2008 Roswell


This year’s trip to Roswell was different from the rest. First off, I didn’t take anyone from Sacramento down there with me this year. After the strangeness of last year and seeing how people changed after their trip to Roswell last year I thought it better to not ask anyone to go with me. Second, my fiancé Lourdes came with me so most of the attention that I didn’t pay to the work that we had to do there was focused on her. The City of Roswell paid for my trip, the plane fare and lodging and CE4 Research paid for Lourdes’ flights to Sacramento and Roswell and back. What follows is a memory of what happened on this year’s excursion. Please note that there are some people who I haven’t included here and that is because my memory is rusty of the whole part of the trip. Also, a lot of people took pictures but only a few sent me their pictures. I will include other pictures and accounts as they are brought forth to me. This document is in no wise finished and we look forward to completing it when everyone who wants to be included in it (members of CE4 and The Delusion Resistance, Echoes of Enoch and the City of Roswell only).

Sunday – June 29, 2008:

I called Lourdes at her motel about an hour before I was to pick her up. She was ready and raring to go when I arrived there. We put her bags into my truck and we were off to the airport. Lourdes wasn’t accustomed to all of the procedures that one has to go through to get through the TSA security area so I briefed her on the way to the airport. We breezed through the security area (after they determined that my Shofar wasn’t harmful) and went to one of those airport eateries where we got a nice breakfast for a pretty good price. Soon we were boarding the Express Jet airplane, a cute little plane that seats about fifty people with two seats on one side and one seat on the other. I made sure that we could sit together in the two seat side. The flight was really uneventful and it was good to see that Lourdes could get the rest that she so needed.

We landed in Albuquerque a little after one o’clock in the afternoon and as we headed for the baggage claim area we heard a familiar voice that yelled out, “is that Dave Ruffino I see?” We turned to see Joe Jordan sitting there. He had waited for a little over an hour. We got our bags and hopped on the bus which took us to the rental car area. After a long wait and a rigorous inspection of the rental car we were off. Joe read to us the article that featured in “Florida Today,” which spoke about CE4 Research and how we were going to Roswell to talk. We stopped at a McDonalds in Moriarity, a tradition for those of us who go to New Mexico each July. The next stop was at a gas station in Vaughn, another tradition where we spend a few minutes stretching our legs and getting a snack. I managed to snag an atlas of roads in New Mexico, just in case we found some time to head out to the crash site again. That never did happen. We stopped one more time at the only rest area on the way to Roswell. This too is a tradition because after the ninety minute ride one starts to get tired seeing that there is nothing to see but desert for that entire part of the trip.

We rolled into Roswell around five o’clock and headed to Free and Amy Ward’s store. We had been informed that Joe would be talking at a local coffee house that is owned by Pastor and his wife Margie. They are the pastors of New Destiny Fellowship there in Roswell. We got the video camera and headed out to the “Not of This World” cafe. We met pastor Lawrence and his wife Margie and we all took an immediate liking to each other. I set up the camera at a front table and recorded Joe as he gave his talk to the people. After Joe’s talk we had a time of praise and worship and during this time Yahweh gave me a vision and a word for the churches in Roswell. The vision unfolded as the songs went on and it soon became apparent that I needed to leave the room so that I could write what Yeshua was showing me. Here is the vision that He showed to me and the word of knowledge that went along with it:

The Sandaled Foot And Roswell’s Deliverance:

We arrived in Roswell, New Mexico on Sunday night and had to talk to a group at a Christian Coffee House there. As we worshipped Yahweh He showed me the following vision and gave the following Word:

As I watched, I saw the intersection of Second Street and Main Street in Roswell. I saw a foot come down from the sky which was first dressed with a military boot, much like a combat boot but it morphed into a foot dressed in a sandal. The foot belonged to Yeshua. It came down with a lot of force and as it struck the ground it made a great shockwave. The buildings remained intact, but the shockwave killed many of the enemy and also those who didn’t take Yahweh seriously. It should be emphasized that the killing was in the spiritual, not the physical.

The shockwave pushed or blew the rest of the enemy out of Roswell and to the town’s perimeter. Great tears came from Yeshua’s face. These were tears of gladness because Yeshua knew that victory would soon happen and that Roswell would be liberated from the enemy. His tears caused a flood and those waters washed away all debris and filth.

The churches in Roswell will unite and they will become strong. They will fight against the masses of the enemy that are around the perimeter of the city. When the churches successfully withstand then Yahweh Yeshua will kill the enemy, much in the same way that He killed the Assyrian army outside the walls of Jerusalem.

The day is coming when the people of Roswell will be able to go out into the desert and they will find the enemy no more.

So unite My People and fight. You want freedom and you will have it if you unite in prayer. Then you will see the Glory of your Adonai and experience the liberty of His Salvation. Behold how good and how pleasant it is when brothers dwell together in unity.

I will appoint four churches to administer My Will. One church for the north, one church for the south, one church for the east and one church for the west. You will all covenant with each other and will unite in prayer, worship and protection.

After I finished writing all of it down I headed back into the meeting area. I thought that Yahweh would have me present what I had seen and heard but interestingly enough something happened to quench the whole idea. A secular song was played and when it was, the unction just left the place. I sort of started to mourn about this because I felt the heart of Yahweh and how His Spirit had been grieved. It was okay though because Yahweh told me that I was to give the word later on in the week when we met at New Destiny Fellowship a couple of days later.

After the service was over we met with people and we talked Sebastian, a really neat brother who came to hear us talk. His wife Jochebed is Hispanic, with a gentle spirit and a love for Yeshua that is wonderful, as is Sebastian’s love. He asked us if we would be interested in talking at his fellowship and he said that he would call us later to confirm. Afterward we all stood around and talked and we all felt a wonderful sense of kinship, even with people we had never met before; but the Ruach Ha Kodesh is like that, letting us know that we are all family in Yahweh’s Kingdom. We met two ladies that would bless us the rest of our time in Roswell. These two ladies, Juanita and Elizabeth are Hispanic and they took an immediate liking to Lourdes. While Lourdes’ knowledge of the English language gets better every day it was still nice to have the company of these two ladies who were fluent in Spanish and could talk with her in her native tongue. We left the company of our new brothers and sisters and we went to the Best Western Sallyport Inn to get our rooms.

Later that night Sebastian called my cell phone and gave dates and times that they had open for us to talk. I talked it over with Joe who told me that the only night available was Thursday and that I had to present the message because he was booked up. I agreed and called Sebastian back to confirm the day and time and to get directions to the church. When we finally checked into our rooms it was late, so I walked Lourdes to her room and then went to our (Joe’s and my) room and everyone retired for the evening.

Monday – June 30, 2008:

We started off our day with a free breakfast at the motel. Now I like free things, but what was even better about this breakfast was that it wasn’t the typical “continental” breakfast that most motels try to give you in the morning. No, this breakfast was a buffet and they offered quite a few items. I was in breakfast heaven! We sat and ate with Joe and we discussed the game-plan for the day.

Lourdes and I pretty well had a free day but we did have to go with Joe down to the Pearson Auditorium down the street. The auditorium is located at N.M.M.I (New Mexico Military Institute). The whole campus is wonderful. The buildings are built like castles, all of them having the corrugated emplacements at the top.


This is a picture of the front of Pearson Auditorium

The auditorium itself is quite impressive. It seats twelve hundred people and it has an organ that rises up out of the basement. I’m told that they did quite an impressive presentation of “The Phantom of The Opera” there, even down to simulated smoke that came up with the organ as it came up from the basement. What impressed me most about the whole place was the amenities that they offered in the way of audio/visual display. Our PowerPoint presentation was run by a computer up in the nose-bleed section and the frames were moved by clicking on buttons on a wireless controller. The screen on the stage was twenty by thirty feet in dimension and it reflected images wonderfully. Having seen where we would speak, and being satisfied that I could do it without being nervous, we excused ourselves and went on a tour of Roswell.


This picture shows the view of the audience seating from the stage

The first thing that we had to do was to go to OfficeMax to get a couple of things. When took my computer out of its case the night before I had realized that I left its power converter at home. This is very unusual for me because I am always quite obsessed while packing, making sure that I have everything. Joe told me the night before that he bought an after-market power supply a couple of months before, and that it had cost him in excess of a hundred and twenty five dollars. I found one at the office supply store and gulped as I realized that Joe was right about the price. I bit the bullet and bought it because I would need it all week long. While at the store I had some copies of fliers for The Resistance and the AACCOA made up. Thanks to Yahweh that we had the money to pay for these things.

After the office supply store, we went to Walmart to get supplies. When I travel I travel light in the supplies department because that minimizes the possibility of toothpaste, shampoo, soap or deodorant spilling in my suitcase. We arrived at Walmart and Lourdes was amazed at how there is alien art all over the building. I found what I was looking for and Lourdes found a few things that she needed, but not before she browsed for a while in the women’s clothes section. For lunch I took Lourdes to Cici’s Pizza, an all you can eat pizza joint that is one of the places we always go to when in Roswell. Needless to say, we both left with filled bellies.

The rest of our day was spent driving around Roswell so that I could show Lourdes all of the silliness and how the town had given itself over to the whole alien deception. The whole week before we went to Roswell I raved about a hamburger joint called Whataburger and to my delight there was one of their restaurants right next to our motel. Lourdes and I went there for dinner and I introduced her to their fantastic milkshakes. In the early part of the night I worked on the presentation, researching a couple of the secular researchers whose work we would be quoting in our talk. Lourdes came over and watched television and she talked to her dad while I did my work. After a while it became apparent that we were both very tired so I walked her to her room and bid her a good night.

Tuesday – July 01, 2008:

Tuesday morning found us in the motel dining room eating our free breakfast again. Joe ate with us for a little while and then he was off to do a radio show. The show wanted to talk to him about our work in Roswell. While I considered our time in Roswell sort of a working vacation, Joe took this premise to the extreme, getting little sleep and he was on the go from the time he woke up till the time his head hit the pillow each evening.

As we finished our meal Joe asked us if we would do some work for him. We were sure willing to do so because there is only so much that one can see and do in Roswell. Joe asked us to take a box of posters (that advertised the convention talks) and to distribute them in all of the motels that we could find. I told him that we’d put them in other places and he was okay with that, but he said that the motels were the most important because that is where all of the visitors to Roswell would be staying. We started in the northern end of Roswell because the biggest concentration of nice motels are there. We first went to Walmart to ask if they would put a poster there. We knew that Walmart probably would not put any posters in plain view, simply because they’ve never been big at advertising community events and truth be told, the UFO festival brings in a lot of money to Walmart each July and they would not be happy advertising an event that might hinder that money coming in at future festivals. The manager of the store sent out a representative who told us that they would put the poster up in their break-room, but not in plain sight of shoppers. We agreed that this would be okay and we departed the store. After we left Walmart we went right next door to the Sam’s Club warehouse store. We got the same offer from them and took it. We did a little shopping while we were there as this is the only Sam’s Club that I have shopped in where they have good quality tee shirts for a ridiculously low price. While we were in that parking lot we shot on over to the Starbucks Coffee Shop. They always advertise community events and they not only gave me permission to hand a poster on the bulletin board, but the attendant even came out to help me rearrange the message board there so that we could fit the poster on it.

We worked our way down highway 285 placing posters in every motel there. Most of them let us place posters in the front lobby and even some on the front doors and windows, but there was one that agreed to only place one in their recreation room. There is a spirit in Roswell that can be felt by those who can discern spirits, and when it is encountered it is like you walk into a wall of Jello. That is the only way that I can explain it. We encountered this same spirit in one of the establishments that we went into early on in the trip and we felt it at a motel office that we entered, not far from our motel’s location. The first thing that I noticed when Lourdes and I walked into this place was that they had Christian tracts by one window. When I saw this it momentarily baffled me because I knew that the spirit there was bad. Turning around to talk to the attendant (and owner) of the motel I then saw the truth about the office. The couple were Hindu and they had likenesses of some of their gods hanging on the wall of the office area. Lourdes mentioned to me that she had felt this bad spirit too and that she too got the same feeling that we both got a few days before when entering the other shop.

After a brief lunch at Whataburger we were back on the road. There were only a couple of motels left on highway 285 and we hit them both. The clerk that worked at one of the places was a believer in Yeshua and she was glad that we were out doing Yahweh’s work. We found another Starbucks and placed a poster on their bulletin board, using semantics to assure the manager that the poster wasn’t religious. We made a right on 2nd Street (highway 70) and headed to the west part of town. I knew there were a few motels out that way because a group of us stayed in one of them, the Ramada last year. We started with the Ramada and were greeted by the manager, a man that recognized me from last year and welcomed us to town. He was happy because all of his rooms were booked for the next few days. He is a believer and a proponent of what we were in Roswell to do. He put one of the posters on the counter, under the glass where people sign in for rooms. He also put one on the front door so that the people could not help but notice that there was something worth while going on in town. Next door to the Ramada is the Roswell Harley shop, a place that I like to frequent when I visit town. I had to show Lourdes all of the sights inside. When one walks into the foyer of the place there is a pickup truck. Last year they had an alien in the cab of the truck driving it, wearing a silver hardhat. This year they had a man inside the truck with an ominous looking alien outside, like it was trying to get at the driver. Inside they had one sitting on the seat of one of the nicest looking Harley’s in the shop. I gave a poster to one of the people who was sitting in what looked like the manager’s booth in the center of the store. They told me that they would have to check with the manager, but that they didn’t think it would be a problem to hang the poster up there.

On the way back to the center of town we stopped at a few other motels that looked much older; much like the old style motel from  back in the 50’s and 60’s. One of them was run by a Hispanic fellow who agreed to hang the poster on the front window and even offered me tape to hang it. I talked to him a little and he told me of how he thinks that politics plays a big role in who gets rooms rented and who doesn’t. In a roundabout way he told me that if you are in the city’s favor then you will have your motel advertised and if not then you were up the creek. He doubted that he would get many rooms rented and looked like he was ready to give up on hotel management for good. The next destination brought me to a couple more of the older establishments, one with a teenager that looked like she was all of fifteen who was running the place. I could only surmise that her parents were at work trying to supplement their meager wages at the motel. The last place that we went to was another place where I ran into Jello walls again. The force of the spirit there almost kept me from entering through the door, but I was able to with a bit of prayer under my breath. Sure enough, having entered the place I saw the icons of their Hindu gods hanging on the walls and one added feature, incense. They woman there agreed to let me hang a poster in the front window though and I left, but not without praying for her outside the place.

Having finished our poster hanging duties we went to a Kentucky Fried Chicken store that was near the motel. We ordered some food to go and we brought it back to the motel. We sat in my room and ate like we’d never eaten before. It was oppressively hot that day and the mixture of the cold soft drink and the cold motel room helped us to relax a great deal. After we ate I worked on the presentation a little more and Lourdes fell asleep watching television.

Knowing that we were in Roswell to minister to people, and knowing that it is a stronghold for the enemies of Yahweh we have grown accustom to the idea that sometimes things take extra effort and prayer for them to be accomplished. When I had talked with Sebastian a couple of days prior he had given me the address of New Destiny Fellowship and he told me the general area of town that the church is located. Being sort of technosavy I thought that I’d give one of the online map and directions pages a shot so that I could print out a map and directions. Having supplied the map search engine the information that I presently had I clicked the search button and was given a map, but it just didn’t seem right. I tried to call Sebastian and he wasn’t home and I asked Jochebed she could give me directions, but she wasn’t sure and didn’t want to send us into parts unknown. So, I thought we’d wing it….bad idea.

Late in the afternoon I was getting excited because Jim Wilhelmsen would soon be arriving. He was coming in with Joe’s son Daniel and his son’s wife Stephanie, who were our videographers for the conference. Included in their troup was a fellow named Tony, Joe’s friend from Florida who handled other technical aspects of the conference. If you’ve read the account for the 2007 trip to Roswell you know about Tony. It was great to see Jim again and it was even greater to get to introduce Lourdes to him. They had both heard a lot about each other and now there was finally a face to associate with all of my stories and accolades. Jim was famished but we didn’t have a lot of time to eat so we headed over to the good standby The Golden Corral where we ate some fantastic food. Jim was very hungry because he hadn’t had anything to eat since early that morning and seeing that Golden Corral is one of his favorite places to eat, we just had to accommodate him. A real blessing was that Joyce Ahrens had flown in that day and she went with us to eat. I don’t think that Jim had ever met her before and we all had a very stimulating conversation about our ministries. It was good to see Joyce; a wonderful sister in Yeshua. Before this I had only talked to her on the phone but even with just talking on the phone Yahweh had built up that kinship that He gives to brothers and sisters in Him. After we ate we met Joe and his entourage and we all headed off to New Destiny Fellowship. Before we had left we called Mike and Jackie Slack to tell them we were going to church and to give them directions to the place. I followed the map directions impeccably but after a short while we determined we were lost. Joe caught up with us and we tried to figure out a strategy. I called Sebastian’s house and talked to a gentleman that I hadn’t met before, it was Sebastian’s brother. I gave the phone to Jim who I designated our navigator since he had lived in Roswell for a few years. Within minutes both of our cars were pulling up to the church. It wasn’t too long till I remembered that I had given Mike Slack the same directions that I had been using and attempts to reach them all failed so I sat in the church service feeling bad most of the time for getting the Slack’s lost.

The time at church was wonderful. We sang some worship and then Pastor Lawrence introduced Joe to the congregation. Joe called me up to the front and we blew our Shofar’s for the congregation after which I sat back down. Joe gave the people his testimony, telling them how he had been called to ministry and some of the strange things that happened in his journey.


Joe explains the significance of the Shofar

Joe then introduced me and called me to the front to talk. I gave my testimony and told about The Delusion Resistance, how it came into being and such. I emphasized that Yahweh told me that the “Great Delusion” encompasses more than just the UFO phenomenon and that is why our ministry takes its name, seeing that we focus on many areas of the Last Days. Yahweh had me share with the people to show them how the enemy tries to upstage Yahweh by causing UFO manifestations during revivals or prophetic events. Then someone asked me about the prophecy that Yahweh had given me the first night we were there. I read it to the people and they were blessed. This is the same word that I mentioned above. The talk and the service went very well.


A picture of me delivering a word to New Destiny Church

At the close of our talk Joe called us up to the front; Lourdes and me, Jim, Joyce as well as Guy and Nicole Malone. As is usually the case, the people were blessed by his testimony and the testimony of all who stood on the platform, and they now understood how the UFO phenomenon is demonic.


Nicole and Guy Malone, Joyce Ahrens, Joe, Jim Wilhelmsen, Lourdes and Dave (me).

It was the first time that I have ever presented our message in a church setting and I know it won’t be the last. After things had concluded at the church many of us went to Dennys for more fellowship and to have a bite to eat. Lourdes and I sat with Jim as well as Juanita, Elizabeth and Pastor Lawrence’s mother. We all had a wonderful time in Yeshua!!

There was one amusing thing that happened late on Tuesday night or perhaps it was Wednesday morning, early. Lourdes has had a history of being harassed by demonic entities, much like I have, but not to the extent that some of the rest of our group have been harassed. After Joyce arrived she moved into the same room as Lourdes and they both became friends immediately. During the middle of the night there was a demonic entity in their room and it affected Lourdes in the usual way, paralysis of the body and the inability to talk. After a short while and after praying for the use of her voice to ask Joyce for prayer, she said a number of times, “Joyce, they’re here!” At about the third time that Lourdes said this, Joyce finally woke but she was confused. Thinking that it was later in the morning, and that Joe was at the door trying to wake her, Joyce jumped out of bed and ran to the door, thinking that the Joe was the “they” in the sentences that Lourdes was yelling out. Lourdes and Joyce started to laugh and Lourdes told Joyce, “they have the ability to walk through walls, I don’t think that they’d knock at the door,” referring to the entities. They both laughed quite a bit about what happened and we all still do when it is brought up. It was interesting, but not surprising to see that the enemy took interest in bothering Lourdes; like he’s trying to get her to reconsider marrying me because of the dangerous line of ministry that I’m in. She’s affirmed to him that it’s our fight, not just mine, and she’s not going to quit!!

Wednesday – July 02, 2008:

On Wednesday Joe was up and out of the room early again. He had another radio talk to do with a different host this time. By the time that Lourdes and I were ready for breakfast the interview was over. We went to the motel restaurant and Joe met us there; all excited about the interview and that he was able to share even more, this time with a local Roswell audience.

Lourdes and I wanted to check out some of the shops in town so we went to the only mall in Roswell. She had been interested in getting clothes that she could wear on our honeymoon later in October. She says that the shopping is so much better here in the States; that there’s more of a variety to choose from. Although the locals in Roswell sort of downplayed the mall, saying that it was very small and not worth the bother of visiting, we found it to be cute and just what you’d expect in a mall for a town with a population of fifty thousand. Lourdes hit the store just at the right time; there were sales everywhere. Although the mall was a good size there was one thing missing…people. The place was a virtual ghost-town and I could only wonder that if the place was this deserted then the stores must really be holding on by a thread.


There are some Universal constants that cannot be ignored

We visited a few stores in the downtown. I wanted to show Lourdes to see how the stores downtown had decorated their stores in an alien theme and how there was a “anything goes” mentality with the shop owners. We visited one shop which had a sign that pretty well confirmed, in a New Age sort of way, our message, that the entities that purport to be from other planets, really are fallen angels. The name of the store confirmed it.


This shop had nothing but “alien” looking stuff – pretty brazen huh?

As we walked around we bumped into Joe who was showing Joyce around town. He asked me if I wanted to see something interesting and he searched through his camera archive. He came up with a picture similar to the one below. Again, the proponents of these entities have no trouble showing us the relationship between fallen angels and aliens. Look at the following picture and come to your own conclusions.


Do you think they can make it more obvious?

In the same shop we found something that should make every believer/follower of Yeshua Ha Mashiach sit up and take notice. We know that these entities say that they have made us, and that they are here to protect us and that they have been with us through our history, but what you will see next takes things to another lever. The picture shows two things. First it shows a representation of DiVinci’s Vitruvian Man:


Suggesting that aliens are our progenitors

If you want to find something even more alarming then the picture must be compared to any number of paintings of Mashiach’s crucifixion. The comparison seems to suggest that the “aliens” want us to think that they made Yeshua and therefore we should venerate them. Let’s look:


Alien crucified vs. Yeshua Crucified

But there is still more. We walked down Main Street to first street so that I could show Lourdes where Jim Wilhelmsen’s store used to be. The front of Jim’s store faces the south wall of the International UFO Museum, and on that wall is a painting depicting an alien hand touching a human hand, which is a definite spin-off of Michelangelo’s “God Makes Adam.” Yet another attempt to usurp our genuine faith with Satan’s lie.



God makes Adam vs. Alien makes human

Later in the afternoon more of our people arrived. It was such a blessing to see Bill Deffendal again. With them were Matthew Kiss, another wonderful brother and also Joe’s sponsor whose name is John. Bill and Matt are both testimonies that we are including in our book and I feel somewhat of a special bond with them, all of us being experiencers, and my having met Bill before and having seen a taped interview with Matt and talking to him on the phone. It was like one big family reunion. I introduced Lourdes to Bill and they liked each other right away. Bill and I have even more in common because his wife is from Panama and Lourdes is from Mexico, so in October we will both have Hispanic spouses. Bill even talked to Lourdes a little in Spanish. That is one of the things that really blessed me, and Lourdes too; that everyone went out of their way to accept her and to bond with her.

Joe got a hold of us and we took a ride down to NOTW to sound our Shofars. It was such a neat time of fellowship with the pastor’s of New Destiny Church. They have such a willingness to serve Yeshua and an are open to hear His Voice.


Not Of This World Cafe

Usually when we get to Roswell we go to the four corners of town and blow the Shofars; sort of a call to the enemy that the battle is about to begin and also to scare the enemy. The Shofar throws fear into the forces of darkness for a variety of reasons. Read our article about this on the website. This year we were running late and didn’t get to sound the horns, so we did it at NOTW.


Here we are praying before we sound the Shofars

Playing the Shofar isn’t something that should be taken lightly. It’s not just some instrument that is just picked up and played. Prayer and a humble heart are needed before the Shofar should ever be sounded. Above we all prayed before we sounded the Shofar.


Blowing the Shofars

As it turned out, many people heard us playing our Shofars. In the picture above Lourdes and Joyce are laughing because in response to our Shofar sounding, quite a few cars blew their horns. If they only knew how prophetic they were being by their playful gestures.

As Wednesday drew to a close we put Jim’s stuff in the car that I had rented and we brought him over to Mike and Jackie Slack’s home. He spent the next four nights at their home. We stayed and talked with Mike for a while about a variety of different subjects. Jackie had gone to bed because she had to work early the next day. Back in 2007 as we wound things up and I left my banners with Mike and Jackie who took very good care of them. They looked like they were new this year when we picked them up. The funny thing is though, that when we got to Roswell Mike told me that he had hung the banners on the front of his home, from the eaves on the porch. Well, at night the porch lights were right behind the AACCOA banner and the light lit up the banner in sort of an eerie glowing sort of way and there was no doubt that anyone passing by would have looked at them and wondered. The banners did attract the attention of one neighbor whom mike then educated about what we do and such. It was quite an innovative ministry ploy that I applaud Mike for…Great Job Mike!! After we talked for a while Lourdes and I excused ourselves. We had to get back to the motel to get some sleep. Thursday was the first day of the festival, and it was the first day for us at our table in the convention center.

Thursday – July 03, 2008:

Joe was up and out of the room early on Thursday. He had heard that the CBS Morning Show was going to be interviewing people down at the convention center and he thought that he might be one of the people that they interviewed. While he wasn’t interviewed, he was one of the spectators that got to watch the whole affair.

When I awoke I called Lourdes’ room and she agreed to be ready within the hour. It was sort of late and I knew that we would probably be late in setting up our table and booth, but for some reason I felt a wonderful peace. It was Yeshua saying that He was in control and not to worry about the time. If there was anyone that needed to talk to us then HE would arrange it in His timing. I picked up Lourdes and we went to the motel restaurant again. Joe had eaten already and since this was the first day that the speakers would be speaking he needed to be there. It was his CE4 Research group that was running the whole shebang so he really needed to be there. Lourdes and I found Bill and John sitting at a table and they invited us to join them. It was a nice time of fellowship in Yahweh.

Lourdes and I got in the car and drove over to the Slack’s home where we picked up Jim. We also picked up the banners and some of the other stuff that we needed for our time at the table. At first I wasn’t too happy about the location of our table, but after observing how the people were entering the convention center, and seeing that they came down our aisle first, it made me feel a lot better. We were down at the end of our aisle, next to a fellow who makes travel documentaries about New Mexico. Directly across from us, and taking up a lot of booth space, was a fellow who was selling videos, I think for an outfit called UFOTV. He was a nice fellow who came over to see what we were all about. He started talking with Jim which was the start of a three day, on and off discussion about UFOs, Nazis, and of course, the Gospel of Yeshua Ha Mashiach. We both felt led to pray for this fellow the whole time we were there. Jim’s talk with him sparked his interest in what we do and Yeshua impressed on both of us that this fellow is going to get saved and have a wonderful ministry. Yeshua also told both of us that this fellow is Jewish, like us, having come from the Seed of Abraham. It was truly wonderful to talk to this man, but especially to see Jim talk to him and minister to him.

Thursday at the booth, behind the table wasn’t a very eventful day. This year we had maintenance people who really cared, unlike last year. They looked for over an hour for a power outlet for us. When they couldn’t find one close they came up with an alternative plan. There was one about thirty feet away and they told us that we could buy a power cord from the city for fifteen dollars. I knew that we needed two power cords (they were only ten feet long) so I finagled a deal with the maintenance people, our deal being that we’d rent two cords for twenty dollars and then return the cords when things ended on Saturday evening and we’d get our money back. Such a deal!! Tony, our friend from Florida was there and he helped me to hang the banners. We handed out literature to a lot of people, but we all knew that Friday and Saturday would be the big days at the convention center. Most of the people that we talked to were Christians and many were surprised that our ministry existed and that people took the subject of aliens seriously.

One of the more interesting people that we me there is a man whose name is Don Ray Walton. If the name sort of rings a bell there is a reason. Don Ray is a cousin of Travis Walton, the man whose life “Fire In The Sky” was about. I met Don Ray last year when he walked by our table in Roswell. At that time I tried to hand him some literature and some anti-alien stickers. When he saw the stickers he handed them back to me and told me that in his words, “we like the aliens, they make us money.” This year Don Ray came up to the table to hand us some literature about his message. He first told us that his name is now Chance Im Injewell. Don Ray told us that the literature that he was handing us was written through him, through automatic writing. He was ranting about beings that are half human and half alien, claiming that he is one of them. Below is something similar to what he told us at the convention center:

Place or origin Current synopsis Jack-o-lanterns. That is what they called them. The people of Idaho Falls. Strange lights. Maneuvering above their farmhouses at night. Strange movements of lights in the sky like ghosts. Moving at speeds greater than any machine built by 1965. Movements of light Unidentified by man. In Idaho Falls Idaho In the year 1964 A farm Women is abducted from her home and taken on board a space craft before she is returned to her home she is probed operated on and artificially impregnated without her knowledge And given a gift to save the planet Earth from Armageddon of nuclear weapons Alien scientists have placed the DNA structuring codes of YWHI who was the only begotten son and the first man on earth known to us as Adam. Into separate containers. After securing the DNA and programming codes, The Aliens stored two samples until they reached a time when they thought YWHI could return and complete their King’s plan. They artificially impregnated an untouched woman; She generated the seed to motherhood and brought forth a man called Jesus. The second sample was inseminated into a woman in Idaho Falls in 1964 His name is Chance as in a second chance for earth and mankind he brings with him the knowledge of the real truth sent by god our creator…

The information that is directly above comes from Don Ray’s Myspace site, located at the following address: http://www.myspace.com/humanalien . If you want to see what happens to a person who is totally given over to the UFO lie then you need to visit his site. If I read his page right, he thinks that he and Yeshua share the same DNA and that he (Don Ray) is a “second chance,” hence, his new name, “Chance.” I’ll tell you, having this guy come over to the table right at the start of things really brought things into focus. It showed me, and I think Jim will agree, that our war is against something other than flesh and blood, just like Ephesians chapter six points out.

About five o’clock in the evening the crowds were really thinned out and all that remained were the vendors in the convention center. Jim, Lourdes and I all decided to pack things up and call it a day. We stowed all of our stuff under the table and headed out to dinner. After dinner we went back to the motel where I had to get dressed up a little nicer so that I could speak at the Hispanic church, the name of which is Iglesia La Gracia de Jesucristo, loosely translated, The Church of The Grace of Jesus Christ; cool huh!! . We needed some of the personal testimony people to come with us so Jim and Matt got the Hummer that John had rented while Joyce, Lourdes, Bill and myself piled into the Dodge Charger that I had rented. The directions this time were very easy except for one thing. I thought that Jim had heard me when I gave directions to the church. Well, I guess that he did, but they went the wrong way on Fourth Street and when I saw that I had to double back and chase them down. We all got to the church right about on time.

At the beginning of the service Sebastian Salaz talked for a short while. He then gave me a wonderful introduction and asked me to come to the front behind the podium. As I talked he translated my words into Spanish for the congregation. A couple of times he looked to his wife for words that he might not know. I started out by giving my testimony, my early involvement in the UFO research movement of the 60s and 70’s and then how that lead me down the wrong road to a lot of personal strife and believing and teaching people about evolution. I then went into our ministries, first the Delusion Resistance and how that was formed by Yahweh, and then how later Joe, Jim and I were led to start the AACCOA. I talked with the congregation about the lying signs and wonders and how UFOs always seemed to peek during Christian revivals and during important prophetic events concerning Israel. When the presentation was done I read the prophetic word for Roswell to the congregation and the people blessed Yahweh. Near the end I asked Lourdes to come up and to say some words to the congregation. She talked to them and then blessed them in her native tongue. Then we had the living witness come to the front; Bill, Matt, Joyce and Jim. I had inadvertently forgotten to say something correctly and Matt turned and told me about what I had left out, so the whole presentation was given to the congregation and they blessed Yeshua for what they had heard.

When the main part of the service was over the pastor, Catarino Muñoz came up to the podium and said a few words. During the talk i entreated the congregation, telling them that if time permitted, and if it didn’t interfere with their spiritual obligations, that maybe they could come to our talk on Sunday to support us and pray for us. When the pastor spoke he said that the church would be glad to hold us up in prayer on Sunday. He thanked us for coming to the church and then he said that there would be a time of praise and worship and then the congregation would be dismissed. Sebastian came to the front and said a couple of things and invited everyone to join in song with the band. at that time I just couldn’t believe my ears. The band started to sing Israeli songs; “Shalom Alechiem”, “Hava Nagila” and a few others. In the middle of all of this, some of the ladies and a few gentlemen got up front and started dancing something like the hora dance. This was heaven on earth and it almost made me cry, really it did. I looked up front and Bill Deffendal was up there dancing and then Joyce went up and then someone came and got Jim and led him up there. Lourdes danced with our new brothers and sisters in Yahweh and there was such a sweet presence of the Ruach Ha Kodesh there that I truly believe that if Yahweh decided to take us all to heaven at that moment that we would not feel much of a difference.

At the end of the festivities I was approached by a man who had some papers in his hands. He introduced himself as Serapio and he showed me some of the papers. The papers looked familiar and after looking at the pictures once more I recognized them as being David Flynn’s work, but all of the words were in Spanish. Serapio spoke in broken English but I understood him pretty well. It was noisy in the church so I asked him if there was a place where we could talk where it was quiet. He led me to the fellowship hall where we sat at a table and talked some more. After some more time it finally hit me; this man is a Mexican David Flynn! I stressed to Serapio that he needed to come and hear David talk on Sunday, even telling him that if he couldn’t afford it I would pay for him to get in. He gave me his business card and other information.

After a while in the fellowship hall others started to come in. There was a woman in the room that was tidying up and Serapio introduced her to us as his wife and then he introduced his young son to us; a wonderful family. Sebastian came in with his wife Jochabed and Elizabeth and Juanita joined us too. The wonderful thing about all of this is that although this was our first time in this church, we felt like it was our home church and that we had attended it for a very long time. After a while we all realized that we were hungry so many of us got in our cars and went to, you guessed it, Whataburger! After a time of fellowship there we walked over to our motel, bidding goodnite to Sebastian and his wife and the others too. I walked Lourdes to her room and then went to mine. I had a new roommate, Matt, and he was fast asleep. Joe went to stay with others in his CE4 Research Group. Me, well, I stayed up and quietly worked on the presentation.

Friday – July 04, 2008:

Friday morning arrived way too fast. I picked up Lourdes at her room and since we were running late we decided to pick up Jim and then to eat somewhere other than the motel restaurant. We got to Mike and Jackie’s home and were greeted by Jackie. Jim was just about ready so while we waited we talked with Jackie about some of the things that concerned us about a variety of different things. Jackie always has a fresh and simple way of looking at things and that blesses both of us. In a short time Jim was ready and we started to leave. Jackie said that she and Mike would be down to the convention center later that morning and bid us farewell.

For a change, we went to the Not of This World Cafe for breakfast. I was bound and determined to pay for my food this time and thankfully the people who worked there charged us for the food. Pastor Lawrence and Margie had been so gracious to us while we were in Roswell, many times giving us free food and drinks. They really blessed us and I know that Yahweh will in turn bless them many times over. After we ate we went to the convention center. We got the material out on the table and immediately were swamped with visitors. It was the Fourth of July and I knew that today and Saturday would be busy at the booth. It was amazing to see all of the people there, more than last year. One thing that I found different than last year was that there were many people from Roswell who were walking around the convention center. It is customary for Roswellians to avoid the goings on in Roswell during this week. I changed my greeting from, “Hi, where are you folks from,” to “Hi, are you folks from Roswell?”

During the morning many people passed by the table and I tried to get material into all of their hands. I started to include an “no aliens” sticker with each packet of material that I gave out. I felt led to do that because Yahweh revealed to me that even if they wouldn’t accept the our literature, they would accept a free sticker. It is hard for people to pass up a freebee. One fellow came by and I handed him some literature. He was a nice fellow and we talked for quite a while. He is a believer in Yeshua and was happy, and surprised to see us doing what we were doing. I remember apologizing to him that our literature wasn’t stapled together and I told him that when I got a chance, I would slip away and buy a stapler at the store. What a surprise it was when he came back about an hour later with a stapler in his hands. He gave it to me, telling me that the guys from the military recruiting booth were handing them out for free. I still thanked him for thinking about us and blessing us. He came back a couple more times to chat.

Another person who joined us at the booth was a man named Keith. Keith is a faculty member at Wheaton College in Illinois. He is a believer in Yeshua and is fascinated in what we do. He came to talk to Jim and to observe what we did at the booth. Keith is like a sponge, soaking up everything and then, like a true educator, evaluating what he has taken in and rightly dividing the truth from fiction. He and I had several conversations and I found him to be a wonderful brother in Yeshua!

Things happened at the convention center that caused us concern too. One such thing happened on Friday and it has echoed in my mind ever since our time in Roswell. I had always known that the enemy’s work is subtle and that there are many whom he has won over to his side, but it became evident at the table this day. I was handing out stickers to every young person who would walk by. I’d give the kids the stickers and I’d give the parents the literature, a good trade-off. Just after noon on Friday a woman walked down our aisle and she had two little girls with her. I would estimate their ages to be probably ten and twelve. When I tried to hand the older girl some stickers she looked at them and politely told me “no.” I asked her why, explaining that all of the other kids were taking the stickers. The older girl looked at me and said, “I want to be abducted.” Sort of being in shock, I asked her to repeat to me what she just said. Again she said, “I want to be abducted,” but this time her mother told me what the daughter said, sort of repeating it for me so that I would finally get the message. I told the little girl that she was playing with fire and didn’t realize what she was saying. I told her that the aliens are evil and that she should watch out what she asked for because it was an open door. They started to walk away and I asked them to stop for a minute. When they stopped and looked around at me I told all of them that if they ever did get abducted, and they became scared (and I stressed that they would get scared) that they could call on the name of Yeshua and that would make it stop. They smiled and walked away, like it was something else that they heard me say. The fact that the girl wanted something evil to happen to her was pretty bad, but the fact that the mother accepts this and just allows it to happen really floored me. How could anyone love their child and not want to protect them? Well, the mother is probably given over to the alien agenda too. Either that or she has fallen into what a lot of parents have fallen into in contemporary times; that is, let the kids do what they want because making the kids happy is what it is all about, irregardless to what the results of their actions might be.

Mike and Jackie came later in the morning and stood with us while we gave out literature and talked to people. Mike likes to talk and he did so with a few people too. After a while Jackie mentioned that she needed to do some shopping for clothes and stuff and since Lourdes had her shopping radar turned on she immediately picked up on what Jackie said and soon both of them were off to the stores. They were gone for at least a couple of hours and that was nice because they got to know each other better and they bonded. It was a good thing to see Lourdes becoming friends with my friends and it is important because they’ll be both of our friends forever.

I got a little hungry so I decided to head outside to one of the many food vendors so that I could get a funnel cake. As I was coming back into the building there were many people there, almost too many if you know what I mean. There were many dressed in costumes and other regalia. There was a group of five or six teenage girls who were dressed up in alien costumes and it seemed that they were everywhere I went. After a while they became friendly and started to wave and say hi when they would see me and/or Jim. One thing I saw really amused me. When I was coming back into the building I noticed that there was a young girl, probably only about six years old and she was over by one of the many alien mannequins that were around the place. As I looked, she was kicking the alien in the groin area over and over again. I laughed a lot and then I got her attention. I told her that she was being good and that if she ever saw one of those creatures in real life that what she was doing was exactly what she should do to them. She smiled and continued to kick the creature. Who knows, maybe she’ll have to take my advice someday.

Toward the end of the day I noticed that my voice was starting to get raspy and that my throat was getting sore. It wasn’t because I was getting sick, but because I had been talking all day long. Friday’s booth time was coming to a close and we packed up everything and stowed it under the table. We got into the car and headed down to an Albertsons supermarket to pick up supplies for the evening. It was Fourth of July and we were going to spend it at Mike and Jackie’s home. This has become sort of a tradition.


Stephanie and Tony having some fun at Hanger 84

Joe had been working hard all week, organizing and coordinating plans for the speakers at Pearson Auditorium. Late Friday afternoon he went with others to Hanger 84 out at the old Roswell Army Airfield where many of the speakers from both events were meeting. The UFO Museum in Roswell was having a separate event with its own lineup of speakers and the meeting at the hanger was to get the speakers together. He also had plans to go to a “meet and greet” at the auditorium that evening.


Matt, Joyce and Bill at the hanger

Lourdes, Jim and myself were all invited to these events but after a day of talking to people all we really wanted to do was rest. We talked about it and agreed that since Joe had gone through the expense of getting us all down to Roswell and such, we were obligated to attend these events for his sake. I called him and asked him if we were needed at the events, telling him how tired we were and such. Joe said we were not obligated to go and he blessed our time together at the Slack’s home.


Daniel and Stephanie Jordan with Stanton Friedman

There are some people who have been given the talent of barbecuing, and Mike Slack is one of them. Mike could be the poster man for barbecuing, pictured standing behind the grill with a barbecue apron on and a barbecue fork in one hand and a pair of tongs in the other. I’m not being cute here, the guy really is The Barbecue Knight! Mike and Jackie’s home has always felt like a city of refuge inside the confines of Roswell. I feel relaxed whenever I am there and we always have a great time of discussion and fellowship. Friday night was no different. As Mike was barbecuing I went outside to keep him company and Lourdes soon joined us. I told Lourdes that I wanted to show her the property and we walked around the home and into the backyard. Jackie joined us and as we were looking around Jackie asked us if we wanted to see a real live vinegaroon. She took us to a tree at the back of their property and there it was, a very large vinegaroon on a tree trunk. They are neat looking animals, related to scorpions but with a whip instead of a stinger tail. Truly it looked like something from another planet, but it was fun to antagonize it with a stick.


A vinegaroon – ugly no matter what way you look at it

People in Roswell celebrate the Fourth of July like no other people in the United States. Every neighborhood has at least five fireworks shows, mainly conducted from people’s yards. We sat on the Slack’s porch and didn’t want for any fireworks displays. From sundown till midnight and after the sky is filled with lights and the air is filled with whistles and loud booms from fireworks. The city did have a fireworks display, but nobody I know in Roswell ever goes to it. Why should they when the neighborhood is a display. A special treat for this evening was that Mike and his friend Bernie both have telescopes. Mike has what looked like a four inch reflector and Bernie’s telescope looked to be fourteen inches. We looked at several stars and Saturn and the big prize was looking at Jupiter, but trees obscured our view and most of us had to get to sleep well before we could see the big planet. We bid good night to everyone and Lourdes and I headed off to the motel to sleep.

Saturday – July 05, 2008:

Saturday morning came very quickly. I called Lourdes’ room and she was already up. I got cleaned up and picked her up at her room. We were running very late this morning and we thought it best to pick up Jim and get breakfast at NOTW again. Afterward we headed back to the convention for our final day behind the tables. It would be a very eventful day for sure.

We weren’t there very long when a woman came up and started to talk to Jim. I didn’t hear the conversation but Jim told me later what had transpired. Turns out that the woman is a Wiccan but that she was brought up to believe in Yeshua, although she has walked away to practice her current religion. She told Jim that she has been getting a lot of messages from the spiritual world and after talking to Jim and listening to what he had to say about the spiritual realm and those who inhabit it, she wanted to know for sure who was really talking to her. Jim asked her if she would like to pray and she accepted his invitation. Jim prayed that Yeshua would reveal the truth to her and give her the answers to the questions that she was asking. You know, there are times when we pray and it feels like the prayer was good, but not as good as it could be. The prayer that Jim prayed with lady was the opposite. It was one of those prayers that feel like you’ve hit the fast ball and the ball is leaving the stadium – a home run or a grand slam.

It was lunchtime and I told Jim that I needed to head to NOTW for our lunch. Pastor Margie told me earlier in the week that they wanted to supply lunch for those who were visiting Roswell and working in ministry there. There was a plethora of Mexican dishes and Lourdes and I put a little or everything on our plates. Juanita and Elizabeth were there and they both brought some food to feed us in addition to what the Pastor’s had prepared along with pastor’s mother. We prepared a plate for Mike Slack and I asked Margie if I could buy a sandwich for Jim since he didn’t do well with spicy food. She volunteered to make him a turkey sandwich with the trimmings. I can’t express how much Lawrence and Margie and all of the other believers blessed us during our time there and for their kindness we pray that they will receive bountiful blessings in Yeshua’s Name.

Not long after we finished lunch, the teenage girls in the costumes came up to the table. They asked about our ministries and we told them about what we do. They were interested and at least two of them said that they knew that the aliens are evil (even though they dressed like them..go figure). Jim was the one who mostly talked with them and they got an earful about aliens, demons and just about everything pertaining to our message. There was a look of sincerity in their faces as they agreed with us. Each of them took our literature and Jim gave each of them one of his booklets.

Well it wasn’t too long after that, that I noticed the same girls all huddled together listening to Don Ray Walton, the fellow I talked about earlier in this timeline. He is one of those people who you’d rather not listen to, but to be honest, he is sort of scary looking, having that deep demonic look in his eyes and I could only imagine how those girls felt. Before I could say anything to Lourdes she was heading over to this group and she confronted Don Ray. She told the girls that his message wasn’t from Yeshua and she told him that he was deceived and was listening to the devil. The girls thanked Lourdes as Don Ray headed quickly in another direction.


Costume judging by Peter Robbins – These two costumes contained
two of the girls that we witnessed to about Yeshua.

As the day progressed we talked to many other people and gave out a lot of literature. Mike and Jackie saved the day when they brought me staples and some more copies of the flyers that we were handing out. At five o’clock we took down our banners and packed up what was left of the materials and such. We put stuff into the car and into the Slack’s Volkswagen “Thing,” and headed off to their home to drop off the stuff. We were all hungry and we decided to go to a rib joint at the north side of town. Lourdes and Jim were with me in the car and the Slacks would soon follow. We got to the restaurant and saw that the prices were way out of our range. It was nearing the end of the trip and money was dwindling so we had to take it easy. We then went to Applebees but the wait for a table was forty five minutes to an hour and we just couldn’t wait that long. So, we all went to Dennys, and even though it is probably Jim’s least favorite place to eat, he was gracious and went into the place.

When we finished eating Lourdes and I took Jim back to the Slack’s home. We didn’t stay there long because this was the last night for Joe and I to finish the presentation so that it would be ready the next day for our talk. I called Joe and made arrangements to get together with him. Not long after we got back to the motel room Joe knocked on the door and after he came in we started to finish the preparations for our talk. There were a few changes to make and a couple of additions to make but all in all, the modifications went well.

As I made the changes to the presentation my glasses broke and I didn’t have any tools to tighten the screw back into its place. With this in mind and with the reality that I had run out of socks for the trip I told Lourdes that I needed to go to Walmart and asked her if she wanted to go with me. Even though it was well past midnight she agreed to go. It didn’t take long in the store to find the things that I needed and we were soon back at the motel. I saved the PowerPoint presentation to the computer, to a disk (for the computer at the auditorium sound booth) and I saved it to the website server. I didn’t want to take any chances. I know how the enemy works and he excels at crashing hard drives and corrupting computer files. He wasn’t going to prevail in this situation! I walked Lourdes back to her room and bid her goodnight.

Sunday – July 06, 2008:

Sunday morning had finally arrived and I awoke with a bit of nervousness. I had never really spoken before any large crowds before and I was apprehensive as to if I would do a good job or not. I know that everyone says to trust that Yahweh will give you the words, but I think that even the people who say that get nervous when they speak. The night before I had done an internet search about public speaking and nervousness. I picked up a few tips and would see how they worked in just a couple of hours.

I went to Lourdes’ room to get her and we went to the motel restaurant for our breakfast. I drank an extra cup of coffee so that I could be more attentive and alert. After we ate we went to Pearson Auditorium and I gave the disk containing our presentation to the people up in the audio/visual booth way up in the nosebleed section. I then went down and talked with Joe for a moment until he was interrupted by a woman who would be speaking that day also. I interrupted their talk a few minutes later and told Joe that we were going to go to the Slack’s home to pick up Jim. He really had his hands full with this woman but he acknowledge me and we were off to get Jim.

I brought my nice clothes with me to Mike and Jackie’s house. I felt more comfortable changing there than I would in a dressing room at the auditorium. After a while we were on our way back to the auditorium, but not before stopping at McDonalds so that Jim could get some breakfast. When we arrived back at the auditorium that Paola Harris was doing her talk so we just sort of kibitzed at the sign-in table with Bill and Matt. Bill Deffendal had been put in charge of getting all of the speakers to sign the posters of the conference. He asked me to come over and sign a bunch of posters so that they would be ready to give to the speakers at the end of the sessions this day. I can’t remember how many posters I signed, but there were a lot because I had a severe case of writers cramp when I was finished.

It wasn’t long before Paola Harris was finished speaking. During the brief intermission between her talk and our talk I took the time to visit with some of the people in the audience. This is one of the things that I read about on the internet the night before. By talking to them like I did, they actually became friends rather than strangers coming to hear the talk and it is easier to talk to friends. It wasn’t long before we gathered by the foot of the stage and listened to Peter Robbins as he read our bios and introduced us.

Joe started the talk by going through his usual talk about his testimony and how he was called into our phase of the ministry. Afterward, both Joe and I read from the first section of the presentation which showed that everyone involved in the UFO research phenomenon was in fact a member of a jury in a cosmic courtroom. The Defense (the secular research group) was presented as having the witness stand for the past sixty years and we said that now it was the turn of the prosecution to present its case. We showed how many of the researchers in the secular realm either came to the conclusion or postulated the theory that the inhabitants of the UFOs are really interdimensional or demonic. There were quite a few quotes that we had to read through quite quickly.


Joe and Dave citing witness testimonies

The next part of the talk was my part. I stressed to the audience that now that we had heard from the secular side, and that they had said that these beings probably didn’t come from spatial time it was now time to listen to what Yahweh had to say about the whole thing. I read scriptures that pertained to Yahweh’s greatness and that He is the only authority to take seriously. Then I read scriptures that tell about Yeshua, His preeminence and His deity. Then I posed the question that was asked last year at the panel discussion, that question being; “Why are all of the aliens, the grays, the reptilians and others, why do they fear the name of Yeshua?” I went into a little about how there is a conflict between Yahweh and some of his created beings (angels and demons) and that there is a war, quoting Ephesians chapter six. Then I talked about the instances in Judea and the rest of Israel where Yeshua encountered demons and they recognized His authority and his status. I read the scriptures about Satan’s rebellion and showed the audience the state of war that exists in the spiritual realm, which spills into the physical realm.


Dave reading more witness testimony

After my reading was complete Joe talked again. He explained that the using the name of Yeshua to terminate alien abduction is the only repeatable event in UFOlogy. He explained that repetition in an experiment leads a theory to become a fact, or a scientific law. He explained how we have many cases on file where abduction was terminated and said that since this was true then it is a viable area of study and also that it is the truth. Next Joe called people up to the stage; Lourdes and myself, Jim Wilhelmsen, Jackie Slack, Bill Deffendal, Matt Kiss, Joyce Ahrens, as well as Guy and Nicole Malone. Joe explained to the audience that each one of the people standing on the stage was a living testimony, proof that the name of Yeshua can free a person from alien abduction / demonic oppression.


The witnesses: unknown; Nicole Malone, Guy Malone, Joyce Ahrens
Jackie Slack, Matthew Kiss, Jim Wilhelmsen, Bill Deffendal,
Lourdes Peredo (Ruffino), Joe Jordan and David Ruffino

The last part of the talk was probably the most profound and the part that caused the most problem in the mind of those who were offended by the talk. Yahweh told me that we needed to play a trump card before the enemy plays his hand. There are a lot of people who suppose that there will be some sort of official disclosure in the near future. By this they mean that the governments of the world will come out and say that there is an extraterrestrial reality. Yahweh told me that there has been an official disclosure for two thousand years, and that disclosure is the Gospel of Yeshua Ha Mashiach. The last three slides talked about mysteries, specifically the Mystery of Yahweh and that the Mystery of God was revealed in the Gospel of Yeshua Ha Mashiach. The last slide that had instruction had the heading, “The Disclosure That The World Is Waiting For” and underneath we had John 3:16-17. I was a little jealous because we were taking turns reading the slides and Joe got to read that one. It was a glorious time, presenting the truth about the UFO/alien abduction phenomenon and telling the audience about the salvation of Yahweh Yeshua.

After our talk Jim, Lourdes and I met with David Flynn in the auditorium. We all expressed that we were hungry so we decided to head down to the McDonalds down the street. I have always admired David Flynn. Yahweh has blessed this man and given him a wonderful mind. He’s a genius and unlike every other genius I have met, David is incredibly humble. He loves Yeshua with all of his heart and he gives Him the glory for everything that he presents to the public. After lunch we got David back to the auditorium because he was going to make the next two presentations. I didn’t sit in for any of the other talks, but I made sure that I stayed for David’s talks.


Our esteemed brother David Flynn

David presented some more of the sacred mathematics information, sort of building on what he talked about the last time he was in Roswell. For his second talk he expanded even further and showed how the polar axis is moving in a way that it is pointing to a change Virgo the virgin to Leo the lion, basically that we’re about to enter into a time celestially when Yeshua could come back as the Lion of Judah. There was a lot more to it and I would suggest, that when the videos become available that everyone buy them from CE4 Research Group. 

Just a little after David finished his talks Peter Robbins called all of the speakers together. He told us that, taking into account all of the information that was presented, there was certainly a possibility that tempers could flare. He told us that we all needed to be civil with each other and to treat each other fairly. Good advice Peter. Peter then called us all onto the stage and then he stood sentinel over the only microphone afforded the audience for them to ask questions. Peter told the audience more or less what he told us speakers and he invited the audience to start asking questions. There were a few people who asked questions and frankly, my memory fails me as to what those questions are. About two thirds of the way through the question period Peter asked a question of Joe and I. He mentioned that he personally knew some of the people that we quoted and he said that he was aware of other quotes from those people that would contradict the quotes that we used. He then asked why we didn’t use their other quotes as it would have been more fair. He also mentioned that in the course of our talk we used a mock trial format, saying that we were the prosecution and he felt that by us doing that we made them the defendants and he wanted to know what we put the secular UFO researchers on trial.


Panel Discussion: David Flynn, Joe Jordan, David Ruffino, Farah Yurdozu,
Karyn Dolan, Richard Dolan, Dennis Balthaser, Alejandro Rojas, Greg Bishop and Paola Harris

Yahweh was quick to give me an answer for Peter. I explained to him that for the past sixty years all of the other comments that the UFO researchers that we quoted were all out on the table. I told him that all of those things were already out there for everyone to see. But I said that in order for people to have all of the information, or all of the evidence, the quotes that we used had to be on the table too. Then I told Peter that we were clear in our presentation, and that the the beings on trial were the entities themselves, not the UFO researchers. I don’t know, for a second it looked like Peter was processing what I had told him. Maybe Yeshua was working through it with him, but when that moment was over, Peter thanked me for making those things clear.

Most of the rest of the time was spent by the other speakers hashing through what we had said. Many thought that it was unfair of us to present “religion” in our talk, saying that we were dogmatic and strict, not wanting to bend for other ideas or philosophies. I could understand what they were saying, but I didn’t agree with their assertions. When you know that you are right it is not even a question that bending is a possibility. It’s like knowing that smoking will give somebody cancer. Which way is better to tell them the truth. Example one: “well, you know that it’s probably not good for you to smoke. Some people have gotten cancer from doing that.” Example two: “smoking killed my grandfather, my uncle is dying because he smoked and millions of others have died because they smoked. Stop killing yourself and quit smoking now!” Some would say that the second person was harsh, insensitive and how dare they come at me like that. They’re not doctors, they don’t know!” Example one showed that the person sort of cared. Example two said that the person cares for sure. They presented evidence and argued their case with assertiveness. I’d listen to example two and I’d shine on example one.

In another part of the panel discussion one of the speakers brought up the notion that we shouldn’t judge the aliens to harshly. They suggested that we are lower life forms and that since the aliens were more evolved, they had our best interests in mind. Farah Yurdozu broke it down even further. She used an analogy of animals. She said something to the effect that a dog or cat would think good of humans. Humans feed dogs and cats and care for them. On the other hand, other animals, such as laboratory animals have fear of mankind because they are experimented on and killed on a regular basis by humans. Over all, for someone trying to make a case for the aliens this was a good analogy, but it had one big flaw. I told everyone that we could take the case of a serial killer who is married. He has a wife and a son and both his spouse and child love him. They don’t know that he is a serial killer. They know him to be a good man who brings home the food for the home, whose wage puts a roof over their heads and so on and so forth. But to his victims, he is a ruthless killer who has no redeemable qualities. I told them that a person has to be measured by all of the fruit that they bear, and that one tree cannot bear two kinds of fruit so we have to measure them in that way. There was another question posed and Peter said that we had not answered that one, so Joe took it and to me he answered it satisfactorily. Right after that the allotted time ended and the conference concluded.

After the talks ended we headed back to the motel. It was evening and we needed to start packing for our trip back home the next day. We gave Dave Flynn a ride back to the motel and that is the last we saw of him. Jim said that he thought it best that he stay in the motel that night because the Slacks would be retiring early that evening because they had to work the next day. We went to their home to say goodbye and to retrieve Jims bags. It is always hard to leave Mike and Jackie and when we leave there is a little bit of our hearts that remains there. We got back to the motel and Joe was at the front desk paying for the rooms. We told him about Jim staying at the motel and he told the desk clerk to put a roll away bed in the room. Although it was later in the night now, we needed to eat and so Jim, Lourdes and I went over to Whataburger. After a burger, some fries and a milkshake we headed back to the motel. When we got there Matt was almost asleep. He woke up and talked with Jim for quite a long time. He finally made some plans to get a ride with Bill the next morning. I went over to visit Lourdes for a little while and she was already packing her bags. After a short while I bid her good night and went back to my room. Matt was asleep and Jim was getting ready to do the same. I felt incredibly tired and I felt that this night’s sleep would be the best one that I would have since getting to Roswell a week before. I felt a sense of accomplishment, like Yeshua was giving me a spiritual pat on the back, telling me that I’d done a good job. All because of You Yeshua!

Monday – July 07, 2008:

I got a pretty good sleep during the night but awoke before any alarm. I was excited about our trip back to Albuquerque and then back home. Jim got up about the same time and within an hour or so we were cleaned up and ready to head out. I called on Lourdes who was putting the finishing touches on packing her bags. I picked them up and they were heavier than mine. I was thankful that earlier last week she bought a new suitcase with wheels and a telescoping handle. We left the bags and went to get some breakfast, our last free one. The three of us ate, taking out time and talking about of all things what the trip in 2009 will be like. We finished our meals then we got our bags and checked out of the motel. We got some gas at the Sam’s Club station and soon we were bidding Roswell goodbye.

The trip back to Albuquerque was uneventful. Jim and I talked most of the way back and Lourdes slept. We did see some deer and antelope along the road but aside from that, nothing else. The next stop was in Albuquerque to gas up the car and to get some junk food which we ate in the car during the last few miles. We returned the car, and got the bus to the airport. When we got to the airport we planned to walk with Jim down to our gates and to say goodbye there. A problem arose though; Lourdes and I were about six hours early for our flight, and the Express Jet counter couldn’t take our bags for another hour and a half. I found Jim and told him our dilemma. We said goodbye there and Jim was off to the TSA security area. That was the saddest part of the trip. I returned to Lourdes and we sat and waited the hour and a half. After that time was up the clerk motioned for us to come up and check our bags in. My bag was about six pounds overweight so I had to move some stuff to my computer bag to lessen the weight of the bag. It was still a couple of pounds overweight but the clerk looked the other way. Lourdes and I cleared through the TSA checkpoint without much bother. I was amused though because as they x-rayed the Shofar in its carrying pouch they kept looking at it and asking themselves with it was and if it was okay to send with me. I told them that it was a musical instrument, a trumpet so to speak and they finally ascertained that it was okay.

We still had more than four hours to wait for out plane so we sat in the dining area by the gates and enjoyed some pizza as we talked about almost everything. Lourdes had her first cannoli (an Italian dessert) and I was glad that it was one of the better ones that I’ve ever had. I would have felt bad if she had to base her initial response on a bad cannoli. Actually, a lot of people would have hated having such a layover at the airport, but it was a nice time with Lourdes and it gave us time to wind down from all of the activity of the week in Roswell.

It was finally time to board the plane and soon we were off to California. I opted for the window seat this time and it was a good idea. There were a lot of clouds and quite a few thunderheads to look at. About the time we were half way through Arizona the clouds were gone but there was a strange cloud cover on the ground. After a short while I surmised that it was smoke from all of the fires in California that happened to be blowing over the Southwest. As we got closer to Sacramento the smoke became very thick, obscuring the ground completely and the fire up in the Sierras was making such a high plume that it looked like a thunderhead. We landed and when we deplaned we realized that we had returned to the same smoky conditions that we left over a week before. We picked up my truck and drove back to Sacramento.

When we got back to my part of town I decided that maybe it would be a change of pace to get a different motel room for Lourdes’ last two nights here. There was a motel near the freeway that looked pretty nice so we decided to stop and see about prices. We went inside and I asked the woman if the place was safe, explaining that my fiancé would be staying there and I was concerned for her safety. The woman behind the desk assured me the she had never seen a problem in the motel. I paid for the room and we went down to the room. When we got inside the room was small and it looked dingy and something just didn’t seem right. I looked at the back of the door and noticed that there was a black power on the door and then it hit me, it was fingerprint dust. We got Lourdes’ bags and put them back in the truck. I went to the office and demanded to have my money refunded but the woman said that she wanted to look at the room. We went back to the room and I pointed out the fingerprint dust and asked her why she lied to me? She didn’t say anything other than she would refund my money, minus five dollars because we had used one small towel to dry hands after using the restroom. When I returned to work a couple of days later I mentioned this to a coworker and she told me that the motel had been the scene of a rape earlier in the week. Thank Yeshua that He showed me the dust on the door. We went back to the motel that Lourdes had stayed in before we went to Roswell and got her a room there.

I stayed home from work on Tuesday we rested the whole day. Lourdes took me out to breakfast and lunch later at The Olive Garden. Late on Wednesday night Lourdes boarded her plane back to Mexico City and our vacation was over. We had a wonderful time though, ministering to people in Roswell and meeting so many wonderful believers in Yeshua. We got to tell Roswell, and via the DVD’s that will go around the world, the real identity of the entities that pose as extraterrestrials and we got to present the gospel to people who otherwise would not have taken time to hear it in any other format. She and I got to see that we can minister together and that our gifts of prophecy and teaching and many other Gifts of the Ruach Ha Kodesh are the same and it further proved to us that Yahweh has brought us together and that our relationship is of Yeshua.

Will there be a Roswell 2009? Well, only Yahweh knows the answer to that. He has shown that He will start a revival in Roswell and that someday the town will be known for what Yahweh does there rather than what Satan does there. There is a possibility that there will be some sort of Christian conference there to counter the secular one that will probably happen there next year. In either case, the Church in Roswell has awakened and she is stirring from her sleep. She will be a powerful force in the days, months and years to come. Yahweh will win over Roswell and it will be glorious. His name will reign there and Satan will be evicted. He will lose his lease and this will be the start of greater things to come. When the governments of this world finally come out with their “official disclosures” there will be a line drawn in the sand because Yahweh has shown his disclosure and it will trump any hand that Satan or his political or religious puppets dare to show. Baruch Ha Shem Ha Mashiach Yeshua, Baruch Ha Shem Adonai!