2007 Roswell


By David Ben Yakov

Featuring a cast of many.



I’ve been in the habit of going to Roswell for a few years now, mostly for ministry. Back in April of 2006 I started to attend a new fellowship here in Sacramento. They not only accepted me, but they accepted the ministry that Yahweh has charged me to do. After the 2005 radio show trip and the success of it I mentioned these things to the pastors and elders of my new fellowship. I also mentioned that I would be going down to Roswell in 2007.

At or around the beginning of 2007 I was approached by Curt, one of the elders of the fellowship and he asked if we needed a worship team down in Roswell in July of 2007. I replied that we indeed did need someone to lead worship. At that time he committed himself to come to New Mexico with me. Before long, several people from the fellowship said that they felt Yahweh leading them on a mission trip down to Roswell. The story below is the account of our trip to Roswell. The account is as seen through my eyes and shouldn’t be construed as being the total story. I hope that you are blessed by what you are about to read.

David Ben Yakov


Day One – Tuesday July 03, 2007

The plans for the trip to Roswell this year were many. In years past I had gone there by myself at which time I would join up with Jim Wilhelmsen, Joe Jordan, either together or separate. This year there was a team from my church heading down there too. Joining me was Glori Embrey and her three girls; Rachel, Heather and Melissa, as well as Ed Roper, Curt Davis and Laura Langdon. At the beginning the plan had been to all drive down there together, but in May of this year we decided that some of us would fly and the rest would drive down there. The plans were that I would fly down and Ed would join me in the flight. Later on, we added on Glori’s older daughter Rachel. So I bought the plane tickets and Curt got to work on his RV, getting it ready for the long trip, all 1308 miles. The banners were made for our booth and were sent down a week before the time we would need them. They arrived a day before we did.

It seemed like time flew and then our departure date of July 03 arrived. Curt arrived at Glori’s house and they were on the road in the early morning hours, while it was still dark. The plan was for them to drive in the coolest part of the day to avoid heat stress on the vehicle and those inside of it. I arrived at Glori’s house quite a while later, right at six o’clock. Rachel was ready to go, really anticipating a great time of flying. This was her first time flying. We loaded up her bags and got on our way. We stopped by our church to pick up Ed who arrived a little early. Seemed that everyone wanted to get down to the desert southwest.

We went through the usual rigmarole at the airport; checking in at the airline counter and then at the TSA checkpoint. Rachel had all of her paperwork ready, even bringing her Social Security card and her birth certificate to prevent any hassles. She didn’t have her picture license and we only had her permit ID so we wanted to make sure that there would be no delays. All three of us made it through the TSA checkpoint without any problems; Rachel being sort of perplexed that we had to remove so many items to proceed through security. She was smart though, having worn shoes that came off and went on easily. We finally got to board the plane, a small 50 seater, two jet engine craft that resembled a miniaturized Boeing 727. The airline was called Express Jet and they advertise that they have great flights and many amenities. They did not disappoint us at all. As the plane rolled faster and faster down the runway Ed just relaxed but Rachel got a nervous giggle and when the plane finally lifted off of the ground she let out what I can only refer to as a cheer mixed with laughter. The others on the plane were amused to say the least.

We landed in Albuquerque right at the scheduled time and it took no time at all to get our bags from the baggage carousel. We got the bus to the car rental area and as usually happens at the Albuquerque airport, they offered me an upgrade, this time from a Buick to a Cadillac. I told the attendant Forrest (a young man, probably in his late teens) that an upgrade to a SUV would have been better but decided to accept what he offered. Rachel was amused at Forrest’s name and when she noticed that he was wearing a green shirt she commented that it was too bad that he didn’t have brown pants on; had that been the case he would look like a tree. Well, we were all amused, even Forrest. He left to get the Cadillac but came back a few minutes later, telling us that there were no more Cadillac’s left. Well, he noticed my disappointment and in what I can only assume was an attempt to impress Rachel he told me to go and pick out any of the SUV’s that were there. Rachel picked the dark red one and both Ed and I agreed that it was the best looking one there. We were off to Roswell.

We arrived outside of Roswell close to three hours later, running a little late because we stopped for lunch and to pick up some real fireworks, which are legal in New Mexico….hooray!! Joe Jordan met us at the turnoff for the crash site and we blew our Shofar’s like we had planned. We ran into a  young woman who had run out of gas at the same turnoff and I let her use my cell phone to call her boyfriend so that he could come and get her. Assured that he would be there momentarily we departed to an area on the west side of town where we  blew our Shofar’s again. We repeated this two times more, at the south and east sides of town. We wanted to warn the powers of darkness that we were there and that we were going to battle for the next few days.


Dave Ruffino and Joe Jordan sound their Shofars

Afterward, we parted company with Joe and Tony (an associate of Joe’s) and we went to a place that Ed and I had talked about for weeks prior, a hamburger joint called “Whataburger.” Poor Rachel had slept for most of the driving part of the trip suffering from sleep depravation brought about by anticipation of the travel day. We roused her to go into Whataburger and the poor thing just sat there sort of comatose, wanting only some fries while we ate ate the burgers that we had craved for so long and drank the 32 ounce milkshakes that Whataburger is so famous for. After dinner we went to Mike and Jackie Slack’s home where we spent the night. We talked for quite a while while Rachel slept on the couch. Later that evening Jim Wilhelmsen rolled into town and came to the Slack’s home too. We talked a bit more after which Rachel went to her room, Ed to his room; Jim taking the couch and me the floor.

Day Two – Wednesday July 04, 2007

We awoke early on Wednesday and we did so on purpose. In the planning stages of the trip Joe had come up with the idea of going out to the crash site that we had visited two years prior. A couple of weeks before the trip Joe told me that we would be leaving to head out to the crash site around half past seven but when I had talked to him the day we arrived he had changed our time of departure to five o’clock in the morning. When I woke up around four on Wednesday I noticed that Jim was already up. He had gone out to the front porch to pray. He came in and said that he was sort of iffy about going out to the site. Joe called not long afterward and after we talked Jim had decided to head out with us anyway. Joe said that he and Tony had figured out how to get out to the site using better roads and approaching it from the north side instead of the bad roads from the south side. So we met Joe and Tony at their motel and in a move that still befuddles me, Joe gave me the laptop with the map and told me to lead the way in my vehicle. The result is that we got lost and we spent nearly half an hour trying to figure out the right way to go.


Dave, Jim and Mike scope out the situation


We finally figured things out and we went down a country highway that led to a dirt road that was supposed to take us to the site. We traveled miles down the road until we finally got to a sign that told us that trespassing was not allowed and the sign ended with the phrase, “no exceptions,” which pretty well negated any excuse that anyone could make to continue down the road. So we sat around for a while and finally realized that it was getting pretty hot outside and that doubling around and going about it from the south would take too much time and that the heat would keep us from being productive. So, we  headed back into town and went out to breakfast.


Finally, I’m in my element – Dave


Most of the rest of the day was spent shopping for things that we would need for the next few days. I picked up some portable clothes racks, which when placed next to each other would provide the six feet in length that I needed for our banners. Also picked up the cable ties to attached the banners to the racks and to each other. As the day wore on we started to wonder about the welfare of those who were driving. I gave Rachel my phone and asked her to call Glori to find out when they planned to arrive. It was then that we learned that the RV had broken down about twenty miles west of Albuquerque. She said that she would call back when they decided what they would do. They prayed about the situation (one of many travel prayers) and they thought it best that Ed, Rachel and myself should drive up to Albuquerque. Ed is a mechanic and if anyone could help Curt to get the RV running it was Ed. Glori thought it best that we were all together anyway. That is that way that our fellowship of believers is, we go through thick and thin together. I was pretty exhausted from all of the driving the day before, and the fact that I got no sleep on the floor the night before, so I asked Ed to drive back to Albuquerque and he gladly accepted.

About three hours later we were pulling up to where the RV sit, in a park not far from the freeway. We were all happy to see each other and we all knew that within a short while things would be fixed and we’d be on our way. After a couple of runs it appeared that Yeshua had showed Ed and Curt what was wrong and they fixed the the RV so that it was running well enough. We all went to a buffet and got refreshed before we got back on the road. Curt had to fill the tank a couple of times on our way to Roswell but all in all the trip went well. I was blessed to have all of the girls in my SUV and we had a great time driving down the road. We listened to the radio and even sang together a couple of times. Our best effort was singing to Queen’s “Bohemian Rhapsody,” and we all laughed when it was finished. When we rolled into Roswell it was pretty close to midnight. I led those in the RV through town and to the Ramada Inn on 2nd Street. Then I went to the Mike and Jackie’s home and picked up all of my stuff along with Ed’s and Rachel’s and I went back to the motel. We all retired quickly because the next day was the beginning of the festival, and the start of our work at the booth at the convention center.

Day Three – Thursday July 5th, 2007

I awoke at 6 o’clock and got cleaned up so as to look presentable at the booth that I would be working this morning. Knowing the grueling trip the others had, I decided to just head to the convention center so that I could start to get things set up. They deserved a good night’s rest. After stopping at a gas station for my donuts and coffee I drove down to the center. After two trips from the car to the booth I had everything that I would need to represent the Delusion Resistance and the AACCOA, minus the printed material that still hadn’t shown up at the Slack’s house. I put the banner racks together and then Joe helped me to attach the banners, one for each ministry. As soon as I finished hanging the banners a gentleman walked up to me at the booth and after I described that our ministries were dedicated to helping people understand that the name of Yeshua (Jesus) stops alien abduction, this gentleman proceeded to tell me that he had used the name of Jesus many times to stop his experiences. I told him that he could stop the experiences all together if he became a child of God and had a relationship with HIM through Jesus. I then offered to help him in that process, but he came up with some excuse and wandered off. Joe did tell him that he should come to his workshop on Saturday and the man affirmed that he would be there. I liked this first contact because I saw it as Yahweh’s way of showing me that our time there would bear a lot of fruit.



Dave at the booth early Thursday

Yahweh gave me a boldness starting then that lasted throughout the week. One thing that has always irked me about these functions is that the vendors and the speakers just sit there and wait for people to come to them. I sort of liken it to royalty sitting there to be adored by their subjects. Well, I learned a long time ago when I volunteered with Jews for Jesus that people will avoid speakers unless they are treated with respect. So, just about every person who passed by was greeted by me and I would say that a good 95 percent of them would come over and talk with me. A lot of people seemed intrigued by the fact that we weren’t there to promote the alien agenda, but to fight against it. About half of the people that I talked to on Thursday turned out to be Christians who stopped by to see what all of the hubbub or Roswell was about. A couple of ladies who were Native Americans stopped by and looked on with curiosity. When I told them about our ministry they said “Praise God, I knew that there was a Biblical connection to all of this.” We talked for quite a while and they said that they would tell Christians in Albuquerque about us.

Later in the morning a couple of people came up to me and I noticed that the woman had a recorder on her side and a microphone in her hand. The man asked if he could interview me. I couldn’t resist and insisted that they ask me anything. The Ruach Ha Kodesh came upon me in a big way and He gave me answers to every question that the couple asked me. I’m not saying that they were just normal, run of the mill answers, but I could actually feel the power of the answers as I spoke them. One of the questions that they asked me was, “what do you hope to walk away with from this conference?” I told them that I didn’t want to walk away with anything. I told them that almost every other booth was there to sell things and to be lucrative. I told them that we were there to help people. I told them that we had spent quite a bit to get there and that if I could walk away with the satisfaction that I helped people to get free from demons and fallen angels then I would be very content. The couple walked away with a look that spoke that they satisfied that the interview went well, but also with a look that said that they were disappointed that they couldn’t trip me up with their questions.

About half past nine my cell phone rang and when I answered Glori was on the other line. They were on their way and they needed directions. When they entered they looked nice and rested, but also looked a little unfamiliar with what was going to happen. We agreed that they would observe for a while, just to see what happens and to gauge participation on that. I could feel them praying for me while I was greeting people and giving them our message. Around lunch time the girls mentioned that they wanted to go downtown to check out the stores, so when Glori gave them permission I gave the SUV keys to Ed and he took them into downtown Roswell. The girls are amazing Christians. By the time the day was over they had visited a lot of the shops and had made friends with the vendors. One of the store owners, an elderly woman took a liking to the girls and they spent most of the day visiting with her, learning about Roswell from her and they in turn ministered to her. For the next couple of days they would constantly tell me that I needed to go with them to meet the woman that they referred to as, “their friend.”


Dave and Glori talk to someone who stopped by our booth,
while Jim talks to a someone else who’s interested in our message.

One of the people that Joe wanted me to meet was a woman named Nicole. She had contacted Joe just a few days prior to the start of the festival and said that she was going to be there and wanted to meet him and some other people involved in the Alien Resistance effort. She was working at the front concession, selling tickets to the speaker’s events and also books and DVD’s. She’d had quite a few experiences with the dark side, but she became free after coming to faith in Yeshua. She turned out to be quite a dynamic young woman; having insight to show the physics of the whole alien abduction phenomena and how it relates to the Biblical point of view. I personally did not hear her talk about these things, but Glori and others did and said that it was profound. We’re all looking forward to getting to know her better and fostering a kinship with her.



Nicole, our new sister and friend

Jim Wilhelmsen came to the booth about mid morning and he was sort of iffy as to whether he was going to stay or not. Pretty soon someone came up and talked to us and Jim started to explain things to them. Jim is an incredible preacher. Yahweh has given him the ability to recall things off the cuff and when he starts talking people just don’t want to leave until he’s finished. After his first encounter at the booth he decided to stay and boy was I glad that he did. All of us were blessed; me, the people who Jim talked to, and of course Jim, who I think again realized the blessed gift of ministry that Yahweh has given to him.


Jim Wilhelmsen, during one of our very few breaks

Later in the afternoon Ed ran the girls back to the motel room and then came back. The vendor’s section closed at five o’clock so just prior to that time we packed things up, leaving the printed stuff and taking computers and other valuable things with us. The girls had eaten downtown so we made it an adult time of fellowship, breaking bread (and steak and chicken etc) at a local eatery which was across from Walmart. When we returned to the motel we all went to our rooms but soon we were in one room singing the praise and worship songs that they would be singing at the start of Jim’s talk that next Saturday. It was the perfect way to end a perfect day.

Day Four – Friday July 6th, 2007

Well, I have to say that I was stoked and because of that I didn’t get a lot of sleep the whole time I was there. I came out of my motel room and noticed that the others were ready to go. We had our free motel breakfast and we headed off to meet Joe, Tony and Nicole at the hotel where Nicole was staying. Nicole had recently made a commitment to Yeshua and she wanted to be baptized. There was a nice pool at her motel so it was decided that she would be baptized there. All of us entered the pool area and Joe went into the pool, donning his tallit. Nicole joined him and I read a couple of scriptures out of the Brit HaDasha after which Joe plunged Nicole down under the water and brought her up as a baptized believer.


Nicole’s baptism, her public declaration of her faith in Yeshua!!

After Nicole was baptized we all got on our way to the convention center. When we got there it was already busy, probably twice as busy as the previous day. Pretty soon the aisles were filled with people. Since we were right by the entrance doors to the vendor’s section people would come to us first. Those who didn’t stop on their own I called over to the booth. I sort of felt like a barker in front of a movie theater, or something of the like.


Listening a lot and talking – the key to Godly counseling

We were at the convention center right at eight thirty this morning. We pulled out the chairs, placed all of the materials on the table and decided to get the day started with prayer. I think we prayed for about fifteen minutes or so. Toward the end of the prayer time I noticed that Joe was standing behind me, out in the aisle and that he had greeted someone. I heard the name James Carrion and realized that the International Director of MUFON was standing behind us watching us pray. I can’t even imagine what went through his mind; seeing a circle of Christians praying, some in tongues, and asking Yahweh for success in ministry. I think it will be something that will stick with him and will cause him to think more about Yahweh Yeshua.


Laura – a chaplain with the Sacramento Chapter of the Christian Motorcyclist
Association has dialogue with a biker who came to our booth.

At one point I just happened to glance at the entrance doors and I saw something that sort of took me aside. Walking through the doors was someone dressed like the Pope, and with him was another man dressed like an Italian priest (black clothing and a black hat with wide brim) and with them was a woman dressed sort of like a nun, but in a more seductive attire. Jim told me that he had read about this group and that they called themselves the Church of the sub-Genius. Well, they made the mistake of walking by our booth and Jim just couldn’t resist talking to them. He addressed the Pope figure as Pope Ichabod and asked if the other man was Father Guido Sarducci and if the nun was Sister Mary Eliphant. For those outside of America, or for the younger generation, the latter two come from comedic television shows or recordings. Then he asked them that since “sub” means “under,” then the name of their church really means “the church of those who are under intelligent,” or in essence, dumb.

Another person that kept walking by (throughout the event) was a man who was obviously possessed. He sort of looked like Ozzy Osbourn without the makeup. He would walk by our table and refuse to look at us. At one time he did try to sneak a peek at us and when I looked at him he looked down and quickly walked away. I prayed that if be Yahweh’s will, I would be able to talk to this guy. So, every time he would walk by I would just look at him, hoping that we could make eye contact so that I could smile and invite him over. Wasn’t supposed to happen this day I guess. I wasn’t the only one to sense that this man was a walking habitation for the enemy. At one point Glori looked a little overwhelmed. This concerned me so I went over and prayed for her. Not long after I asked her if she had seen Ozzy and described him to her. She said that she then understood why she felt something coming against her; it was probably the entities inside and all around that guy.

At another time we were standing by the booth and a strange looking character walked by. Rachel took one of our anti-alien stickers and tried to give it to him and he looked agitated and refused. He said that he didn’t want it because he worked for “their” cause. He was really perturbed that we were there and became another person who refused from that point to make eye contact with any of the people in our booth. Over the next few days I would observe him as he looked at alien literature and gave an approving smile, almost a look of contented pride.



Rachel, Heather and Melissa plastered Roswell with these stickers

All sorts of people come to the UFO convention/festival. There is always a large population of New Age adherents that come to test the waters. At least half, if not more of the vendors have some sort of New Age angle to promote. The booth to my left was populated by a man who claimed that he had a test to see if friends and family were really human, or if they were of extraterrestrial stock. Another vendor was taking pictures of people’s auras and still another was selling a book that he claimed was a rewritten Bible; the words having been changed and some words added by a spirit that channeled the information to him.

Some people are more subtle though. Some will come up to the booth and claim to want help, but they’re only there to further their agenda, or the agenda of those who manipulate them. A case in point was a woman who came up to the booth and looked interested in our ministries. She started to talk and ask questions, but in a short period she started to challenge what I had to say. It was quite nice though that Yahweh was giving me the answers to her assertions. At one point though she started to talk about witchcraft, telling me that both white and black witchcraft were good and that there was no evil in the world. Thank Yeshua that Glori was sitting inside the booth area. Yahweh told me to ask her to come up and to address what this woman had to say. Glori used to be involved in the occult and she knows all about their lingo and what they believe; this is a place where I am sort of rusty. What I noticed right away is that the woman’s guard went up when Glori stepped up, even before Glori said anything. I could actually feel her shields come on. It was the spirits around her recognizing that Glori was a threat to them. Anyway, Glori treated this woman with dignity and respect and listened to her assertions and then started to ask questions about the things that she just said. The woman became defensive and started accusing Glori of throwing accusations toward her where in reality, all Glori did was to ask her to define her foundation and what it was built upon. This happens a lot in spiritual warfare; a person will come up like they’re genuine, they’ll become hostile and then they’ll play the victim when they’re confronted about their hostility. Glori held firm though, telling the woman that she was heavily involved in a lie that seemed like a truth when she was in it, and that she just wanted to help this woman to realize that the truth (Jesus) is a lot bigger than the boxed lie that she was living in. The woman got mad, said that she didn’t want out help and briskly walked away. A few minutes later she walked by, slammed my literature back down on the table and stormed out of the building. We prayed for her and were comforted in the reality that Glori and I had planted seeds in this woman’s heart that Yahweh would later water and grow those seeds.

Curt and Laura were busy and about, trying to learn about all of the things that were in the vendor’s area. Laura was out visiting the booths and testing the spirits and found that the deception factor was amazingly high. She collected literature from a lot of the people so that she could see what they were all about. This whole adventure had whet her appetite and she was soaking things up like a dry sponge in a pail of water. One of Curt’s objectives was to meet an author named Tom Horn. Curt really likes his writing and some of his ideas and wanted to meet the man behind the pen. So it was no surprise when Curt walked back to the booth with a tall stocky fellow and introduced him as Tom Horn. Tom said that he had heard a lot about me from Jim and others and that he was glad to finally meet me. I was taken aside; a man of Tom Horn’s caliber wanted to meet me….thanks Yahweh!

In the early afternoon there was a short lull in the action. It was then that I noticed that a woman was walking around, sort of checking things out. I greeted her and she came over to the booth. She had a pen and pad in her hand and said that she wanted to ask me a few questions. I asked her where she was from and she told me that she was from the Roswell Record; Roswell’s daily newspaper. As she asked her questions I felt the Ruach Ha Kodesh come upon me again and her questions were answered boldly and quite thoroughly.

What continued to amaze me was the amount of Christians that I ran into there. I would say that the ratio was probably sixty percent Christian and forty percent nonbeliever. Every Christian that I ran into agreed that our ministry was valid and many thanked us and thanked Yahweh for the work that we do. So many of them realized the connection between the end times and the UFO deception. It was like Yahweh was turning on the power and lots of little light bulbs were going on inside of people. It was starting to seem like Yahweh had sent us down there to minister to Christians in addition to the heathen.



Curt talks to a couple of visitors while Dave prays against the concession across the aisle.

A little side blessing happened twice while we were down there. Twice on Friday I was approached by Jewish people who wanted to know more about the ministry. One divine appointment happened when a man came and said that he was passing through town with his family. They just wanted to stop and see what all the hubbub was all about. We talked about the fallen angels of Genesis six and then I got to tell that the Name of Yeshua was the only name that could stop the abduction experience. His look was so neat; a look of being perplexed, sort of like a computer that is trying to process vast amounts of endless information. The second person who came up to the booth was a Jewish man who is an actor and a journalist. He wanted to know our story and he too looked perplexed; sort of like he had come to some sort of stark realization and he was trying to process whether it was okay to believe it or not. You know, Paul said in one of his epistles that a blindness had come upon Israel where Yeshua was concerned. I think that the look of those men was like when a blind person received sight. They’ve never seen before and the reality of sight boggles the mind until it can be sorted out. We pray for our two Jewish brothers, that they choose sight and not return to blindness.



Dave trying to imitate another person. I guess that I just can pull of
the smug and arrogant “self made man” look.


Joe and I had planned for quite some time to attend a two hour event this day. The director for MUFON was going to be speaking and we wanted to be good MUFON members and support him by filling seats at the talk. So, at three o’clock we got our things together, picked up Nicole and Tony and I drove us down to the UFO Museum to hear the talk. We sat down and not long after we got there the first speaker started to talk. He is the state director for Nevada and I have to say that he is passionate about MUFON and what it stands for. The only problem was that he talked to the audience like we were adolescents in some sort of school assembly and that caused me to resist his message. I had thoughts of the Jackie Chan movie where he asks his partner, “can you understand the words that are coming out of my mouth?” After he finished, James Carrion stood up and talked. James is much more personable and he treated us like the adults that we all are. One thing that Joe wanted to ask James was why they changed the MUFON mission statement. The new statement states that MUFON’s mission is the scientific study of UFO’s for the benefit of mankind. The statement seems to suggest that they’ve already made up their minds that UFO’s are emissaries from other worlds and they just want to study the technology for mankind. In essence, it takes the mission from trying to figure out what they are and moves it to the realm of, “we know what they are, now what makes them tick, and how can we use that for our benefit.” This is sort of a problem for those of us who know the truth. Do we remain members in an organization that has bought the lie or do we leave? We’ll remain in prayer to hear an answer on that one.

Another thing that we had planned for quite a while was having a barbecue over at the Slack’s  home. So, when we returned to the convention center from the UFO Museum we all piled into cars and went to WalMart to buy food for our feast. We had planned on having a Shabbat (Sabbath) service this night, so when we got there we prepared the feast and then we assembled everyone to the front room. Joe and I welcomed in Shabbat with three blows of the Shofar. Laura had practiced a lot in the afternoon so that she could read the candle lighting prayer as she lit the Shabbat candles. She did a wonderful job, not missing one word and pronouncing the words like she just got off the plane from Israel. I then prayed the Shema and prayed a blessing over the meal. We then spent the night in fellowship, eating and lighting off firecrackers and rockets; after all, it was the Fourth of July.

As the night wore on Joe and I realized that we needed to get back to the motel so that we could get things ready for the next day. We needed to put together a PowerPoint presentation for his talk the the following afternoon. We got back to my room and got started on our project. After a short time we had the presentation finished and we were then able to relax and talk about what we would do the next day. He retired back to his room and I hit the sack, falling asleep the moment my head hit the pillow.

Day Five – Saturday July 7th, 2007

Saturday was our busiest day by far. We woke pretty early and got ready to head out for the first event of the day which was Jim Wilhelmsen’s presentation. We sat at the hotel lobby enjoying our breakfast and a brief time together, unhindered by the UFO festival and all of the other things that we had been working on. We then piled into the two vehicles and drove off for the Best Western Sally Port Hotel, which is where Jim’s talk was going to be. When we finally got all of the equipment inside it suddenly hit me that we needed transparencies of the worship lyrics so that the people in the room could join us in praise and worship. So Ed and I went to a local office supply store where I got the sheets made and Ed got some batteries for microphones and such. In Sacramento we have a fairly large Muslim community, as well as others from South and Southwest Asia. In Roswell I had not run into anyone from that area of the world until I went into the office supply store. Stuck way in the back, in the copy center was a man whose nametag read Rashid, and he looked at me (wearing my Kippah) as though I was the first Jew that he had seen in Roswell. There was a tension there but we managed to exchange pleasantries with respect and dignity. Now, if the people in the Middle East could only act accordingly??

We got back to the Sally Port and finished setting up the room for the talk. At first the turnout looked sort of sparse, but after a while the room filled up and those of us who were in ministry either sat or stood in the back to make room for the visitors. I was amused when one elderly lady stopped me and told me that it was a beautiful day for the Sabbath. I thought to myself, “man, I hope they don’t all get up and walk out, thinking that this is a Jewish talk,” buy my fears were allayed, praise Yeshua!!

The service started out by the sounding of the Shofar; two of them in fact; blown by Joe Jordan and David Ruffino. Jim then proceeded with the service by introducing himself and he led us in a brief prayer. Then he introduced the worship team from Last Day’s Harvest Ministries who drove down from Sacramento. Curt, Laura and Glori entered into worship and soon others in the meeting did the same. I really don’t think that some of the people knew what real worship actually is, but they sang anyway and soon were caught up in worship. The group had planned to sing six or seven songs but because of time restraints they had to abbreviate worship a little. Most of the songs were sung in corporate form but Laura sang one song solo and it really moved some of the people in the congregation, even this writer. Without a doubt, the worship time was a marked success and really set the stage by bringing peace and breaking some fetters that people came into the room with.



Laura, Glori and Curt lead worship at the Saturday Morning Event


Jim then introduced me (David) and said that I had a few words that he’d like me to share. I had been praying for a few weeks about what scripture to present and over that period Yahweh had clearly said that He wanted me to read from Ezekiel, chapter 33. In essence, it is a warning from Yahweh that we as believers are sentinels on the wall of the city. We are to warn people of impending attack, or if a person walks in darkness we’re supposed to give them warning. Yahweh says in that scripture that if we warn people and they listen then all will be well. If they don’t listen and they die then their sinful condition and their subsequent eternal condition is on their hands. However, if we fail to warn people about the impending attack and they die in their sin without having time to repent, then their blood is on our hands. I have to say that the message held the attention of everyone and it was a perfect opportunity for Jim to segue into his message.



David preaching at Jim’s “Remnant Call”


Jim’s talk was about Roswell’s significance in end-time events and how Zechariah, chapter 5 shows how Roswell would be the catalyst for the UFO cults and the perpetuation of the alien agenda that is so profound in society today. The talk went very well and the people left with a lot of knowledge that they needed to process and they were also given a packet that Jim and Debbie put together to help the people to further understand. The talk was recorded on video by two people; Tony who came from the Space Coast in Florida and a local fellow who knows Jim well.



Jim giving the message at the Remnant Call meeting

Toward the end of Jim’s talk Joe Jordan came to the front and he exhorted the people in the audience to consider the reality of the UFO phenomena and how the alien abduction part of the whole agenda was a very important part of the facade. He told people that the only name that every stopped abduction is the name of Yeshua (Jesus) and because of that it meant that the whole deception with regard to UFO’s is spiritual in nature. He had Glori and I come to the front of the room as living testimonies that Yeshua’s name, but more importantly, a relation with Yahweh through His son Yeshua stops abduction as a life’s pattern. He told the people that this is why their getting involved in fighting the UFO deception is so important.



Tony – an integral part of our team. He videotaped all of our events,
and he’s a real kick in the pants to hang around with!!

It was now around noon and we had to leave quite quickly. Jim’s talk had ended and Joe’s would start in one hour. We got to the convention center and waited for the workshop room to clear. Another workshop was ending and we would have to set up quite quickly. Once we were allowed access to the room it was a snap to set up the computer with the projector. I did need a little help in finding the right keys to push on the keyboard to allow the image on my screen to become the image on the projector screen; but the man who was videotaping the whole event was quite knowledgeable and he gave me a crash course.

Joe and I decided the night before that the few slides that we had made would be easy to change and I could follow along and sort of “wing it” so as to choose the slides as they were needed. Joe started his talk and it went quite smoothly. His subjects merged from one to another in what seemed like a flawless pattern; and the slides worked well too. The room was full and I think we even exceeded the allowable amount of people because not only were all the seats taken, but there were people standing in the back and around the sides too. At the end of the talk Joe explained to the audience that the best proof that the name of Yeshua works in stopping abductions was to have living testimonies come up to the front of the room. So on cue, Glori, Me, Jim and Nicole all walked up to the front. Joe explained to the people that all of us have used the name of Yeshua to thwart abduction attacks, or as those of us well versed in all of this call it, demonic harassment.

At the end of the talk, Joe invited both me and Jim up the front and introduced us as co-laborers in the AACCOA; Alien Abduction Crisis Centers of America. He explained that there were others involved, both in North America and in other parts of the world too. He then opened the session up for questions and answers. There really wasn’t a lot of time for questions or answers, but we did our best to field the few questions that came our way. We invited some of the people who still had questions to our booth and some of them took us up on the offer; one lady that I talked with for more than two hours afterward.

After the talk, and while we were at the booth we started to talk about our itinerary for the trip back home. The other guys started making plans for replacing some parts on Curt’s motorhome and the ladies were talking about their return too. About this time Glori asked me if I would mind making a change in our flight plans. Rachel had decided that she wanted to drive back with the land lubbers and Heather wanted to fly. There was no question that it would be okay and those plans were set. I had gotten to fellowship with Rachel on the way down and now I’d get to fellowship with Heather on the way back; who could ask for anything better.



The Resistance Ladies – Laura and Glori. When it comes to warfare,
there’s no doubt that you want these two incredibly adept ladies on your side!

We still had a couple of hours before we could pack up the booth for the night so we started to talk to passersby again. A fellow came up to me and asked if he could interview us for the Scott Conner Show; a local late night show out of Albuquerque. Never wanting to pass by an opportunity to give exposure to our message I immediately gave him a resounding “yes!” Pretty soon Scott Conner come over to the booth. He is an interesting looking fellow, sort of a cross between Howie Mandel and Jeff Goldblum. I asked him if he is Jewish and he quickly said that he was not. I don’t know; I think that he is and he just doesn’t want to admit it or something. So we got all of the chairs in order and cleaned things up a little bit while the technical people set up the camera, adjusted the boom mike and got all of the levels set. So we started on the interview and Scott saw the Kippah on my head and asked if I was a Messianic Jew and I answered “yes.” Then he asked me if he could interview me and I told him that it would cost him money. He then retorted, “man, you Hebrews; everything is about money with you people.” We all got a chuckle over that. Scott asked me and Jim a battery of questions and we told him all about our ministries and how we helped people. Scott cracked a few jokes while we were being interviewed and before we knew it the interview was over.



Joe Jordan, David Ruffino, Mike Slack and Jim Wilhelmsen at the booth.


At five o’clock we closed down the booth for the day. Saturday had been extremely blessed and very profitable for the Kingdom of Yahweh and we decided to celebrate by going out to dinner. We settled on a Mexican restaurant named Tia-Juana’s up on the north side of town. One thing that I had forgotten was that when we were having so much success with telling the unsaved about getting freedom from alien abduction, and when we were enlightening our brothers and sisters in the Christian Community about Genesis Six and other things; we were angering the powers of darkness. That in itself isn’t too big a deal, but if a warrior lets his or her guard down it could lead to injury, spiritually speaking. So, aside from all of the blessings from the day I hadn’t realized that some things that were said were taken by me as an affront toward me. I had dismissed a couple of them during the day, but probably I hadn’t forgiven them; thus, I had left them on slow burn on the oven. So, when we sat down for dinner someone had made another comment that turned up the gas under my pot of affronts. So I stewed in my anger at the dinner table and allowed the enemy to speak lies to me, telling me that the people who had said these things to me were against me, and all other sorts of sorts of things. The rest of the night turned out to be terrible as I let the enemy speak lies to me, and I listened. It was all an assault on me by the enemy for being faithful to Yahweh, and His message; and being tired from fighting his crap all week, I could not fight effectively. I was a soldier with battle fatigue and I was happy that the next day would be the last day of the festival, and an easy day at that.

While I sat in the motel, Ed, Glori, Curt and Laura had set off to visit a sister whom they met at the convention center. Glori had noticed her at the center and had seen that this woman’s countenance was sad, like she was in a lot of pain or something of the like. She said that she concerned about her and I suggested that she might want to approach the woman and talk to her. She did this and they talked for quite a while. This woman and her male friend went to dinner with us that evening. During this time plans were made to visit the lady at her home. The drive out to this woman’s house was fraught with bad turns, hard to follow directions and other things that turned a simple trip into one that took quite a while. It was attributed by all in the RV that it was probably a tool of the enemy to cause confusion in the directions to her house, but this was also used by the Ruach Ha Kodesh to allow the troupe to get prayed up for what was to follow. It was good that they prayed so much on the way over to her home because from what I understand there was a lot of spiritual conflict while they were there.

While I sat in the motel room I received a visit from Joe and Tony. We talked about a few of my concerns and we also planned out the next day. We talked a lot about all that had already been accomplished and the ramifications of what all of our work in Roswell would have on the UFO community. It was a really nice talk and it helped me to calm down. While we were there we had the door open and I noticed that Heather was walking by. She came in and talked to us for a while and Joe told her how impressed he is with her prophetic drawing. As he talked to her she got a smile on her face and told us that she had drawn another picture and she darted out the door to go and retrieve it. When she came back she held in her hand a drawing of an angel that has prophetic implications. I asked her if I could keep the picture for a while and pray about what Yahweh wanted to say through the picture. I took it home and scanned it and Yahweh immediately started to tell me what the picture meant. It is posted on the Delusion Resistance website in the prophetic section. We’re all praying for Heather to accept her Yahweh given gift and for Yahweh to continue to speak to us through her drawings.

Day Six – Sunday July 8th, 2007

I woke up Sunday and went down to the Convention Center by myself. I knew that the others came back from their excursion sort of late the night before so I thought that they would want to sleep. I did find Curt up and about and asked him what he wanted to do that morning. He said that he and Ed were going to work on the RV and try to fix the fuel problem as well as to shore things up with the cooling system of the RV. Curt informed me that the night before they realized that the air conditioning system had stopped working and they knew that they would have to fix that before they drove through the desert later that day on their way back to Sacramento.

I got to the convention center and placed all of our material out on the table and talked with Joe for a while. One of the main events that we wanted to attend Sunday was Bill Schnoebelen’s talk. Rachel and Heather especially wanted to meet him and hear him talk. They had read a lot of his books and like his ministry. He was scheduled to talk at half past ten that morning. About quarter till ten I was starting to get concerned because I had not heard from Glori and I didn’t want to be late for Bill’s talk. He didn’t charge for his talk, but he had limited seating and the seating was on a “first come, first serve” venue. So I called Glori and asked her if they were going to come down and offered to come and get them. She said that they needed a ride because Curt and Ed were still working on the RV, so I left right away and picked Glori and the girls. Laura stayed at the room to sort of secure the rooms and watch all of their belongings until they could be loaded into the RV.

We got back to the convention center with about ten minutes to spare. His talk wasn’t new to me because it was generally the same talk he gave at the Ancient of Days Convention down in Roswell back in 2005. For Glori and the girls though, this was new information for them and they sat attentively. Bill had a question and answer period after his talk and Rachel was able to ask him a question; the subject which escapes me right now. After the talk ended we all headed over to Bill’s table and the girls got to meet him. They bought books and he autographed them. Yes, I had him autograph a book for me too. He took pictures with the girls and Rachel and Heather even got to give him a hug and told him how much they respected him.



Melissa, Heather and Rachel with Bill Schnoebelen


After we met with Bill we sort of stood around for a while. A gentleman and lady walked up the table and they were well dressed. The man was dressed in black attire and wore a very nice black cowboy hat. He introduced himself and said that he was Travis Walton’s cousin. Travis Walton is the man who is the main figure in the story titled, “Fire In The Sky,” a story about his alien abduction and subsequent return. He looked at our information and took the literature for our two websites. I asked him if he wanted some of the “anti-alien” stickers that we were handing out and he flat out refused them, telling me, “I don’t want any of those, we like them (the aliens), they’ve made us a lot of money.”

I looked at my watch and noticed that it was just a little after noon and I suggested that we pack up all of our stuff and close out the table. We took down the banners and broke down the banner stands. We boxed everything but left some of the website literature on the table just in case some late comer wanted to see what we were all about. Jim and Debby had left that morning, figuring that it was better to get to El Paso and rent a motel there so that they could be sure to get their flight the next morning. Before he left, Jim gave Curt some money for their trip back.

We piled into the two vehicles and headed for our last meal together in New Mexico. We all went to Whataburger and got our belly’s filled with their hamburgers and their humungous milkshakes. When it came time for the RV people to leave we all assembled at the RV to pray for their trip back. I grabbed Heather’s bags and put them in the Jeep and we prayed for their safe trip back to Sacramento. A few minutes later they were on their way back home. Heather kept in contact with Melissa via text messaging on their phones, so we were aware of their progress.

Afterward, Heather and I went over to the Mike and Jackie’s house. We got situated and watched some television. I wanted to treat Mike and Jackie to dinner since they were such wonderful hosts and went all out to minister to all of us who came down to Roswell. We first went to Target Department Store where we needed to get some supplies for our two remaining nights there. Me and Mike got what we needed but the two ladies looked at clothes for a while. We then went to CICI’s for some “all you can eat” pizza. We had good food and great fellowship. By this time it was later in the evening so we went back to the house, watched some more television and finally retired for the evening.

Day Seven – Monday July 9th, 2007

On Monday morning everyone woke up sort of early. Jackie made us some of her great coffee and we talked for a short while. Then Heather and I were off for our day’s adventure. We went and had some breakfast at a restaurant called “Nuthin Fancy,” which is a great place to eat should you ever visit Roswell. We then got some gas for the Jeep and headed south toward Carlsbad. It was a nice day for a drive; pretty clear and not too hot. Heather excused herself and pushed the seat back and took a nap. I had found out a little earlier that she didn’t get much sleep the night before; feeling strange in unfamiliar environment and hearing strange noises all night. It didn’t help that I was mumbling in my sleep out in the living room and she could hear me in the room where she was staying. So, she caught some winks while I drove down to Carlsbad. After making a couple of stops in Carlsbad we headed to the caverns.

When we got to the caverns we noticed that the place was under a major renovation. The visitor’s center was closed and they had all of the ticket booths, book stores and other things in temporary trailers. We got our tickets and proceeded to the elevators. The elevator ride takes the rider down seven hundred feet into the bowels of the mountain. We walked out of the elevator area and Heather remarked how cool the place was. The word was used in two connotations, meaning that it was a neat place, plus it was about 49 degrees down there. We took the long path around the cavern and I have to admit that we couldn’t resist to disobey the officials who told us not to touch the formations. We only did it once or twice though. We even talked about how neat it would be to go down there just before closing and hide there so that we could hang out at night and explore the caverns without all of the crowds and park rangers. You know, I’ve been to Carlsbad Caverns about four times now and every time I go I find it spectacular; but the best part is seeing how other people marvel at it as well.

We left the caverns behind and headed back to Carlsbad. I was getting hungry and so was Heather. We stopped at a Chinese buffet and gorged on lots of good food. Well, I did anyway. Heading back on highway 285 we had the weather tease us a lot. Ahead of us was what looked like a pretty good thunderstorm and it seemed that the road would point right at the storm. We would get all excited that we would have to drive through the heavy rain and just when our expectation would apex, the road would take another turn and steer us away from the storm. We never did get to go through what must have been one incredible storm.

When we got back to Roswell, Heather asked if we could walk around town and visit some of the antique stores that she and the other girls had frequented quite a bit the days before. It was a lot of fun. I sort of like antique stores anyway and they have a lot of neat stuff there. Heather wanted to introduce me to the elderly lady that she and other girls had befriended and she wanted to pick up a few knickknacks for some of her friends back home. We visited the stores for a couple of hours and had a good time. We also visited a corner store where they had trinkets and a lot of women’s stuff. The owner of the store told me how the three girls had visited the store several times and how he was impressed at how friendly they were and how well behaved they were too. He asked me if they were my daughters and I told them that I didn’t have any daughters, but if I did, I would want them to be just like Rachel, Heather and Melissa. The owner then pointed to the figure of a woman that someone had painted on the wall near the front door. He had some name for her which I cannot remember. He then told me that a day or two before he looked at the painted figure and noticed the anti-alien sticker pasted on her hand. He told me that he removed the sticker, but was amused that one of the girls had stuck it there. When he asked Heather if she knew who did it, she evasively told him that she didn’t know who did it but had a playful little grin on her face.

We got back to Mike and Jackie’s home and found Jackie there. It turns out that she came home from early, not feeling very well. We talked for a while and I mentioned that I was hungry and suggested that we have a pizza sent to the house. Within an hour the pizza’s were there and we dove into them; making sure that we saved some for Mike who hadn’t come home from work yet.

One of the things that I had wanted to do was to go out into the country after it was dark and look at the stars. If you go about ten miles outside of Roswell, away from the city lights, you can see some magnificent sights. So me and Heather piled into the Jeep and set off for a spot north of town. Although there had been clouds in the area for a while it had cleared up by the time that we got out to the star viewing spot. It was really neat up in the sky. We saw a good portion of the Milky Way and a lot of the constellations. After a short while I noticed that Heather had gotten quiet. I asked her if anything was wrong and she said that she was scared and that the place was spooking her. I told her to get into the car and we left right away. Heather has been blessed with the ability to see into the spiritual realm, which at times can be scary. She told me that she had seen an evil hooded figure out in the field where we were and that when she had turned in my direction outside, she had seen a troll like creature whisk by. We both agreed that it was probably intensified by all of the strangeness down in Roswell; that it is a hotbed of demonic activity. I also told her that since we had gone down there and ministered to people and fought against the enemy; he was probably just firing a couple of parting shots to throw fear and confusion into us before we left the next day. On the way back to Mike and Jackie’s home we stopped at Walmart to pick up some soda for Mike. We drank a lot of his Pepsi and I wanted to stock him back up. We also picked up a some more sundries and a few souvenirs for the people back home. We spent an hour or two more watching television and the internet and then retired for the night.

Day Eight – Tuesday July 10, 2007

I woke up early the next morning and was surprised that Heather woke up early; having come out of her room around half past seven. Having loaded things into the Jeep I went back into the house and we said goodbye to Mike and Jackie. They prayed for us and our trip and we got on our way. We stopped at McDonalds for breakfast and then filled up the gas tank for the trip. Heather asked if I would mind if she slept during the drive. She said that she hadn’t slept well the night before and that she was exhausted. So, I had plenty of time to drive and reflect on the trip; how things had gone and to see what Yahweh had done in people’s lives, both in the ministers, and those who were ministered to. He showed me that this year was a year to get the message out to the Christians; sort of like a rallying cry to muster up troops before the battle. He said that next year will be the year that we lead many people to faith in Yeshua. I have to believe that to be true.

After about two hours we arrived in Clines Corners and we stopped to look for souvenirs. Back in Roswell we had talked about the fireworks and Heather mentioned that it was nice of Ed and I to buy Rachel the fireworks. So, when we talked about that I told Heather that when we got to Clines Corners she could get anything that she wanted from there. It was an open ended promise that I knew she wouldn’t take bad advantage of. I was right about that because after picking up a few little trinkets and some home made fudge we were on our way to the airport. I gassed up the Jeep in Albuquerque and we brought it back to the Alamo rental facility. We got to the airport with a couple of hours to spare. We went through all of the rigamarole at the TSA checkpoint and waited for the plane. We did partake in some Italian food at the food carousel; calzone’s that were very big and worth the money. They had internet access at the airport so I turned the computer over to Heather and she did her thing. Our seat by the window at the food carousel was great because we got to watch the planes take off. One time I looked and there were five F-16’s taxiing up to the runway. Albuquerque airport shares their facility with the Air Force; Kirtland Air Force Base. We got to watch the fighters take off with full afterburners. I thought it was really cool, Heather thought it was too noisy. We boarded the plane right on time and soon we were winging our way to Sacramento. The plane trip was sort of boring because we were flying just above the clouds and couldn’t see anything. It took just short of two hours to get to Sacramento. In no time we had our bags and we were off to retrieve the Resistance Urban Assault Vehicle (RUAV for short) and after paying we were on our way to bring Heather home. When we got to Glori’s house she had some food prepared for us. As we ate, we sat and talked about the trip, what happened and plans for the trip next year. I drove the twenty minutes home and was glad to see my own bed. After checking for e-mail and checking our websites I shut things down and went to bed. I slept like a rock, which was good because I had to work the next day.


All in all, this was a good and fruitful trip. For years I’ve traveled alone from Sacramento and that’s okay, but having companions to travel with and to help in ministry is a big plus. Knowing that there are brothers and sisters there with me who can pray for me, and me for them really blessed me. The Bible talks many times about having strength in numbers, but more importantly, it talks about there always being just a few who Yahweh uses to confound the enemy and minister to those who are seeking help. Scripture is rife with many accounts where just a few withstood against many; and that’s what I like to think that we were. We were around New Ager’s of all kinds, satanists and all sorts of hardcore occult adherents and tons of ignorant people who want to believe a lie to soothe their itching ears; yet we prevailed. No other tables had the traffic that we had. No other workshops were packed out like Joe’s was and Jim’s call to the Christians in Roswell was packed out. With that in mind, Yahweh had HIS way and I feel a comfort of knowing that each and every person that we talked to; from the Christians whom we talked to, to the witchy lady that slammed down our paperwork and stormed out of the place; all were ministered to. Yahweh sent us down to Roswell to touch lives and that is what we did. Those people, and Roswell as a whole will never be the same. We were like the Mississippi River. Somewhere, it starts out like a little brook, but by the time it empties into the Gulf of Mexico, it is a mighty river. That is what was started in Roswell, and with Yahweh as the source of the river, it can’t help but to grow and to bring life to all that it touches.

I was amazed at how many Christians we were able to share with. At first, I was sort of disappointed that we didn’t speak to more abductees or any others who are being harassed by demons and fallen angels, but then Yahweh spoke to me. This year was a year to prepare believers. It was a year to get the message out to the church, telling them that ministering to alien abductees and showing the truth to the world about the UFO phenomena is very important. It was sort of funny the way that HE spoke to me. He said, “you know, for years you’ve been complaining that Christians aren’t paying attention to the message that I’m presenting through you. For years you’ve prayed that they’d understand and that they’d come onboard. Well, now that I brought all of those believers to your booth, you lament that they came instead of the lost?” So I accepted the slight tap that HE gave me on my backside and had to thank Him for being so faithful. I have to believe that all of those people took our literature (borne out by the increased website hits) and presented them to their friends, family and their church leaders.

But in ending, let me also mention some of the unsung heroes that played a role behind the scenes. Thanks to all of the members of The Delusion Resistance who prayed their hearts out while we were ministering down in Roswell. I felt your prayers while I was down there. Thanks for those who gave financially to the cause. While you might not see a return on you gift there will probably be someone who will walk up to you in heaven and they will thank you for the financial gift that you gave. They’ll probably tell you that your gift allowed us to put gas into the Jeep which allowed us to get to the convention center, which allowed us to present the truth to them and that is when Yeshua pricked their heart and they came to faith in Him; or something of the like. Thank you to all of the brothers and sisters at Last Days Harvest Ministries who prayed with us on Wednesday evenings at prayer, or who prayed in their prayer closet while we were on the battleground. It is your prayers, and the fact that you were supportive of this ministry that helped to keep us going. We’ve loved each other so much that we just knew that when things might have started to sour during our trip, or when the enemy was planning some sort of attack; Yeshua told you to pray and you obeyed His voice. All of us, everywhere, were in this together and we won!! Special thanks to brother Ed who took all of our pictures. I’m sad that you didn’t get into any of the pictures, but that always seems to be the lot that the photographer throws. Thanks to our youth group, who take this ministry seriously and who pray with the same fervency of any of the Prophets of old. I’m sorry that all of you couldn’t go with us, but there is always next year, right; so start praying right now. Thanks to all of you, everywhere who love Yeshua and who love us. May all of you receive blessings in such abundance that it will boggle your mind. Yeshua loves us, and HE is coming back real soon…I promise!