moon though and laid back down.  But my curiosity piqued and I had to get up and check out the moon because I always liked looking at a full well lit moon. So, I looked out the window and saw a bright round object just above the house across the street. I thought it was the moon until I looked to the right and saw the full moon in that direction. Well, Earth only had one moon even then so I stared at the object and realized that it was a UFO.

Seeing the object first brought pleasant thoughts to my head, but as I stared on a great fear came over me. So, I headed to were everyone feels safe; in bed under the blankets. The fear started to intensify and soon I found that I couldn’t move. Then I got the idea to scream for my parents, but no voice would come out of my mouth. I was scared so bad and there was nothing I could do. I didn’t know Jesus back then so I didn’t even think of calling out His name. All of a sudden I heard a dull roar that got louder by the second and when the roar was just over my house I realized what it was. It was the sound of at least two jet fighters from Lakehurst. As soon as the planes had passed the fear went from me and I felt normal again. After mustering up enough courage to look out the window again and realizing that the light was gone I was finally able to get to sleep. My dad was really amazed when I told him the story the next morning. My mother looked at me like I was recounting a vivid dream. My event was further confirmed by a neighbor who told my dad that the same morning his car was “buzzed” by a UFO and that it chased him for about a mile.

In the years that followed any religious training that I had gotten at any of the churches my mother dragged me to really fell away from me. I started to drink as a young teenager and as is what happens in most cases, the drinking led to drug abuse when I was in my later teen years. My parents had divorced and I had a big void in my life that I couldn’t seem to fill. In school they were teaching me that my ancestors were knuckle draggers and that if I traced my line back far enough, I would find out that I was related to some single celled animal that appeared after a lightning strike in some pond billions of years ago. Why should I act like a model citizen when there was no meaning to life and that everyone was out to put it to me throughout life. I became like the system…corrupt.

Well, I won’t go into much more about life because that can all be read in my biography that is also located on this site. Life went on and I decided that I was a real scumbag and needed to get saved or I would probably, sooner rather than later, end up dead and in hell without any chance of any sort of redemption. I came to faith in Jesus Christ in 1979 and my life changed for the better. During my walk in this new life I learned a lot about the spiritual forces at work behind the scene. It took me a while to discover that what I had felt in my childhood in that basement bedroom was really a battle for my soul.

In the time that followed my conversion some things happened that reminded me of the fear that I felt that night so long ago. One night I got together with a group of Christians. We were listening to a tape that was recorded by a fellow who was making claims that Rock and Roll artists used what is called “backmasking,” on their recordings. Basically, this involved recording words or phrases backward on record albums so that when the disks were played backward, a message could be heard. To be honest, I could hear some of the tracks, but not others. We finished listening to the tape and I excused  myself from the group so that I could use the bathroom. While I was walking up the stairs I came against a presence that although unseen, was strong enough to keep me from proceeding up the stairs. Along with the force came the fear that I had felt years ago. I played it cool though and calmly walked back to the group and told them what had just happened. The leader knew immediately what to do. He formed us in a group and we started to pray and sing hymns as we walked up the stairs. As we moved the spirit was forced to move out of our way. We prayed it into a room that had an open window and we could feel the presence depart out of the window. It was both the strangest and most blessed thing that had happened to me so far in my walk with Jesus.

The story continued with the tape. I got a copy from my friend so that I could play it for other people. We both agreed that whatever group of people we played it for would have to pray protection over the group before the tape was started. One night I brought it to a single’s meeting that we held at the house of a dear sister named Irene. I announced the tape and told the group that we better pray before we play it. Now that I think about it, I was sort of amused at the group when they all dismissed the idea of prayer as being a little too precautionary. I sat back and played the tape, knowing that there would be a consequence for not praying. We got most of the way through the tape when it was decided to turn it off because of the late hour. We were wrapping up the meeting and Irene decided that she was going to turn in early and she excused herself. About five minutes later Irene came running down the stairs blabbering about something being in her room. I laughed and reminded the group that I wanted to pray before the session. So, I formed the group into a prayer wall and we walked up the stairs forcing the presence from Irene’s house. That was time three of freaky events.

Now I know that the last two events weren’t exactly the mimic of an abduction experience, but I included them to show that some of the feelings, such as fear and a very heavy presence, which are indicative of the beginnings of an abduction experience were present. If two cars look different but both have a Ford emblem on them, they are both Ford’s, aren’t they?

Over the years there have been times where I’ll be lying in bed and all of a sudden I’ll get a paralysis that comes over me. It is accompanied by the all to noticeable fear. It’s a fear that really can’t be described without the event. I’ve often wondered if it is like the fear that maybe a murder victim feels when they realize that they are going to die. Something of that sort perhaps. Now I’ve talked with Christians who have seen presences in their rooms when this sort of thing has happened. I have not seen anything, but the feeling of oppression is enough to let me know that the room has more than myself in it.

When these things happen I’ve always been able to thwart them by crying out the name of Jesus. I’ve been a Christian for several years now and have been evaluating these happenings. I’ve never had one of these experiences while I was being a lazy Christian. But, when the Lord is doing something in my life or when I am walking strongly with the Lord the enemy tries to intimidate me. But I have to honestly say that each time this type of attack comes my way it is lesser in effect. Perhaps there is some intelligence behind the perpetrator and he/they know that this sort of thing only draws me closer to my Lord. As a matter of fact, the last time I had such an occurrence was when I was preparing to start The Delusion Resistance ministry. It was really uncanny how it happened. The great thing that I have to report is that I felt it coming ahead of time and starting singing hymns and praising the Lord. After that and a few prayers for protection over me the attacks ceased. Again I had proof of the power of the Name of Jesus. The attacks only prove to me that I’m in the right camp because Satan isn’t in the business of attacking or disrupting his own.

So basically that is my testimony with regard to these things. I believe with the shadow of a doubt that those who purport to be “extraterrestrial” are actually the same old lie wrapped with different paper. I have no doubt that by using the, “we’re aliens,” lie they will deceive many people. And I pray that anyone who reads this and is being harassed by demons, grays, reptilians, Nordics or any other name that they might call themselves; that you will come to find Jesus, not just to stop the attacks or visitations, but to know that:

Neither is there salvation in any other: for there is none other name under heaven given among men, whereby we must be saved. Acts 4:12

God Bless,

Dave Ruffino