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As you probably know by now, Jim and I have decided mutually to bring PAAPSI to an end. I’d like to explain.

At the beginning of PAAPSI and its forerunner AACCOA Jim, I and others were getting calls from abductees or those that suspected abducted, and those calls came on a consistent manner, sometimes at the wee hours of the morning. I have stories that I recall at times that range from people who were scared out of their wits and those who were just lonely at 4 AM and just wanted to talk. I think that Jim and the others can attest to the same thing. There came a point where Jim and I realized that AACCOA was not a good name anymore because Alien Abduction was a worldwide event so in an attempt to make America the focal point and to reach people around the world we decided to change the name from “Alien Abduction Crisis Centers of America” to “Paranormal and Alien Abduction Problem Solvers International.” Joe Jordan did not like this idea and decided to bow out. Unfortunately, his departure was not an amicable one and he tried to defame Jim and me as he joined forces with Guy Malone and Nicole Brown to start their own venture to minister to abductees. The problem was that they did not and would not affirm that alien abduction is both spiritual and physical. This caused problems with people who knew that the event was physical in nature and a lot of people left confused because they were being told that they were delusional. That was another focus of the split between Joe Jordan, he didn’t see things the same and in light of the truth.

PAAPSI flourished at the beginning and people still called. However, as the years marched on we noticed that people weren’t calling as much as they had before. Part of this was because Jordan, Malone, and Brown were continuing to dispute what we taught and they continued to teach heresy. In addition, when the calls started to wane me and Jim sought YHVH about the issue and Jim was given a profound Word from YHVH. It was explained to Jim that at the time that all hell breaks loose alien abduction would stop altogether or dwindle down to almost nothing because the fallen entities that were performing the abductions will have all that they need to complete what they long to do, that is to make an army of modern-day Nephilim in-vitro (in laboratory conditions) thus they would not need sperm and ovum anymore.

When this end comes and abductions end or become greatly reduced people will stop reaching out for help. Many abductees have become professional abductees, meaning that they see abduction as a blessing because they have believed the lie that they are fed, telling them that they are special people chosen for a special purpose. Those who are called to freedom through YHVH will have received their freedom. The abductee camp, which was one of confusion will now become a divided camp, one side reaching for righteousness and the other reaching for self-identity as special people in Satan’s service, although very few of the latter will see their condition until it is too late. So in essence, the first group doesn’t need us anymore and the last group won’t reach out to us. I have dropped into the site that Jordan and Malone started and I haven’t seen any new testimonies, which is strange because they like to parade abductees in front of audiences for self-recognition. If they had new testimonies, believe me, they would document them before they ended reading the mail of those who sent information to them.

The final thing that we found difficult was that counselors and helpers seemed to come and go. The work of keeping in touch (or trying to) became tedious, to say the least. People would come to us interested in helping but in many cases that interest faded away. Some people changed email addresses so they became impossible to keep in contact with them. There were a scant few that did keep in contact with us but reported like we report that the calls became less and less as time marched on. Frankly, if people decide that they don’t want to dwell together in unity then there is no reason to continue the ministry, especially if people are not accepting the offer of free counseling anymore.

The website will remain active probably for the rest of 2018 upon which time it will be taken down. The URL’s of, .net and .com have lapsed and are no longer available. The website is available only through the Delusion Resistance website now and will be until it is taken down. We want to give all credit to YHVH Yeshua who allowed the ministry to thrive when it was needed and through whom countless people have received counseling and found the answer to becoming free from alien abduction altogether. I look forward to continuing with other ventures of ministry, such as the Opposing The Matrix Radio Show and writing articles and books as YHVH seems fit to bless me with those things. 

We have been happy and blessed to have been given the opportunity to serve people in need, and believe you me, if he need ever arises again (it’s doubtful) I will be the first to raise that banner again.

YHVH bless you in every way imaginable.